Laughing Your Head Off, KatherineBrightAustralia.comSome days you wake up and it seems that the apple-cart has already tumbled down the hill. Nothing seems to be working easily and you seem to get flustered and bothered by the simplest things. These are the days that a great sense of humour can really come in handy and really saves you from a downer of humungous proportions.

The days when you feel the worst are usually the days where for some reason you have become seriously out of balance. Why do these days happen out of the blue? Good question.

There are many reasons why you can have a down day or a flustered day. Not all of these are in your direct control. Perhaps it is a work project delayed, someone else’s free will has intervened and put a wedge in your plans, or perhaps it is a child who has become sick and everything is overwhelming.

For you to keep things in perspective you will really need your funnybone to be working and oiled!

zzzzzzzzzzz you overslept! AAAAGH that blasted neighbour has the stereo up too loud again until late and I want to scream! What do you mean? I forgot to pay the phone bill? The power bill is due again! My car just blew a tyre………and the list goes on.

Your astrological chart may be a contributing factor. Perhaps the planets certainly have not aligned for you.

Did you forget to wake up and bless your day?
Whatever the reason your chakras are out of alignment, the best thing you can do is to refind your balance and set the wheels of your life back into accord. Get back in the right lane and laugh off your troubles.

If you can find a joke, any joke, anything ridiculous at all will often make you laugh and then consequently see the lighter side of your darkened cloud. You could even make someone close to you laugh and feel better, bouncing off each other with a cacaphony of unstoppable silliness. Silliness is a fantastic consequence of overwhelm. The knee-jerk reaction of the overwhelmed is either depression, anger, frustration or letting go and letting it all hang out!

So to help you let it go and hang it out, breathe, breathe and breathe again. Find something to be grateful for, even if it is your own sense of humour, and try to strive for the more amusing stance for any given situation. If there is one thing for certain it is that we are all heading to the end of our lives, one day and thought or situation at a time, so we may as well see the funny side of those situations and make the journey enjoyable. Namaste!”

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND



So here we are in a new year of possibilities. We are always looking and supposing that we know exactly what is our future and our possibilities. Often we can restrict our truth and possibilities because our mind often only conceives of a certain limited set of perameters. What we know we are prepared to explore lol.

Now to extend yourself into new horizons you really need to be prepared to explore beyond your set of comfort zones and try something new and wondrous, exciting and perhaps a little scary to our safety-perceiving sub-conscious mind.
The sub-conscious has a way of keeping you within its mindframe by subtlely securing safe, and supposedly sage thoughts for you. To move beyond the scope of the known into the frame of new possibility we have to convince our sub-conscious that we will not only survive it, but thrive in it.
Then we will be prepared to secure a new set of rules to the known rule-book and we will feel safe to proceed beyond the red lights of our commonly known turf-boundary.

Allowing change is a wondrous thing. Flow is a part of zen and the chaos of the universe is what keeps us all together. Isn’t that a paradox of existence! The more we boundary the more we become rigid, inflexible and oh so safe. The more we understand that the atoms of our existence are always dancing the more we can be prepared to dance along with them in an exciting and new way.

In order to be free to explore your inner challenges, we need to be able to set ourselves free of fear and empower our sub-conscious to follow the impulses of the conscious mind. Onward and upward in a frequency of flying into the new possibilities of existence. It may take a while to learn new rules, to speak new languages and whisper new nuances to the regulated mind, but the freedom of impulsiveness can be safe and well-being can be a reward of free thoughts.

I wish you fun and laughter, love and freedom in the exploration of the new possibilities forming in your mind and the thoughts of your heart.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


And so another year over and a new one is begun.

What do you hope to get out of this 2016 opportunity?  I hope for peace, grace, enough money not to feel overwhelmed with life’s demands but to feel open to abundance and new possibilities.

I hope for grace in an unusual sense.  It is not the humble, pious, all encompassing grace which reeks of poverty and suffering religious-style grace.  My grace is a state of zen, peace, acknowledgement, quiet and enjoyment of the silence.  My grace says it doesn’t matter what people think of me, I am ok.  My grace says because I am therefore I be.

LOL  I also have a penchant for caviar in my mind, but don’t like the taste of it.  We can all be like that.  What concept do we place on our happiness, forward movement and opportunities as they present?  Do we fear our own success and feel fatigued at the thought of the perception of work that will involve?  Do we feel any outcome is a good outcome as long as we are noticed?  Do we feel that to break the moulds of pre-confined society perception will challenge our acceptance, therefore we just better head in the backwards direction and be humble?  Ah the subconscious mind and the way we drive it!

This 2016 year I hope to provide a safe haven for others who are challenged without sacrificing my health and wisdom for self.  I hope to speak with God as I already do everyday in a way which does not challenge me and my physical health.    I can be zealot-like and burn myself out doing healing and self reflections!  This year I hope I stop putting off hoping I will stop putting off self-care.  This year I have already started doing it properly and with grace, so my circle is circling in the right ways to sustain momentum in my personal vortex world.

For this planet I will pray, send light and do greater-good healings as I always do.  I will love and respect my beautiful husband and children in ways which do not place expectations upon them to be more than is their journey.

I will cultivate the art of detachment in positive ways which supports my energy.

This 2016 I will continue to play music, love my friends and enjoy the beach, my friends the dolphins, and embrace my global audience on the radio program – with my overseas mates who support me via email and call-ins.  I really love you you know.  Truly, and with a great reverence that you spend the time listening to my form of wisdom and that you feedback to Kim and I that it helps you.

Like all of us I have an opportunity to learn, to play, to work, to love, to eat and be merry and I intend to do it all with a peaceful gusto.  Now there is a juggle in terms hahaha!

For you, let me say I would wish all manner of wonderful and fulfilling things which give you joyful experiences, as I wish this for myself.  Please feed back your joys and comments as you have done for 2015 and thank you for making that a fulfilling year for both Kim and I.

Namaste dear friend, for I address each one reading this individually.  You are not forgotten, you are blessed and loved.  Happy 2016…….onward and upward and remember Creator’s quote to me which started my whole modality of Theta Resonance At All Levels…..

“Where There is Empowerment There Is No Fear”,
so be fearless and enjoy your life and your year.