The Diary of Philanthropy and Joy Perceptions

“Cicadas…..Some people find their noise irritating.
Some people find them a pestilence.
Have you ever stopped to watch one create percussion and music, toiling and repeating their message, much like anyone who wishes to be noticed and heard?
Have you ever looked at the intricate perfection of their stunning wings?  Have you marvelled at their persistence and dedication to their genome-dictated job?”

I have.  Very interesting and a meditation in itself!
It is all in the perception you see.  All things are in the way we are affected by, or perceive another being.
Contemplation is the wind in action.  Storms are the perception of amazing worldly forces.  Love is the culmination of a hormonal reaction so perfect in its intensity and creation.  Joy is something unrivalled in its energetic.  It encompasses all things if allowed because it is osmotic.

You have the capacity to alter the universe with one thought and perception and I wish you would.  Make it healthy, happy, peaceful, joyful, humorous, beautiful, fulfilling, awesome, graceful, philanthropic, gentle and wise.

A big ask?  No a small ask!  Just do something good every day that fits this agenda and synchronise yourself in your diary of philanthropy for the joyful perceptions and the greater good.  Yes you can!  I love you.

Hey that is one heck of a thought!
On my website now I have listed some brand new 15-20 minute meditations to help you find your heart, your inner peace and to balance your soul!!!!!!!!.

Named as follows:
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love and light
Katherine Bright


On my website now I have listed some brand new 15-20 minute meditations to help you find your heart, your inner peace and to balance your soul!!!!!!!!.

Named as follows:-

Destress and Release Pain Meditation
Heart Peace Meditation
Master Meditation to Attune the Soul Meridian

They are available here


Who are you by yourself?  Are you independent and whole or are you always craving the bond of love that can only come to your consciousness from the love of the “Significant Other”?  A question to contemplate and meditate upon for your own wholeness and well-being.

The ‘Significant Other”. In this context this is a term used to describe someone so special to you that you don’t know where you begin and the other ends without deliberate thought and action to differentiate your identities.

At birth we enter this world with our own individual box of goods and talents, inherited DNA characteristics and particular personality profile.  This is what describes and makes us who we are.

We have association with the significant other at that time in our mother and perhaps father if present at our birth.  Significant others may be siblings or special people to the family, pets or even our spiritual guides and angels, particularly to the aware, psychic child.

As we grow, we form love bonds with different people; some shallow but some enormously whole and satisfying.  The flavour of first love; the smell, taste and sweetness of first kiss;  the understanding that comes with the first communication with a “significant other” which defines you through their complete acceptance of you/ them/the undefineable.  Then as we marry we choose a significant other for a life partner.  It may or not be what we had hoped.

Not all people get to achieve this knowledge during this lifetime with another human being but achieve the love bond with a special pet.

However you have formed your understanding of love bonding, I would like to share with you a video so special and rare that I cannot describe the beauty of the emotions it brings up for me.  It is a video of twins still holding each other in a blessed water space, cradled and allowed to be who they already are, without the trauma and rush of the birth experience many of us have endured.

In this video, the intimacy is exquisite.  It is the love bond or purity, innocence and peaceful need for the significant other.  Enjoy!  I hope in life you find your significant other to bond with if you have not already received the gift.  All things proceed in the flow of life’s journey.  Abundance means it is always possible for your journey.  Believe and live life to the fullest expecting the wonder of the possibility.


Health and Harmony

On this Friday the 13th we are talking exclusively about Light and Possibilities! We are exploring the preciousness of our soul journey.

Today I am teaching a light soul on a “personal mentoring day” at my home, how to explore even more light and possibilities. How blessed is my soul to be following its soul mission and encouraging the mentoring of another soul to explore theirs!!!!


Oh my what a topic! Without your soul you are a genetic body capable of only human consciousness but without the link to the greater Source consciousness which your soul provides to your body.

Your soul is the light energy manifest from which all your links to Creation’s finer points of consciousness are interlinked. You and your soul are buddies, friends, confidantes, lovers of light and the universal matrix. Together you make the music which manufactures knowledge to be given from this plane to another dimension. If you think you are not awesome love in this interaction, think again. You are an awesome partnership of flesh and kaleidoscopic rainbows of light. Your soul rivals the fascination we feel when we view a beam of light projected through a a quartz crystal and beyond. We are able to conceive somewhere in our knowing what “home” feels like and we commence the journey of goose pimples on our flesh and expectation in our hearts. We are one with a love we can only dream of on this planet.

How precious is your soul? Without it you cannot even conceive of the mystery of expansion within the greater scheme of universal existence.

Your soul can provide you with consciousness, compassion, confidence, enlightenment potential. Your soul takes you on expansive journeys which link you to the guidance of your angels/Creator/Source/God.

Without your soul your body will perceive a two dimensional flatness in it’s three dimensional vision. It will only perceive possibilities and energies from within Earth’s gravitational pull, not from the universal grid of possibilities and energetics.

Your soul helps you to access understanding about life. For example the following truths of process within our human learning experience:-

We consider concepts of philosophy and thought of how to effect change and shift to our fullest possibilities in this fractured framework of human thought construction. And then we hear soul guidance like a voice advising us in such wisdom. Guidance thoughts like:-

Lack of how = fear= disempowerment = stress= over reaction = fatigue = no action but overwhelm
Letting go = fear = disempowerment to the overactive mind

Grace = empowerment = letting go = enlightenment
All equal a journey to ascension which we all have a right to explore.

Ah wise soul!!!!!! Wise Creation!!!!!! Wise inner self!!!!!!

Go into your heart and find the answers to your changes and potential:

Here is a tool to assist you. Find out more

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


A flusterama is a made up word I have allocated to a tizzy, dizzy, stress induced, panicky, confused state!


You know the sort of thing.

“Where are my car keys I am late for the meeting…no I don’t know where your homework books are and please get in the car because I am late……What do you mean you didn’t remember to bring your lunch box home……Where is my paperwork?    Oh God now I am going to get into peak hour traffic!  Bloody hell life sucks!”  type of moment.

Then there are the times of crisis when you don’t know how to cope….

“Oh God are you ok?  That was a huge fall,  Help somebody!!!,  Where is my phone to call the ambulance?…. dash it I can do a healing and pray while I am waiting but I am too stressed to think. Can’t somebody remember to put the bloody chair back in under the table properly so “little Johnny” doesn’t fall over next time!  Expletive.   You are all failures in my eyes etc etc……. spiel of frustrated angst and woe is me..”

I call all of these scenarios “curses by lament”.  We lament ourselves and our own behaviours, choices and projections of our reality into a set-like-concrete statement of our flusterama dysfunctional life.

I have news. It is time to get over it and make healthy choices BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Perhaps you already did and the above scenarios are but a distant memory. A joyful cacaphony of proof of your spiritual progress in this day and age.  I hope they are.  They are for me in the majority.   I have learned that I create my reality with my belief systems and peace and love, time and rest, laughter and space are much preferable creations than the overwhelm of the TO DO list we can be caught up in in our manufacturing of the blueprint we perceive is our important and significant other.

So how do you make changes?  One significant realisation at a time. Trust in the Universal Plan For Peace.

One important piece and/or realisation could be that when you die none of this will really matter because it is done with, except for what you left behind.  Will you be remembered fondly and with love and peace; as someone who tried?  That is the outcome I wish to create.  Not the concrete architectural masterpieces or constrictions of the stock market.
Your soul will be reviewing for the next round.  What will you leave undone, or done beautifully just because you care and take peaceful time to create?

Will you have love left behind?  That is important.  Did you leave a legacy of good or of the repercussion of punishments and judgements?.  Are you human or machine?  Why expect synchronised perfection when your clockwork is run by blood and bone and biology, lifestyle and synchronicities, not oil and cogs?

I wish you chaos in the perfection of molecular shift towards beauty, peace and love in your every breath.

Go into your heart and find the answers to your changes and potential:

Here is a meditation tool to assist you. Find out more