Your gut is knows as the second brain.  This is because it can impact on your moods.   Your solar plexus chakra sits over the stomach, large intestine and also to the right is your liver, the left your spleen.

The digestion is effected as is the processing of food by our emotions.  When you cannot digest an emotion; pain, betrayal, trauma for example, the gut is often the first place that shows the dischord.  “I cannot stomach that event or person” etc. etc.  Look at the way language is structured and it gives you great pointers.  Somethings are a “pain in the neck”, some in the nether regions lol but for all intents and purposes we already sub-consciously understand that emotions site themselves in body sites and organs.

So the gut is a place often of sadness if our life balance is out of kilter in any way and perhaps we become triggered.  You can find food sensitivities are a result of a discord in our processing because we feel allergic or sensitised to a substance. Sometimes it can be the event memory of when we once consumed that substance at an earlier time where a trauma, anger, betrayal or sadness occurred which may make us trigger the next time we consume that same food or substance like alcohol.

Where inflammation occurs, digestion is affected as is absorption of the food itself.  This can lead to intestinal dysbiosis or leaky gut syndrome.  Stress is a classic trigger for digestive disfunction, particulary long term and chronic lingering stressors. Patients will often complain of lingering issues which link to emotional triggers.  Feeling “sick to your stomach” over an argument and other factors which may pertain to the way in which you do or do not cope with life situations will often present.

Having good bacterial balance in the gut is key to dealing with inflammatory process and keeping ourselves on track.  There are close to 5600 species and strains of bacteria in our gut!  Gets crowded in there, yes!  They are all important though as they keep the metabolism functioning well and that keeps us healthy. Imbalance causes infections/parasitic overloads and this can be caused by external factors like consuming antibiotics, poor diet or lifestyle choices to name the most common.

The bugs in our gut are involved in the production of neurotransmitters so that affects how we feel and how we think.  As our gut produces about 90% of the happy hormone “seratonin”: imbalance can lead to sadness and depression feelings.  There is a direct link between gut and brain which is currently a research area in science.  This direct pathway is actually very long as it involves the longest nerve in our body…the vagus nerve.  Two way communication between the brain and the gut is facilitated via this nerve, so your “nerves” do affect your gut.  Even science now thinks that our dis-eases or disease (dis-ease to me means emotional catalysts leading to problems with disease) contribute to our digestion and psychological health.  So this is one reason probiotics are a great thing to supply your gut.

Another thing to think about is balance in a general sense.  You have to eat well, be well in both mind, body and spirit in the best form you are able to allow yourself to be at the best level of health you are capable of.   If you need to address the vagus nerve for optimal balance, think of an alternative maintenance therapy which might assist your gut by default.  For example Bowen Therapy or Osteopathy,  massage, meditation and a liver Detox.

Peace to your gut and your mind in all your future endeavours.  Take the time to rest and to allow yourself time.  It is your greatest gift of abundance and free most of the time.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


What does it mean to have confidence?  The definition of confidence in the Oxford Dictionary is:-

The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something:we had every confidence in the staffhe had gained the young man’s confidence

The state of feeling certain about the truth of something:I can say with confidence that I have never before driven up this street


A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities:she’s brimming with confidence[IN SINGULAR]: he would walk up those steps with a confidence he didn’t feel


The telling of private matters or secrets with mutual trust:someone with whom you may raise your suspicions in confidence

Mmm  there are a lot of nuances and differences attributed to this word.  No wonder we can have trouble identifying whether we are confident we are confident or not!

Confidence is a gift if it is innate, but it doesn’t come so easily to all of us.  Life and its myriad experiences can knock your confidence out of the water pretty quickly.

What makes for confidence?  I think confidence is if you have a good sense of self-worth as then you will be standing in your own empowerment, which automatically leads to confidence.  Confidence isn’t arrogance, bravado or spouting opinions.  Confidence is silently existing in a sphere of balanced comprehension.  Confidence has a zen about it because you are able to deliver yourself in your environment without fear.

To be confident you have to believe in what it is you want to say and in your behaviour.  You only need passion about a topic to be confident of the delivery of it to others.

Are you confident in yourself?  One of the hardest things you will encounter is if you have never been given a voice nor been taught that your existence is valid.  Then you are not going to understand confidence let alone how to acquire it.  To acquire confidence you have to allow yourself to be loved and to allow yourself to learn to receive acceptance.  Then confidence ensues from the contact with the lovers in your life.

I am not sure how “sharing confidences” came about, but I would like to think it is the sacred sharing of something personal with another without fear of reprisal, rather than to gossip and spread innuendo from opinionatedness.

Whatever your judgement is about yourself, remember it is you who holds the key to walking forward in confidence.  It is you that holds the key to accepting opportunity to learn confidence in whatever forum feels safe and comfortable. You after all can be confident that you exist, are loved by Creator, have something valuable to contribute to the greater good and that you were created equal.  Just is!


love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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If you are having trouble balancing your weight combine the above thoughts with this great hypnosis tape.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Getting bored by eating the same things or cooking the same meals is commonplace in a busy lifestyle.
Here are some interesting cycling facts.  Many people cook the same things over and over again, night after week after month.
We get used to the same meals due to the ease of preparation or the easy knowing how to do it on a busy schedule.

Adding a little something extra and still staying healthy is obviously a good thing.  A little spice, condiment or change of menu to a different style of cooking, asian; mexican; italian; english etc.

Add up 365 days a year times 3 meals a day on the average, or perhaps you are on a 5-6 times a day snack style menu plan and that is a LOT of meal preparation and thinking time.  No wonder we cut corners and try the routines often.  Meat and three veg is a society norm in western cultures.

Frozen foods and pre-packs, prepared menu items from purchaseable company menu plans and weight watchers meals.  Phew the list is endless.

What we really need to watch out for is good nutrition, balance, interesting taste and convenience.

Enjoy making your meal formulas but add some variety to make life an interesting eating event.  Cultures like Peru base their whole day around the joy of growing and preparing food.  I know, I have been there.  In 2009 I took a tour group to Machu Picchu and we spent time in Peru.  Some of my friends and I enjoyed various restaurants.
I spent extra time with a local family and got to eat in their kitchen.  YUM!!!!  What is good food if it isn’t LOVE!

People who eat my food say they can taste the love in it.  Especially my soups!

Some easy meal mathematics for healthy eating are:-

Fresh ingredients if you can.
1+1+3        One Protein, One Carbohydrate and a selection of three different coloured vegetables.

Cook them in different combinations for example a protein may include meat, chicken, fish, tofu, legumes,   about 100-200 mg per serve for a main meal (raw weight),  and for tofu 170mg, legumes 150mg.

Carbohydrates are pasta, rice, legumes wholegrains, pizza bases, buckwheat, barley, quinoa. potatoes.  1/2 cup

Veges about three serves like 2-4 mushrooms, half a carrot or more, a small handful as a guide.

Easy-peasy.  Cook and season to taste and you can’t go wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a regime or diet style menu, you can always fit in a healthy mathematics formula of the above.  Food maths should be yummy, balanced and healthy.

Happy calculating, cooking and eating!

Here are some recipe suggestions of 1+1+3 mathematis:

Salmon steak with tandoori paste on quinoa with salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumer

Lime and olive oil bbq chicken breast with sweet potato, and vegetables of perhaps zucchini and capsicum

Pesto on fish or chicken with oven baked wedges and a mediterranean salad.

Spaghetti with meatballs, carrot, beans and asparagus.
love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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If you are having trouble balancing your weight combine the above thoughts with this great hypnosis tape.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.


We are truly blessed on this planet to commune with some of the most amazing and grand creatures. The Trees being just one of them. I have been blessed to be personally introduced to a land of the giants in Tasmania’s Russell Falls National Park. The Tall Trees as they are known are the most amazing things I have ever seen. The smell, appearance, grandeur and enormity of them cannot be described. You really have to be there. Here is a photo of me at the foot of one of these giants.

Photo copyright Kim Bright 2011

Just to feel the millions of years of undergrowth in a tall forest combined with the hundreds of years of old growth tree is like walking into the land of the dinosaurs in pre-historic earth. You get a feel of absolute respect for nature and its amazing capacity to regenerate and to breathe, speak and commune with itself in a way which we as humans are rapidly forgetting. I remember looking up to the top of this awesome tree and I could barely see the top in the distance. Unbelievable!

As humans we are consumed with the workings of abundant profit and logging is removing many of the old growth forests. We forget that these beings are not commodities but a living, breathing aspect of our world with their own communities and communication systems; from the roots to the air frequencies of their own language carried on the winds.

Below I have a lovely video depicting a Californian sequoia tree which is enormous. The scale is mind-boggling. Enjoy and know we are part of a web of life so grand in its scale that if we learn to respect and travel with the trees, we will all benefit.

Till next week, enjoy your nature walks and thing big!

love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light


Below is a wonderful youtube clip done by The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church which asks us all to embrace our sameness not our differences. It asks us to acknowledge that there is only one God, just different faiths and practices. I think it is absolutely awesome and uniting for humanity if you can embrace our common philosophies of spirituality and embrace also our differences in tolerance, not intolerance.
So I ask you as part of humanity to consider giving compassion, tolerance and commonality a fair go!

Whether it is religion or spirituality, or perhaps just being human in general, we deserve a fair go. It is possible to be compassionate when we are comfortable but we find it much harder to be fair and impartial when we are challenged in our belief systems. Conditioning can make us very regimented in our beliefs and practices, our habits and cultural paradigms. However when it comes down to it, we all have legs, arms, heads, torsos and faces. We all have skin, no matter what colour it comes in. We all have hearts with which to feel and discern. Often they are used for prejudice and judgement when they are meant for love, light and peace.

So today I would ask all of humanity to be fair. Come on. Try being non-judgemental, moderate, tolerant, discerning, loving, peaceful and above all united. Namaste.

love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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