Once you remember who you are in spiritual terms, you will always remember to nurture your inner core because that is iresistable.
You are someone who is a box of parts, some physical, a huge spirit and jigsaw pieces of conditioning and experience which may or may not fit together comfortably.

Meditation is the key to finding out how to be a whole person, integrating all the parts.  Meditation is something which may be practised everyday to really give you the best effect.  Sometimes this may seem difficult however you will always find five minutes.

A five minute meditation?  How can that work?  Easy.  That is the key…..EASY!  Most of the time in this world full of distractions, we will be able to find a five minute interlude.  Probably you are filling your five minute interludes with a toilet break, a game of “candy crush”, a wistful glance out the window or a stressful thought about what to do next.

Most often we are wasting our five minutes of potential relaxation and affirmation time on something useless because we do not consider we have the time to meditate, or perhaps contemplate, or do really anything that our sub-conscious patterning rejects as “not for oneself at this time”.  It can be a nagging voice to prevent change, which the subconscious mind considers potentially dangerous if pushed too quickly.  We have to remember not to believe everything this little policeman tells us.  It thinks it keeps us safe, and mostly it does, but the subconscious will have formed its belief systems from experience of the past, not potential for the future.

Start now.  Stop now.  Yes that is also the key.  Affirming immediately you notice you have a five minute interlude! Here is your chance to commence a regulare practice of saying yes to yourself!

Saying something with your eyes closed and complete conviction of its integrity will affirm wondrous change into your life.  It takes 21 days for the sub-conscious mind to shift into another thought as a firm affirmation of truth.  So spend five minutes, once a day affirming with your eyes closed and your concentration completely focused on your thought.  This is a meditation.  Not so hard is it?  You can easily find the time.  What better place to spend five minutes than in the toilet where no-one is likely to interrupt you? (Unless you have toddlers who have no boundaries!)  Sit and contemplate your forward movements…..  hahaha.

Say a positive sentence to yourself that is your most wondrous dream and repeat this with conviction for five minutes with your integrous mind. Do not pull it back with logic and nay-saying which by the way dictates a cancel button to the universe!

Envision your dreams and do it for 21 days.  I dare you!  Find five minutes of……. “I am a child of the universe empowered in abundance in all ways, without harm and in ease and grace” as an example. Find your comfortable sentence and say it.

Yes you can do it.  That is a meditation.  Eyes closed, believing in your words can change your life.  After all you are the culmination of every thought you ever had right now, sitting in your reality as a co-creator in the universe.  Oh yes!  So accept responsibility for your mind and allow it to dream your new wonder with a real sense of co-creation because that is exactly what you have been doing so far.

Now do it with positive consciousness for five minutes a day.

Feel free to email me any wonderful results you wish to share about this practice.  21 days.  A single creative visualisation.

If you want some help in knowing how to really move yourself forward please try this Creative Visualisation self-hypnosis download.  You will find it awesomely relaxing and self affirming, encouraging your vision and manifestation in a creative and beautiful way.

If you really want to find out what your sub-conscious blocks are try this Mind Mapping short workshop which I offer online.  You learn to map the subconscious thought patterns to help you identify and make change to our life and mind.


Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Creator told me that laughter is the strongest force in the universe and sits alongside love.  Why?  Because it is an explosive energy which occurs in such a way that when laughter is present you cannot experience anything else except pre-occupying thoughts on the subject of the laughter.  The physiology responds whole-heartedly to the subject and the biology creates chemicals which make a laugh irrepressible and irresistible.  Our emotions cavalcade in an expression of joy and we become the laugh we embody.  What an awesome thing to witness and be part of!  We all love a good laugh.

I would like to share one of the funny moments of my life.  It encompasses one of those laughs that you try to repress because the circumstances are not supposed to be funny and people will look at your behaviour as inappropriate.  However, you cannot do anything about it and your body takes you over and common-sense tries to reign but gives over to something uncontrollable…….your sense of humour!

This laughter moment occurred in church.  Now you get it!  No you are not supposed to have explosive laughter moments in church, especially during the late 1980’s when things were somewhat serious and sombre in the Catholic church I had attended with my family for the Easter time ritual mass.  Oh my, it isn’t something I need these days but at that time I attended the local church with my mother and two children.  The younger son was three years old and the elder daughter was six.

A sacred procession of priests and altar boys commenced the ritual walk down the “L” shaped church aisle from the main door towards us sitting at the near side to the procession.  From our vantage point they would then turn down toward the altar.  The church was darkened and only lit by the huge three-feet-long candles carried by the front of the procession, tiny candles for the altar-boys.  The biggest candle was being carried at the front. It was held below the face of the tall priest, wearing ceremonial white and red robes with a very large triangular hat that bishops wear in ceremonies.  Forgive me not knowing all the names, but this really isn’t my “thing” to remember as I am now spiritual rather than religious.  However at the time it all looked very regal and silence hushed the church as the procession commenced towards us.  The chanting began and the flame flickered over the priest’s face as he came closer to our pew.  Everyone was enthralled by the spectacle and the grandeur of gold candlesticks and silk cloth.  It looked like something out of a medieval painting.

At the nearest point of approach to us, the face of the priest was very illuminated and haunting.  It was at this point that my three year old son shouted at the top of his voice to my mother (known as Oma as we are of Dutch origin)…….”Oma,  I don’t like the man in the dress!”

Titter is one of those terms that you hear spreading through the church at this point, mimicking a scene from The Vicar Of Dibley.  Poor child clinging to my lap and seeking refuge from this very spooky cross-dresser and all the adults in the church trying to repress the unsuitable desire to laugh.  I couldn’t because even though I sympathised for my son, my motherly instinct was to hold him and to lighten the space up a bit.  My body took over and I laughed.  Yes, I tried to stifle it…….bad move!  Then my mother giggled…..woops here it comes, and I laughed out loud.  I really tried to remember what to do in circumstances like this, so I stuffed my sleeve into my mouth to repress the chortle which then came out as a “kerumph” and I eventually settled down the tears streaming from my eyes. This all accompanied the inquisitive look of the priest disapproving of the unexpected turn of events and that his congregation were suddenly out of sync with the sacredness of the significant meaning of his cande-light procession.  The other mums in the church were smiling at us though because someone had broken the expected and made it some fun, and we all love a little mayhem when we have a chance to be laughing with it, not against it.

This compares favourably to the time my daughter and I first moved back to my home-town of Hobart, from the hot climate of Queensland in Australia.  My child, who at that time was two and a half hears old, again in church….hallelujah!….was playing at the bottom of the pew on the kneeling pad.  She tried to get up, grabbed my mother’s stockinged leg to assist herself and became panicked.  Why?  She had never seen stockings in the hot climate she was born into and so when she grabbed at my mother’s leg, the stocking stretched in her tiny hand and as she pulled, it kept stretching.  She then called out in the middle of the church mass “Oma your skin is coming off!”  Another moment to hide in your coat and laugh!”  Ah the innocence of children’s expression.  I love them!

Well, that is my tale of laughter at the unexpected which would not be denied. I hope that by passing on this tale you can have a laugh also.

God bless my son, daughter, all my own and other’s children, grand-children,  laughter, and priests who cross dress in the name of ceremony.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND



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True and authentic love starts within you.  It isn’t something you find outside of you.  That is the illusion that is often felt and presented.

I want to share with you a video clip this week which is so beautifully presented and poignant that it cannot be bettered in my opinion.  It is a teaching video by Tony Robbins where he deals with a family and takes them back to their hearts in order to regroup and heal what has been a rift and challenge.  This video lasts for over an hour and should be watched when you have authentic time to love yourself.  This week, this is the gift.


Here is a link to a tool to help you and to find love and love yourself.


Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND



Seriously, there is no point wasting effort trying to be what you are not!  Be authentically yourself.  Really, say some? Doesn’t that mean we won’t achieve and better ourselves?  Well no, you won’t achieve and better yourself if you create a fantasy which isn’t grounded in your own self acceptance.  I put that one straight to the point.  It is only through fear that we find integrity of self an onerous responsibility.  If you fear you are not worthy, not enough, not important, not acceptable, not clever, not  blah blah blah…  then projections become important to you.

Somewhere you will value, in your own assessment system some hard won mis-truth probably taken from an earlier conditioning or event which disrupted your sense of worth and truth.  You are you.  No denying it.   You can be different.  You are allowed!  Yes YOU ARE ALLOWED.  Who took away your permission to be yourself?  Was it a parent, spouse, teacher, sibling, neighbour I ask you?  No it wasn’t.  That is your projected ego statement.  You are in fact always and ever able to be yourself.  It is you who has stopped you by taking on another circumstance or pronouncement as your valuable truth instead of gracing yourself with a value system which accepts yourself as individual.  Granted if you are told enough that you are nothing much, you may create a masked identity which may or may not resemble Zorro!

You could be “the good girl” and be afraid to rock the boat or “the rebel” who basks in resentful retributions because everyone deserves it.  The list goes on but the basic truth is those identities are a cop-out from truth.  They are a mask or a persona which isn’t in the service of your light of self-revelation and self-acceptance.  Who are you?  Many people ask the “who am I?” question.  Who am I to question more like?

Well darling heart you are yourself, whether it is acceptable to anyone else or not.  Revel in your idiosycratic way of being and make from this your opportunity, your talent and your gift to the world.  We deserve you.  We are waiting to explore your ideas, values, worth, communication and how you light our way.  Be at peace because without you the world is a piece missing in a giant jigsaw puzzle.  I like my puzzles colourful and with a little quirky unpredictability but with some defined borders which serve my feeling of safety.

I love to hang out with nice people who have personality but not nay-sayers, critics or pretty people without a difference from the sheep in the paddock.  I like to be interested and intrigued by people who have a voice, an idea and a thought which can make me think, laugh and love even more.  Thank you to all those out there who already make me do that.  To those who are practising being themselves, I have some amazing news.  You already succeeded before you stopped trying and became something palatable to the mass consciousness who conditioned your world.

Creator said to me “Where there is empowerment there is no fear” so I built my modality Theta Resonance At All Levels on that premise.  It works.  Even on my down days I can hear Creator remind me of this slogan and it has become my mantra that I teach to others.  Namaste awesome one.  You belong to something much bigger than the mind.  You are part of the universe.

Here is the link to click and explore for more information and tools to help you be what you deserve.


Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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A few weeks ago I presented a workshop on the above topic live in audio/visual format to a class.  This was done during an International Symposium on the forum www.learnitlive.com.  I was asked to join as part of a selection of 70  world leaders in spirituality presenting their individual topics.  Why did I choose this topic for my presentation?  I did this because Isolation and its associated stressors are endemic in our civilised society as well as in other facets of our world forum.

Loneliness is common for a huge chunk of our population.  There are many reasons that isolation, leading to feelings of loneliness and stress happens to occur.

Perhaps through family break up, we have lost track of our support systems.  Perhaps these support systems never existed for us because our family was not supportive or was dysfunctional?  Family can be a blessing, an absolute minefield of discord and everything in between.   The thing is we are each individual in the way we think, perceive and react to any situation.  We are a box of genetic inheritances, distinguishing personality features, gifts and talents and even soul qualities that we bring with us into this body to fulfil a particular soul purpose.

We choose in spiritual terms the general environment and family into which we are to be born.  This may not be something everyone agrees with consciously, but from a spiritual perspective it is my belief, demonstrated over and over to me during many life coaching/spiritual healing consultations I have conducted over thirty years in practice.

Because we are all individuals we have different perspectives, perhaps of the same situation, existing in our family and our childhood.  What to one is awesome to another can be an annoyance.

When we detach from our reality for whatever reason, depending on how we do this, we may one day find ourselves in a situation where we have become isolated.  It can be very attractive to be alone, silent, without drama and without responsibility for others in our lives.  That is great if it works for you.

What if you find yourself isolated in life and really are not coping with this?  Some of the feelings you will commonly find in this situation are:

lowered self esteem
feelings of inadequacy
feeling unsure of how to communicate and regroup with others
lack of confidence
stress and anxiety including feelings of depression
illness and pain
lack and poverty
potential reliance on medications or drugs to act as a buffer for our lack of contact and coping mechanisms…….

and there will be more.

Lack and abundance strangely can be something which happens. People who are very busy with work and creating their money and lifestyle choices can inadvertently alienate themselves from their loved ones via the lack of investment in time and attention which can signify disinterest and without dedication to communicating with them.  You receive what you put into any situation as an energetic mirror.

You can be so well-off financially that you no longer fit the mainstream and therefore become isolated because everyone else you know or associate with is busy making money, being at meetings etc and consequently you have lost a social circle with which to take time out. No-one has the time! It is about life balance.   You can be busy in a crowd and incredibly isolated from your inner core and truth.

Whatever the cause you do need some strategies to recognise you are ok as a person and for self-validation.  You need ways to cope with the stress and heavy feelings themselves.

There are many ways you can distract yourself, but I am assuming you want to heal yourself and learn how to regroup with yourself and others again, no matter what your situation?

Here are some helpful tips

Breath and reflect.

Take the time to sit with yourself, not in fear and punishing criticism, but in the centre of your heart.  Have a look at yourself and see if you can identify how you came to be in this situation in the first place. Deal with the mirror but don’t use it as a crucifix.

Start a gratitude journal

Take the time to note down often about the good things which you do have in your life.  Be grateful for the little things about yourself and your space which can support healthy and positive thoughts.

Look around you

No matter where you are there will be someone else who is probably feeling similar.  Look around you in your community for places you can go or interact with others of a like mind.  I mean a like mind not a depressed, angry nor stressful mind.  Look for healthy alternatives to keep you occupied.  A group, class, music event or concert, park or communal place of interest where other people gather can provide you with a forum and opportunity.  See what is available for you to join into.

Give yourself a chance to be loved

Own your lovability.  If you don’t love yourself, you won’t find it easy to find another who loves you.  Look in that mirror and stop criticising your self and your choices.  Don’t project your angst on another.  Just bite the bullet a little if you can and accept your worth to be here.   Seriously, own it!

If you can adapt healthy practices to support you and bring down your stress and feelings of isolation you will become your own best friend.  A smile at yourself daily will promote a positive visage for others to feel about you.  The change in you will become palpable in subtle ways which will make you attractive to others.

I am going to provide a monthly class program to help you and to provide support.  As I am a qualified hypnotist as well as naturopath, I am going to conduct a series of self-help hypnosis classes for you all if you would like to join in my program.  This program will be at an awesomely low price but you will experience a hypnosis session on a different topic each month. Once you have registered for the class you will be able to re-enter this classroom recording and replay at will thereafter.   After this series completes I will be running monthly programs on an ongoing basis on various self-help topics.

The topics will be, for example, “Dealing with Anxiety”  “Positive Body Image”,  “Life Balance” “Finding Love”  etc.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Details of this program will be in my www.learnitlive.com profile as an instructor for you to register if you enjoy what you have experienced so far.

The commencing class date for the paid program will be AEST 9am  Thursday 5 May, 2016 which is 7pm EST USA Wednesday 4 May, 2016.  I look forward to seeing you there.  If you can’t make the time, register to access the recordings.


Namaste and be at peace.

Here is the link to click and explore for more information and tools to help you be what you deserve.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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