Some days are just so overwhelming don’t you think?  It seems like you wake up and begin a list of challenges, wondering what the universe has in store for you today??

You know the sort of days where you think you have it all in hand, wake up ready to meet the day, attempt some form of good practice for health and well-being, and then something happens which throws you right off key.

Children are good for this.  Children are brilliant for lots of things, however providing lessons is often one of their specialities.  If only we could view their gifts as a learning we want lol.

“Mummy, I wet myself,  Mummy I am hungry, mummy the tv doesn’t work (I unplugged it so I could get a sleep in before the cacaphony started), mummy Johny hit me.  Mummy why don’t you stop doing yoga and look at me.   Mummy I forgot to give you this note that said you needed to provide a home-made offering to the P and C school committee fete by lunchtime today….etc”

The list goes on in primary school and then as they age the “mum can I have a sleep-over?,  mum can I have the car keys?,  mum I need to have more pocket money to buy that pc game I want”  style of conversation starts.

And the above is just if you have kids.  If you have pets it is just another scenario of the same kind without the words!.  Well maybe but so far I am quoting an overwhelmed person who is really saying they don’t have enough time for themselves and want some space to figure out who they are.
That is the nature of overwhelm.  It comes when we haven’t allocated or been given enough time to rest, think, be and consider what it is we actually want or who we really are.

Overwhelming days are easily countered when you are centred because everthing feels less of an inconvenience.  We fear less and are less anxious when we get enough sleep.  We speak when we are listened to.

It is in your best interests to allow yourself to be helped.  How do you allow yourself to be helped?  First you stop and consider what it is you really need.  Examine if you are a control freak and will actually allow someone else to help you in your overwhelming day.

Not everyone knows how to receive and this is a zen art which needs to be cultivated for good mental and physical health, just like yoga.  Saying yes to a helping hand will help overwhelm abate.  Remember if you don’t let yourself be helped you will become overtaxed, overwhelmed, probably depressed and certainly project resentment at everything around you.  This is not healthy and the sub-conscious mind is very capable of making you feel a victim if that is a program you cultivate as important for you.

So to deal with the overwhelming days, when the phone won’t stop ringing, deadlines abound and you feel like you are not coping, find a tool to help you.

Hypnosis, a fishing trip, a chat with a friend, music, a movie, overwhelming laughter induced from any constructive source and a good meal to heal both body and mind.  Drink plenty of water and examine where your life can return to the basics.
That is my suggestion.


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Katherine Bright ND


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Is your life full of Heffalumps and Woozles?  WHAT?

Check out this link

The fear of being deprived by the quick, slick and insincere is the typical theme of this Winnie The Pooh clip.  Is is also indicative of an overwhelming fear paradigm, when you become paranoid and disempowered.

Do you fear that you will have your precious things taken from you?  Do you fear that the inevitable bad thing will happen?  This in, and of itself creates a paranoia which disables the enjoyment of life.

Value of possessions over the experiences of life, joy and flow will dampen down the chi and create a stagnation of emotion, disabling the healthy flow of your chakra vortexes and lead to emotional and physical dis-ease.

Yes, to worry about the heffalumps and woozles of life can be very disabling.  Anxiety and fear promote disability of life-force and can be really scary to the sub-conscious and conscious minds.

To enable trust, love, joy and abundance in life you have to remember that you are part of a joyful and loving, abundant universe.  You need to remember who you are on a soul level and that the illusion of separation only exists in your mind.  As the group consciousness of humanity takes this paradigm on with a sense of over-whelm, just be careful not to need to join in with the crowd of nay-sayers.

The universe is by nature abundant, so assume the position and allow the flow of wealth in all things come to you.  Remember fear is only the enemy when you do not believe in enlightenment and love.  It is the enemy and the friend, depending on your dependence on it.  MMMM  food for thought!

When in doubt trust that spirit and light want the best for you and allow yourself to take the chance to accept the good things life has to offer.  Put Winnie the Pooh’s insecurity on the shelf and eat a big pot of honey!

Light is abundant by its very nature and does not stop until something blocks it.  It goes on forever in all directions; vibrations of colour of the rainbow held in every molecule.

AAAAAGH  abundance, now that is something heffalumps and woozles do not understand!  Cover yourself in rainbows and watch them disappear.


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Katherine Bright ND


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People judge others in a way from their own perceptions of reality.  You are not necessarily what someone feels, sees or expects you to be.  When you are not allowed to be perceived as yourself by another’s belief systems, then you just don’t get heard.

If you feel you are not being heard then you have to decide what to do to be heard.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

It isn’t always simple because you are dealing with the free will of others and therefore cannot always control your environment or another’s perceptions.  You can however be yourself in a centred and enthusiastic way, unafraid of yourself and your reactions to being ignored.  You can express yourself fearlessly without being over the top. All it takes is a little self confidence in your opinion and a voice to match.

You do not have to be forceful to be heard.   The inadequacy within might tell you differently, especially if you place total value in the opinion of others.  If you trust yourself you will allow yourself expression.

Therefore to be heard you have to trust yourself, have some confidence in your opinions, have a voice, allow yourself to speak and expect to be heard by another, even if they don’t agree with you.

Forcing yourself down the throat of the unwilling won’t gain you credibility.  It will clear the room out for you though!  Then perhaps you don’t have to try anymore…..  I would suggest a better way of expressing is to listen.

If you listen to others, then you will find your cue to express your opinion in return.  The key to the portal of participation is often in the waiting and the assessing of the conversation.  If you leave no room for another to have an opinion, you miss out.  Vice versa is also true, in that you may be surrounded by people who do not wait or value you enough to wait to hear you.

If that is the case you have more choices.   Choose different company, situations or topics and forums.

How can you be heard?  Listen to yourself.  Really.  Listen and see how you sound.  Is your voice, whiny, annoyed, irritated, impatient, timid, valueless?

How are you being received by others?  Do you expect not to be heard?  Are you a victim?  Victim-hood is a crutch with blunt ends.  You slip up a lot and never get a grip.

Be yourself is the key.   Enjoy giving and don’t try to be the centre of attention.  Then your expectations have less distance far to fall and you will be good company.  Good company attracts people who value you, and value adds to confidence.  So around the emotional world we go again.

Trust yourself, trust others with discernment and expect the best conversations so the universe can find you the best listeners.


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Katherine Bright ND


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“When Your Emotions Break You”

I am writing a new book.  It is one of those great books where you know as you are writing it that the audience for this book is everyone who has ever found life a challenge and would like some tools and understanding to cope and move forward.  I would say that encompasses the human population as a whole in some very relevant way.

Below is an excerpt from the Introduction and also the Index and part of Chapter One,  to give you an idea of its content when published.  The book is not yet available but will be so as it is completed in the next few months.  Enjoy reading the information excerpt below and I will let you know when it is ready to come and live at your house and help guide you with your emotional well-being.

copyright June 2016  Author Katherine Bright ND


“I wanted to write this book because I have been asked so many times for advice on how to cope with life when you are feeling broken, dis-empowered or discarded?  How does one go on when the soul is crushed?  I am not a psychologist, but I am an alternative health practitioner who provides support to many clients presenting with decent cases of “life”.

Life is a vast experience and for some it is upsetting, unsupportive or just plain confusing. I am not an expert on life, but I am considered by many to be an expert on spirit, connection and guidance in the spiritual-healing field.

Above all I am a person with life experience who has been both loved and abused.  Life is, by its very nature, a wild and chaotic ride of potential, a rainbow of colour and light, a playing field and a learning ground.  Life and all our soul existences lead us to the place of our now.  We are the frequency of our now.  The time has come for me to share some of my frequency experiences of life with you.   I do this in the hope that it will provide knowledge, common ground and support for those who need some help in mending their broken soul/minds.

You are not alone.  We all have baggage to shift.  I hope to help you to take some of the excess baggage out of your suitcase and provide ways to make your life an escalator which carries you along instead of a roller coaster which weaves and bucks.”

Love and light

Katherine Bright


Chapter One:         When your emotions break you.

Chapter Two:          The Narcissist  –
How to survive them with your self-esteem repaired

Chapter Three:        Miscarriage

Chapter Four:          Naturopathic Psychology.  Know your dis-ease

Chapter Five:            Living and thriving in changed environments

Chapter Six:              Exercises to help you get to know yourself better

  • Your practical workbook

Chapter Seven:       The philosophy of our evolutionary process

Summary and Conclusion:-

Chapter One (partial excerpt)

“Sometimes the incidents of life can be so traumatic that we barely recover from them in our conceptualisation of that reality.   What happened?  How did this situation occur in my life?  Am I really deserving of this type of abuse or malady?  We as people can invent our victim-hood in a way which prevents us from ever getting over any defined traumatic scenario.

Are you really in danger of suffocating in the emotions which occur when a trauma happens?  Are you really ever going to sink and die when you get upset beyond your coping mechanism’s capacity to help you to recover?

Well, yes, possibly.  You can find some scenarios in life so overwhelming that your soul, heart, psyche and sense of self wither, burn and die in a crescendo, over a traumatising experience.

Whether you feel abused, misunderstood, confronted, criticised, diminished, degraded or just plain ignored, you are a human with a heart and a soul of high light.  You have, inbuilt into you, all the tools you need to conquer the demons both internally presented and externally confronted.  By demons I mean the things and situations which confront us the most.

Your soul chose to come to this life with a predefined agenda and purpose.  It has the blueprint within it of your life and souls holistic potential.  You chose to come here to experience and to contribute to The One, Source or Universal paradigm that we call Life in this third dimensional reality.  You are a whole in an existence of many chaotic molecular structures.  Even within you, you move and vibrate, change frequency with thought.  You possess colonies of different bacterium who also vibrate at their own frequency of thought.  You are a universe even within yourself.

Where then do we take the time to recognise ourselves in the chaos of our experiences in this world?

Some people are beautifully zen in their temperaments and perceptions, guided by good parenting and heard from an early age.

Some are not so fortunate and have experienced abuse, neglect, cruelty and diminishment beyond what any child or adult should have to endure in any circumstance.  This is when love, in and of itself, becomes drawn into contention.  What is love?  Who is love?  Is love?

This is when we become suicidal, withdrawn, depressed, broken, questioning…………..ah the questioning!  Did you know that in the process of questioning you have the “get out of jail free card”?   Yes, because in the process of questioning you give yourself the time to evaluate.  If every thought you think has brought you to the place of your NOW, then every thought you choose to think from hereon in will provide you with your future.

Therefore, it is certainly in your best interests to take some time to dwell, not destructively, but constructively on what in your life needs to change.

When your emotions break you, it is a secret gift.   This may sound perverse, stupid or irrational to some, but it is the truth.  In all things love is the centre of this universe.  Positivity is your potential.  It is the road to these things for the broken mind, heart and soul which can sometimes feel ridiculous, unachievable and where sometimes experience teaches us that the potential of peace is unattainable.

I have personally endured many abuses over time.  I have found that each has contained a secret gift.  And in the gift there is a requirement to give.  Give yourself time, love, evaluation and consideration for change and peace.  Give yourself the gift of disassociation from the abuser.  Give yourself the opportunity to find new and healthy environments in which you may prosper.

When you are in the depths of despair it isn’t considered possible in the psychology to assume any position of empowerment, until you rest enough in the quiet place within despair where the television screen of your life experiences displays for you the program.

The television within despair can show you all the pictures and memories which hold you into the lock up stage of fear and disempowerment which have come from your conditioning and pain.

You are entitled to enlighten.  Yes.  Enlightenment isn’t about being a guru, disciple, religious or even spiritual in some cases.  What I hear you say?  Enlightenment doesn’t come with spirituality?  It depends on how much human ego lives in the spiritual perception.

No enlightenment comes from love, self-acceptance, uplifted thought and frequency which comes from travelling to your own inner core, accepting it and then you will hear the guidance of the spirit.

Enlightenment isn’t bought in a book, but it is books which may teach us if they are of a good quality frequency.  We can trust only our own experience of Source because for every thought which is relayed to you by anyone or anything else, you are experiencing second-hand.  To experience your truth, heart, self-acceptance; well that is spiritual enlightenment linked to God, Source, Love and Light.”
………………..  continued in the publication.

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Katherine Bright ND


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