I have found a fantastic photograph for you.  It is the first photograph which has ever been able to be captured of light, both as a particle and a wave.  It is known that if you view light it changes from one to the other.  As a quantum physicist light it is my passion for both life, construction, soul mastership, healing work, everyday living and concepts of both spirit and physical dimensional concepts.  Light….what beauty!

Here is the photograph and a fantastic article explaining all about it.  Instead of the usual newsletter concept today, I thought it would be just fantastic to show you this wonderful discovery so you can witness and understand directly from the source of the article but also to witness this visual for yourself in the wonder and awe of its natural perception and conception.

View Photograph and article

I hope you really enjoyed this tit-bit of fascination.

Please enjoy your pre-Christmas week.  Be the light in your own life and enjoy the light you spread to others in your environment and vicinity.  You are the light of the universe in a tidy little packet, capable of manifesting the most wondrous and light-filled thoughts.

Today I am entertaining a few hundred elderly people at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club Christmas Dinner.   It is a wonderful thing to volunteer your gifts and be of service to brighten another’s life.  Christmas carols, raucous laughter and an interruption to routine create healthy moments in what can feel like a fading existence, so this is my Christmas present where I know it will reach out and be appreciated via my music.  Remember in life to BE and Enjoy!


Not everyone copes very well with shifting energies, events and moments in life.  Sometimes it can feel like a lack of control, a challenge, an upheaval.

What essentially is change?

Change is identified in the oxford dictionary as
“To make to become different:  to alter”
So this leads us to our perceptions and comfort zones when things alter for us. Why do we think things are uncomfortable when they alter?  It can be for a number of reasons.

1.  We cannot predict from our stereotype of mind;  the part of the mind which knows and understands intricately how things stand in the status quo of one’s life.

2.  Something must be done differently.  That could mean learning new skills.

3.  What if?!!!  What does it mean to change?

4.  Our subconscious mind is rarely able to acknowledge that change is safe.  Our subconscious mind knows the boundaries and parameters of standard life events and will baulk if we throw in a wobbly shift, especially without planning, identifying safety measures; knowing the lay of the land so to speak.  The subconscious mind will tell you change is bad unless it feels safe or known already.

What do we mean by safe change?  Well if we are used to something like catching the bus on a known route daily, then change can be a simple thing like a new bus driver to get used to, a different logo on the bus,  a variance in the known route that was planned or unplanned.  Our subconscious will accustom to that pretty quickly, even if we find something annoying, because it is a minimal change of the known.

However, unsafe change is part of the perception of what our subconscious may perceive as dangerous or uncomfortable.  For example, our employer changes buildings and we have to take a completely different route to work on an alternative form of transport we haven’t used before, to a new office with new workmates doing a different duty statement.  That can be enough to trigger a bout of irritable bowel syndrome in those who love their routines!

Then there is unavoidable major change.  This can be the break up of a marriage, the death of a spouse, bankruptcy, sudden and unexpected illness causing lifestyle upheavals and separations from loved ones, major dischord with another person which causes huge distress or depression.

Major change is another kettle of fish altogether!  In this case the conscious mind, subconscious baggage section of our mind interchange, mind/body/spirit have to become involved in a total shift of the norm, coping with emotional and physical upheavals which totally throw out the comfort zone and create havoc, hormonally and in every other way. This is the time we have no choice but to change and/or to adapt.  This is the time we learn to grow with or without our safety net and we can sink.  We can refuse or feel unable to adapt and alter to the new circumstances.
Perhaps we just don’t know how?  It is at this time we need to notice and acknowledge we may need support from others.  We need to know it is ok to challenge our insecurities, accept our difficulties and move on to allow ourselves to receive.

Can you receive when things change?  Perhaps that seems like a strange question, but slowing down and receiving is a coping mechanism worth cultivating.  Receive love, trust, support, constructive advice.  Receive guidance from your spiritual advisers and worldly counsellors.  Receive good, nourishing food and food for thought. Throw out the nay-sayers and those with negativity from your advisory circle and only keep those close to your heart who express with an unconditional attitude and whom you sense really do get it.

Remember to receive self-acceptance and work with your boundaries to open the borders into self-revelation.  Only you can allow yourself to change in a way which will support you and it can become a choice to give and receive.

I wish to give you much love and blessings on any space in which you are currently changing, whether that is your mind, your living arrangements, your friends and peers, your workplace or your religion!

Change can be embraced, supported, enjoyed, and can become exciting!  Some people thrive on change.  You can perceive excitement in the receiving of change and then give in the support of it to others in your family, friendship group or world frame of reference.  Namaste on meditating and giving yourself a world view of love and light.

Enjoy your forward movement.  Remember if you need help in changing and shifting, then I am available to assist you one on one in a consultation geared to assist your to clear the old to make way for the new.  See my website contact details for booking and feel free to email me.  I specialise in life coaching change!

Embrace yourself and your message and contemplate your contributions to the greater good when you express yourself to others.

It is a joy to allow yourself to become your full potential and spread your truth in special words.  You probably could write a book and change the world!