Paying It Forward and The Greater Good

Paying It Forward and The Greater Good

Paying it forward and The Greater Good

What does that mean?  Well if you do a good deed and you wish to further great action on this planet you can be a catalyst for real change and positivity, abundance and “the greater good.”

If you do something good and someone else then chooses to do something good it pays it forward.  You may have seen the movie.  Follow the universal law of three and do three good things when you receive one good thing.

Here is the movie trailer to give you a reminder.

I write free daily inspirations and weekly newsletters as one of my “pay it forwards.”

I pay to have a weekly one hour global internet radio program on which translates to 52 hours a year of “pay it forward” healing and readings and spiritual channelling and advice to change the world.

Here is one of my “pay it forward” ideas also.

I have created a greater good meditation course which I have made and which will only cost you $5 per purchase. I will donate this money to charity if you buy it.

It has on it the great Ham Ksham meditation which is an original channelled Third Eye healing and opening meditation.

Perhaps you could take a philanthropic view and download this one forever in your hands to use as many times as you would like for $5.


Enjoy your week.  Be kind to you and breathe!

Self-Care, Laughing and Mani-Pedis

Self-Care, Laughing and Mani-Pedis

I am laughing at myself.  I have the best intentions I have ever had in my life and the worst abdominal muscles. lol

I looked at this and wondered why and then I realised it is because I spend so much time being a greater-good lightworker and have neglected being a person of self-care and attention.

It is a real challenge, if you allow yourself to pre-occupy yourself with others needs, to spend time on your own.

However it is very important that you do. Particularly if you are a mother or father, a wife or husband, a carer, a service worker of any type.

You need to spend valuable time on self-care.  It isn’t a luxury.  It isn’t self-indulgent.  It is essential.

Recently I have realised how many hours I spend in giving and in working, and how many less I spend on myself.  So I am now putting my exercise time in my diary. In goes my manicures and facials too.  Hang it!  I am getting a pedicure next week and a massage lol.

Really though, remember that your body is your temple and you are a being of grace who deserves to dwell in a happy temple.


Kim, my son and I are now taking bike rides together.  Talk about family bonding!
Can you think of something you can do to support your body today?   Go for it!
Give yourself some love.  You have the ability to mould yourself into the person you wish to be.

What We Humans Are Doing to the Planet

I look at what we are doing to the planet and sometimes despair.
I have a real thought that we can each make a significant difference if we change the way we think about our planet and our environment.  Let us move away from intense consumerism.
I have placed a thought provoking link here for you today.

How does this make you feel?  Every one of us can make a difference in our every day.

  • Use less water.
  • Recycle.
  • Grow your own vegetables or herbs.  You can do this even if you do not have a garden.  Use balcony pots!
  • Buy eco-friendly products when you can afford it and eat organic if you can.

There are many ways you can help out.

  • Collect rubbish from the sides of the road or the beach.
  • Do not discard things inappropriately.
  • Teach your children respect for animals and the environment.
  • Put a jumper on instead of the heater on high.

We do have empowerment and where there is empowerment there is no fear.  We will survive!

Enjoy our week until our next newsletter.  Be kind to you and breathe!

Katherine Bright ND