We give ourselves many names/titles/duty statements in our personal projections.

Many people are very set on a particular focus in their life.  We can focus on making money, religion, family, work, weight issues, dissatisfactions like “the grass is greener on the other side”.

Focus is a tool of enormous manifestation.  Did you realise you literally create your life by your belief systems, thought frequencies in the laws of attraction, concentration of thoughts and themes?

Yes you do. We can build fences in many forms.  We can decorate our fences in a variety of colours and designs.

You are a designer even if you didn’t know that before.   What you think will manifest itself in your life in one way or another.  This could be via association to people, themes, groups or clubs.  It could be by the nature of your actions and what and where you choose to enact your intentions.  Intention is a tool to manifest anything in this “real world” as we may perceive this third dimensional reality, but there are a lot of other inter-dimensional aspects inter-relating to this one.

Personally I am very aware to catch myself out if I notice I am thinking negatively or projecting on another.  We never really project onto another.  What we do is create an elaborate thought pattern which intersects with their field and life in many ways and then we coerce the molecules of our mutual existences into action/reaction mode.  We literally inter-connect ourselves with the significant other thought.  We do this whether it is to the person, profile, assumption, perception, body, association, feeling, sound, smell or decision making dominance.

We resent, love, laugh, fear and all the rainbow spectrum of emotional creations with our focus and we assess with our belief systems which often come from a subconscious platform which is dictating our judgement on any given thing.

Here is an example of a scenario built around being what you focus on :–

Feeling and appearing to be Overweight which lead the focus to the following pattern:   ……….mirror……….food…….fear……judgement……….attempts to validate a myriad of assumptions and food behaviours with the intention of balancing out the platform…………avoidance of people who might judge……loneliness……….over-compensation……….eating……….fear………...self-esteem issues in personal perception…….denigration of the self potential based upon societized perceptions of health or attractiveness,  or self-acceptance and embracing the goddess/god within……worries about health………failure……..success…….yoyo…….success…….acceptance of the self and the emotional paradigms on weight/nurturing issues……..success……people praise……consolidation…...fear of failure………yoyo……success……..figured out a subconscious focus distraction belief system…………hooray I see myself fot the first time and know I am ok………success in self-acceptance whatever my weight…………get healthy……..weight drops naturally………….satisfied.

Any focus has the potential to change the world for the better and yourself along the way.  It can feel like pandoras box living this life but it is how you healthily and successfully focus your thoughts which has the greates power to make you empowered and to clear your fear.

The list of possibilities of focus go on as long and as far as our mind and its interconnections to our reality go on.

So the moral of this story is focus on the things you feel are important in the most positive way possible and assist your mind to Let Go and Let God in your life.  Be, flow, allow and zen are a great focus because from that stand point you allow the universal wisdom and abundance to become your focus.    Namaste.

In case you want some tools to help you please check out these links

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Creator's View On Compassion book cover photo

Below is an extract from my book “Creator’s View On Compassion – A Guide For Life”
Copyright Katherine Bright ND 2013

I hope you enjoy the beautiful words from Creator which I have directly channelled.

“The diamond in the rough on your planet is a child.  Children are not small, insignificant participants in the busy scheme of the grown-up’s perception.  Children are souls incarnate in human genetic bodies who also have a purpose.  They learn, copy and describe.  They bring wonder.  You, Mr or Ms Adult are wonder personified as is your mini person, to whom you have given life, but whom you do not own.   You merely borrow the time you spend with your little ones in the hope that they learn and teach you the wonder of innocence.  We may become innocence defilers and, believe you me, this is not a road you should
be taking on this planet.  I watch your every move in the defilement of the innocent and I tell you it is condemned.  Yes, this is so.  For there is no love in harm nor defilement and it is a lesson the perverse nature of the human may still be in requirement to learn, and yet to graduate from.  I am always going to love all but I cannot condone that which is perverted away from light and truth and integrity and which uses manipulation to facilitate the evil from which it sources.

I love and you are required to love.  One of the most beautious things about your planet is the inter-connectedness of nature.  I am present in the sea and in all things natural and beautiful.  I breathe in the windsong and I am the water as it flows to perfection upon the glossy banks of a rainforest stream.  I am the tinkling laughter of a child at play and a wonder to behold when you speak with me directly.  I will always facilitate you to wonder and grace and joy and beingness.  You deserve to be played with and nurtured and given sustenance from God.  I do not require now that you sacrifice your joy for me.  I only require that you sustain it so it becomes the wonder upon which the universe can exist and sway.  I wish you to be the brass-band, the concerto and the orchestration of light in this universal blueprint of peace and inter-planetary graceful existence.

I see your seers as they philosophise and provide wisdoms.  Listen to the good ones.  Smile.  Be.  I do not entertain the usage of egoisms to provide financial gluttony.  I love the wise one who is humbly allowing his riches in all ways to be in the flow of abundance I am able to provide.

Wealth is not a sin but gluttony has become a planetary proforma which has been defined as wisdom.  No, gluttony is restriction of thought.  To flow in abundance does not require lack, nor harvesting to amass.  I will always provide for you in all the ways you request.  Remember if you wish to manifest your abundance you have to think that you already have received your gift.  That is a key to aquisition in a positive abundance.  There is enough to go around.  Yes, there always was and there always will be.  That is an insight those who believe in control, dominance or lack may wish to confuse you against.  You deserve all the good things, and creation has no boundaries.  Give and you will receive thrice.  Give from your empty pot and watch the molecular structure osmote itself to fullness within a split-second of the thoughts of time in manifest.  You give with openness and philanthropy and you have so much more to give.  This is abundance.  Can you spend more than you earn? No.  You earn in direct proportion to your belief systems of wealth and lack of wealth,  grace and lack of grace, perfection and confusion of the meaning of flowing abundance.  I know all things are possible so it is required that you copy me in this if you wish to thrive.  I love you dearly and always will.
Namaste.  Peace.  love and light.”


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love and light
Katherine Bright ND

Love and peace, blessings and rainbows..

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Creator's View On Compassion book cover photo


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Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Do you?  Don’t you?  Who are you? Why are you and what is your true purpose?

Ah the question of perception around life and living it authentically!

“Be what you wanna be, do what you wanna do yeah!”  as the song goes

We spend a lot of our time contemplating the past, present and future dreams and occurrences, comparing our achievements or failures as a catologue of success or failure.  We do this with love, life, work and family, friends and lifestyle.  Especially money!

What is your ideal life?  Do you know?  Have you spent time in meditation or contemplation sometimes only to become more confused.  It is easy if you have good communication with the higher self but not so easy with the ground and its inhabitants sometimes.

We can dream, and we can make excuses not to fulfil our dreams due to feelings of inadequacy, obstacles in our perceptions and projections of angst about lack of opportunities.  We need very little to succeed.  Food, water, spiritual sustenance and love.  If we love ourselves and have survival provisions, we can exist in any forum and be what we want to be.  It isn’t others who stop us, it is ourselves and our perceptions of the inadequate perception we may have of our manifesting abilities.

If we really want to fulfil our destiny we have to give ourselves a solid chance at flow, change and drift.  It isn’t always about solid ground, and it could be that the solidness of your existence is the very drama by which you are living.  No wonder an excuse is needed to survive mundane circumstances!

My advice is to accept yourself, your drama perceptions, your fears and resistances, obstacles and inauthentic self, then throw it all up in the air to a greater source and allow that spiritual assistance to put the jigsaw back together with the pieces in the correct places for you to proceed further, sustained and happy.  Yes happiness doesn’t come from a loaded gun, which our subconscious often is, but from the acceptance of the universal abundance of all things, including thought, to which we are entitled.

Namaste and have some fun making the word Shift exist with the “f” still in it!

love and light

Love and peace, blessings and rainbows.


16403915_mlWhen you are so uncertain of your soul purpose, your life’s true purpose and you intention for inhabiting this planet, you start to lower your frequency into confused reticence.  What do I mean by that?  It is like all identity, if you don’t know who you are you lose confidence.  Losing confidence diminishes you and your sense of self.  This can lead to loss of energy and a downward sense of self- worth including the capacity to sustain yourself.

Who are you at the soul level?  It is a question I am often asked in consultation by people who feel broken at a deep level.  Who am I? Why did I come here and what of Earth possessed me to pick this life?

Other people are able to assume a position of trust and hope, grateful for even the small things.  Neither one has a wrong attitude, just an attitude born from the life experiences, the personality profile of their genetic and the soul’s true purpose.

As a soul we choose our parents, generic lifestyle of their zone and conditioning in order to achieve a certain learning in this lifetime.  When you think of this you might wonder why one soul will choose adversity in their set up for life and another will choose to cruise in another format.  It is simplified to say that souls will choose lifetimes based upon their need of experience, learning potentials, desire to resolve past trauma or experience lack and become enlightened in a new understanding from a desired experiential.  We can become completely unaware of why we chose this lifetime once we pass through the veil into this body.  This is done on purpose.

It is only an old and wise masterful soul who will know and retain their understood purpose from birth onwards and operate with a directed consciousness to fulfill this lifetimes goal of enlightenment.

Most people will have an inkling of their soul purpose via their passions and interests, often negating the association.  You could be a soul whose theme of existence is based upon facilitating Earth Healing, care of children, enlightening as a messenger, a healer, a politician engaging in greater good concepts etc.  Souls do not incarnate to perpetuate harm in this enlightenend age.  They do have to contend with genetic bodies who have a baseline which is more humanly savage so sometimes have to conquer over the strong personality of a human body intention.  This is when a soul can become broken.

When the experiences of abuse or abusing become important to a human they will attract those experiences to the body by the laws of attraction.  The soul has to contend with these experiences and can become overwhelmed, breaking under the strain of depressions and trauma and go “home”, or wish to do so.

What happens to the body when a soul is broken?  You will see a distressed person, unable to function in an optimistic way, sad or driven down by life or their own incapacity to experience and enthuse.  A soul needs healing in these cases.  A broken soul can sometimes leave a body alone and go back to Source to be healed.  It may return to the body again when this is completed.  The body continues in this interim in normal life feeling diminished but unsure why, two dimensional for a basic explanation.

This is a long and complicated process for some people and it isn’t something I can teach fully in this newsletter.  However if you wish to work more fully on your own personal soul understanding and explanations of your soul purpose and journey, please feel free to contact me for consultation and individual help.

A soul is a bouncy creature who will embrace the light and bounce back with the appropriate healing. The soul is your conduit to Creation and all communication with spirit.

I am an expert in this type of healing and mediumship and will offer you the skills that my soul purpose and life experience has taught me.

Some helpful hints to repair a broken soul are:  Trust Creation no matter what and take the high road of optimism whenever you can.

Pray and ask God/Source/Creator for healing and assistance.

Know that you are not alone and there are lightworkers here like myself who will be prepared to help you.

To help yourself you have to want to.  Your soul will be grateful for your care.  Be the gentle, enlightened and empowered super-glue your soul needs to regain full strength.

If you would like to learn to communicate directly with Source and heal in an empowered way to fulfil your soul purpose, please look at these online downloadable courses I offer also.  You can do these full workshops with my audios and discussions directly from your own home in your own time or –

You can learn directly with me one on one in a personal mentoring day where I can teach you not only connection but also soul timeline healing and clearing.  The links are below if you are interested.

Last week a group of my Theta Resonance At All Levels students and Kim and I got together to do greater good work for the planet, using our healing and prayer skills.  We went to the Gold Coast in Australia and spent a day sending light from our own individual soul masterships to specific topics as Creator asked.  What a wonderful day!  Some of these students have been empowered by working with me on their journeys via workshops, some via personal mentoring and some via the online downloadable Connect To Creator course whom I have finally met in person.  What a joy!  To see people embracing their true soul purpose and excelling in their journey to light in their own individual and special way is so fulfilling for me.  To teach spirituality is part of my soul purpose you see.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Katherine Bright ND

Article Copyright Katherine Bright ND