What makes you excited?

I am excited because tomorrow and for the next three days I am teaching a “Muscular Synergy” workshop.  This is a hands-on aspect of the Theta Resonance At All Levels modality that I have originated.

It is a marvelous energetic aspect where you perform a treatment lasting one and a half hours which aligns the mind/body/spirit to your soul’s true purpose, physical healing and complete body system/energetic systems alignments.

I have six people who will be attending as I need to teach this in a small group only and I didn’t advertise this time because two are repeating and four turned up from Spirit from my network of students.  I only run this every so often, so if you  are out there and interested in learning this marvelous hands-on treatment in Port Macquarie talk to me by email and I will run another.  It takes three days and you receive a certificate and can therefore practice immediately.  I  have made a comprehensive manual with photographic instructions.  It is just so nurturing and miraculous with the results you can receive and achieve.

Anyone who has learned with me personally in personal mentoring, or done any of my classes, in workshops or the online “Connect To Creator” course will be able to learn “Muscular Synergy” as you will have the techniques under your belt to perform the healing required once you add this to your skill-base of knowledge and instruction.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Connect to Creator course please click on this link.


Remember in life you need to nurture your body as well as your soul and mind.  We often forget in our spiritual quests to be kind to our bodies, dragging them along on our journeys and quests.  This little genetic body is trying its best to keep up with your soul intentions 🙂
True mastery really does mean all aspects of your existence.

I wish you so much peace and prosperity.

Till next week, love and light

Thank You and Gratitude

Thank You and Gratitude

Yes it is a must.  To say thank you and to be grateful sets you up for a positive experience in life.

If you are grateful for the little things then they tend to take you into a greater abundance.  Why?  Because everything you give out is multiplied in the universal mirror by the Law of Threes.  It is an esoteric concept which makes a lot of sense.  The trinity presents in many ways in our consciousness.  Spiritually and by experience I love this universal law.

For example, I have a belief system that everything I do is mirrored back to me by this universal truth. So I can spend something and receive back three times the effort in expenditure, whether that is time, grace, love, laughter, finances or just plain rest.

Try it out for yourself and you may be surprised how quickly and easily your abundance presents and returns to you.

Give a little laugh and watch it go around the circles in a joke or a joy.

Give a charity donation and see the huge impact you actually have on someone else’s life.

Give praise and watch someone grow and beam.

I have so many things to be grateful for.  I am grateful for the good and the bad times because everything is a circle and the gifts present in whatever way God and the universe wishes.  This will be the mirror to the disintegrous or the integrous of thought.

I am so very thankful for Natalie Olson.  She is my “virtual concierge” and a sweetheart we have nicknamed the Americal Elf because she works behind the scenes to bring you a great website forum for me to do my work and spreads the word.

I am absolutely enamoured and grateful for my darling husband Kim, and for my kids and family.

I am so very happy to be bonding with my mum and my friends and my work colleagues in a positive and abundant way.

Generally I am over the moon and up and away with the interactions with my spiritual guides and angels who look after me so unconditionally.

There are so many graces and joys, music, home and hearth, good health etc and even the testing times which show me forward pathways for change and adjustments.  I love you all.

Enjoy our week until our next newsletter.  Be kind to you and breathe!

Enjoy this beautiful video of Katherine singing “Rainsdrops Falling” on children’s hearts, blessings and gratitude.  Thanks!

The Integrity of Your Speech

The Integrity of Your Speech

In life we all have the chance to say and do marvellous, elaborate, specialised and wondrous things.  We all have the chance and every opportunity to use the integrity of our thoughts and bring about integrous words.  Do we bother?  Good question.

There are reasons you may not feel impulsed to bother being the amazing being you were created to be and already are.  You may feel disheartened by the lack of appreciation you have experienced in your past from those with whom you have interacted.  You may feel you are not appropriate or important enough to make a difference in this world.

I will ask you a few questions to see if you can change your mind and accept your wholeness.

Are you a parent?  You are already the most important person to your child with every wisdom you can muster being absorbed by them.

Are you a lover?  You are already appreciated for your gifts and talents, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom where you love your projects.

Are you an achiever?  You achieve but do you know you do?

Are you an activist?  You feel passionate about causes and topics you read about and hear on the news and in the community.

Are you a spiritualist?  You embrace the commonality of all the molecules of existence and let go and let God, Source, The One or spirit.

So far you have a ten out of ten, and the topics and examples could go on forever.

Really all you have to do is remember the integrity of your speech, thoughts, frequency of beingness and love and let go in the simplest and biggest pictures of this universal one in which we reside.  You cannot help but succeed because you already exist.  You contribute your thoughts whether they come out of your mouth or not.

You can choose to contribute positive impetus to the changes of humanity just by thinking and speaking positive thoughts and words.

Namaste……..Peace.    One of the favourites of my speech patterns!

love and light…..Rainbows!

Enjoy our week until our next newsletter.  Be kind to you and breathe!

What Are Real Friends?

What Are Real Friends?

What are real friends?

What a question?  No but seriously do you know the difference between friends you are used to and friends you are welcomed by?

Interesting concept for those of the overly tolerant mindset or those who have been conditioned to accept less for themselves in life generally.

A real friend is someone who respects you no matter what anyone else says or does because they truly understand and like you for yourself, your actions and what you represent.  They love you for you!

A real friend will look out for you in times of need without needing something in return.  A real friend will not question your intentions because they know you will be there for them also.

A real friend will remember you over the years, even if you don’t get to speak to each other often.  The next catch up will not  hold resentment but welcome words and hugs in the voice.  You know that sometimes life passes before your eyes and you haven’t realised how long it has been since your last catch up.

If you consider yourself a real friend then ask yourselves these questions as a checklist of your own intentions in your own friends’ spaces:

Do you always want the best for your friend no matter what?

Do you communicate your needs accurately to your friend, or do you hold resentments and talk about them behind their back if you haven’t got the guts to speak to them? Perhaps you don’t know how to negotiate?
Do you sometimes give them a gift, just because, without expectations?

Do you understand when they need time out without punishing them for it?

Do you judge their dress sense, weight, family, appearance as lesser than yourself, comparing them?

Do you laugh together?

Do you feel comfortable together?

Do you share meals and communion in that sacred space of intimacy?

Do they have to be something you expect them to be in order to keep your friendship?(by this I mean unreasonably expect, not discernment exercised about your safety etc in their space)

Do you make them feel good in public or in friendship groups, or do you feel they are the lesser twin that makes you feel better (can happen often in friendships if you are an unrecognised narcissist) It is worth reflecting on this one?

OK  so conversely if your friends don’t make you feel good, laugh with you, or talk about you behind your back, do you know how to be heard, detach healthily or pick yourself first without fear of judgement?

Friendships can be a minefield if not managed because you can feel used and abused by the ones closest to you; often closer than some families are in fact.

So if you were brought up to be an over-carer or giver you may not know how to set healthy boundaries in friendship and resent the friend who calls with the same repetitive personal scenario on the phone lamenting all and sundry.  Instead you may need to learn some ascertiveness to establish a boundary for them in your life and perhaps also to help them to move on.

Life is like a box of chocolates; full of variety, certain likes and dislikes, and whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not we all have choice and choice is freedom. Choose your friends wisely and know you deserve the best in interaction with others close to you, and so do they.

I will share with you that my favourite chocolate friend feels like a caramel with a little tangy, salty, gooey centre and a lot of time to be together before they are gone, flowing delicately into the crevices of my mouth and tastebuds of life I enjoy the flow and the deliciousness of their unique nature before I get to be on my own again remembering their sweetness and richness with a reflective chuckle over shared confidences.

To all my nutty friends I also like your crunch and flavour.
To my spicy friends I love your warmth
To my tropical friends I love your laid-back attitude 
To all my friends in all places of the world I love you just because.
To all my as-yet-unmet friends “hello!”

I am selective about how I can spend my time in a busy life between new acquaintances and “friendship circle friends” and spend time being authentic with all. After all it is a journey from one to the other isn’t it? 

I love you and hello if I haven’t met you yet.  I can’t wait 🙂  I know that I deserve the best of true and honest friends.

Here is a song for you.  I often sing this at music gigs because it is a great atmospheric song of support.