The Oxford dictionary describes being “worn out” as
Extremely tiredexhausted:

In this society we tend to run our batteries to almost empty, if not entirely empty before we give in to our body’s alarm bells. This leads to all sorts of mental and emotional, physical and spiritual fatigues.

“I will just do this one more thing.

I have to finish this before I go to bed.

But, but, but………”

“The world will end if I don’t complete this project, task, even organising, letter, email, job, etc etc etc.”

“But I need to see the next episode of “House Husbands”; “The Bachelorette”; “The Biggest Loser”; “The Block”; “The Graham Norton Show”, even though I am overtired and should put myself to bed because I am living in virtual reality today. I think we are all in danger of losing our “X Factor.”

No wonder we feel worn out!

So what is the antidote to this common complaint? Selfness. I thought I invented a new term because it isn’t a word one hears much.

Really? Well here are some assistance clarifications:-

Now to define selfishness we need to go a little further.

The Oxford dictionary defines “selfishness” as
(Of a person, action, or motivelacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:

So how does this compare with selflessness?
Concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish:

So to find the mid line of this we need self
A person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action:
our alienation from our true selves
guilt can be turned against the self

Selfness is noted in the Oxford dictionary also but do we use this one much? Assertive, core-strength character people may.

A person’s essential individuality.

So noting from above, an antidote to the disregard of ourselves which leads us to feel “worn out” we need to practice “Selfness” and own it wholeheartedly. This means taking the time to know yourself, examine your motivation, become yourself despite your circumstances and hold true to yourself and your needs.

I am off to practice some “selfness” time now because I have decided not to be “worn out” being a human doing and I need to remember I am a human being. I decided to listen to “The Voice”. The inner voice :)


Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Are you sure you are spiritual enough?  Do you compare yourself with other people you know, read about or see on TV?  Do you think you are evolved enough, spiritual enough, enlightened enough?  Perhaps you think you are superior to your peers, amazingly spiritually gifted and are the best thing since sliced channelling?

Well I am about to burst your bubble.  It is all your own perception of reality.  You are no more evolved or special than any other human being on this planet because we were all created equal.  We guru certain people because we perceive their strength and wisdom due to their level of self- care and work for others.  We should not guru anyone but instead learn that we are all part of the one osmotic cosmic soup.

Some souls have specific gifts and enter the planet wise and experienced.  The Old Souls as we term them and naturally they guide their body suitcase vehicles on to perform very advanced intuitive processes and practices.  That is normal and natural in evolution.  Spiritual and physical evolution is all about embracing your specific gifts, talents and hardware and creating great software to make the whole machine of grace work in synchronicity with the universal paradigms of light, love and peace.

So instead of feeling deficient in the presence of a wise person that you admire, feel equal and see how you will hear their messages so much better.  Understand that not knowing everything or mastering every esoteric modality, principal or practice does not make you lesser than, but makes you a seeker of truth and light.  Some people get really annoying trying to be what they are not and lead truth seekers up the proverbial golden pathway because they are blindly following their egos and not their connections to a greater Creator.
Believe me, your work is recognised from the universal understandings at what ever level of evolution and contribution you do or don’t make.  Accept that truth and you will give up the stress and strain of trying to be when you already are.

We can all do our best of course to learn, be and prosper ourselves and the greater good.  That is after all what we are here and tasked to do, but to do this in a state of peaceful acceptance of The One where we belong in that sphere is really why we are here in the first place.  We learn, be, and therefore are.  Remember your best connection to spirit is to accept the I AM as yourself and Let Go and Let God.  “Where there is empowerment there is not fear” Creator told me.  You deserve empowerment.  Check out this link and perhaps you may wish to feel connected to your Creator in a communicative way which does not tie you to another, me or a modality, but to your inner truths and higher learning by giving you empowerment.


Recent Working party workshop

This week has been very busy for us. We drove 13 hours over two days to Melbourne from Port Macquarie and combined a road trip with a working party workshop there with ten people who are some of my network of students in Victoria. We facilitated “greater good” healing for the planet at Creator’s request. It is always mind-blowing and humbling simultaneously, both in respect of Creator’s awesome Light and the dedication of intention of selfless people who will take the time to assist the planet and all that goes with it. I channel the agenda in the days before as Creator provides it and we pray and work on those topics sending light and blessings where requested. It is a beautiful and powerful networking experience.

Then I held a private class to do a Reiki One attunement on two gorgeous little boys at their mother’s request.

We caught up with Kim’s family in the area and it was lovely seeing some special friends we haven’t seen in a long while.

Today we fly to Tasmania to visit my mother who turns 94 in two days and also one of my sons Kim who lives there with his gorgeous girlfriend Kelly.

Busy yes, fleeting visits as we drive back to Port Macquarie in a few days from Melbourne again, but life is full of memories to be made along the way.

The Memories That Stay With You

Our brains have a strange way of selecting memories to store and keep. Something which imprints upon you in experience will stay with you and be a reference. Did you know that you only ever accurately remember an event the very first time you remember it. After that you remember the experience of remembering it, which is why we can be prone to selective memory and imprinting of our catalogue of experiential memory. We can distort the memory, but the accuracy of the feelings will be present on the first review. I am old enough to have so many memories which I couldn’t possibly share with you but I will share one which just surfaced watching the attached hysterical video clip. The story behind my memory is below.

When I was in my early teens my school conducted a trip to The Woodville Zoo in Hobart, which no longer exists now. It was a small, community zoo with some animals like Tasmanian Devils, and domestic wildlife as well as Emus in an enclosure. One of the girls on my trip (nb we are in the 1970’s here) had a portable transistor radio. We all thought it was so cool listening to the radio and being on an excursion from our staid Catholic, nun-inhabited classrooms. I think we were listening to something very enjoyable because the next minute we were woken out of our revery by a squeal and a gulping sound, followed by muffled music seemingly in the distance. When I turned around I saw a startled schoolmate, a non-plussed emu with a square (6inchx3inch) bulge in its long neck and swaying to the music and trying to gulp.

Yes you guessed it, the emu had swallowed the transistor radio. Of course this led to both hysterical laughter and concern simultaneously. People were running everywhere, some consoling a frightened teenager and some arranging the veterinarian visit to have the radio extracted. I remember as we were boarding the bus that the emu was being herded into a transport vehicle for a ride to the veterinary hospital for some sort of surgery I presumed. The poor girl was crying and concerned because she had to leave behind her radio, wondering if it would survive the surgery, and also with the reprimands she might be going to receive from her parents when she got home after school without this precious possession.

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Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND