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Consultations by Katherine Bright

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My name is Katherine Bright and I welcome you to my site.

Where there is empowerment there is no fear. Keep your light burning bright.


Hello.  I am a respected practitioner, well-being, business and life balance coach, with an international clientelle, including well known celebrities.  Being known for my integrity and accuracy, I am trusted by those who consult with me worldwide as a perceptive life advisor and medical intuitive healer.

Over 30 years in holistic practice has provided me with expert insight and knowledge of human nature and what you may need to be coached and assisted through the passage of your life. Naturopathic and alternative therapies training, medical intuitive knowledge, reiki master-ship, Founding and teaching in Theta Resonance At All Levels (an extremely advanced but simply taught technique of healing and intuitive practice) are used to provide you with expert guidance via personal life coaching, mentoring and workshops.

Coaching you to a state of balance empowerment, health and spiritual well-being is my forte. As an internationally renowned and respected healer/radio host and life-coach I provide my services to you in an accessible form via onsite consultation, telephone or Skype.

What are you waiting for? Your future is NOW!

So, if you have an interest in spiritual practice and soul clearances, good health and well-being you are in the right place. If you need someone who really has insight and may clear your blockages fast, then you have found what you are looking for.

I often work in conjunction with my husband Kim and together we operate a from Crest-wood Natural Health Clinic, offering spiritual counselling and energetic healing consultations as well as Bowen Therapy and naturopathic consultations.

Qualifications & Background

I am a Diploma-qualified and accredited Naturopath, Bowen Therapist, Iridologist, Reflexologist, remedial masseuse (although I no longer practice this modality, preferring Bowen Therapy instead), Reiki Master and Teacher, Hypnotist and Medical Intuitive.

Feel free to browse my Treatments, Courses and Workshop pages to find out more about what I offer.
As a talented vocalist, song writer and originator of spiritual music and meditations, one of my main focuses is to assist people find the peace within through healing and toning.

You may also purchase my instrumental meditations CD named “Katherine Bright Instrumental Meditations… Touched by the Fields of France”, containing six favourite instrumental meditations composed and played by myself. These musical pieces are designed for healing and complement the peaceful meditational state we all are capable of achieving with a restful mind. I also offer a beautiful CD of vocal and guitar music called “The Joy of Music.” My newest ventures are “Fun Music For Small Children” which is enjoyment for the little ones.

In December 2015 I released my latest album “Spirit In The Key Of Rainbows” which is an eclectic mix of original music, instrumentals and voice. All of these CDs are available from my online store and are also available for download via

I have been working with Katherine now for several years in supporting not only my personal life, but more recently in my professional life also. Katherine’s insight and guidance has been very beneficial managing my physiology and psychology to help me become a better person, husband, father and businessperson. This year has had many challenges both at work and at home; Katherine’s support has been invaluable in navigating through the issues, keeping integrity, perspective and balance throughout.  Katherine’s perception is very accurate.  Because of my time working with Katherine I understood how I would be supported with my personal life; however, I have been really surprised just how much value Katherine could be in my business life and as such now forms an important part of my business advisory.

Derek U


I have been working with Katherine for around 4 years now and since that time my confidence has grown enormously. Katherine has helped me to face and move on from some difficult issues in my life. She has done this by helping me be honest with myself and by encouraging me to be and act the best I am. In this journey she has received and shared profound insights on my behaviour and that of others. These continue to be invaluable in helping me navigate my way through  relationships both at work and at home. Her blessings strengthen and enrich me.


Chrissie P.

Health Service Executive, UK

“THIS woman is amazing. READ. Enjoy. Find healing in light. The first step to changing it is to be involved in the world.”

Mary Allbright


I'm now on iTunes!

My full collection of Hypnosis and Meditation tapes and more are now available for download through iTunes. This option is recommended for those with apple devices such as: iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.

Dear Katherine, I am forever grateful for having met you. Your daily inspirations mean a lot to me, I get something out of almost every one. I’ve just purchased one of your hypnosis items on balancing the chakras, can’t wait to start using it.

Thank you so very much for everything. With love, light & tenderness.

Kelly Werner

I am so grateful to receive your daily inspirations that you channel from creator. They make me laugh and think deeply of the message you send. I love your writing or videos or pics that you share.

Evonne Grosso

Thank you for taking the time to send out your inspirations to us each and every day, they have been simply amazing and so inspiring. My thoughts on these inspirations is like having Creator coming into my space everyday and giving me a message. I love the funny ones, I love the confronting ones, I love the honesty in all these messages.

Kathyrn Reardon

I really love all your emails that pop up, but love all the quote ones. Any that speak about making the day great, motivational or just something uplifting that gets up spirits come mid work day. 🙂 The cheeky ones that make me laugh are always nice too.

Taera Ebert

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Katherine F. Bright, ND, Inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Spiritual Coaching

Katherine has been recognised by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in spiritual coaching.

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Internationally recognised Healer, Medical Intuitive and Accredited Hypnotist 

Global Radio Host specialising in Spirituality

From Healing to Music and Writing, Katherine helps Connect You to Creator

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