Today I am performing an hour solo concert at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie.  I do this about three times per year and love it.  One of the great things about doing this is that donations are given to the Conservatorium of Music by the audience which goes to funding and repairing musical instruments for children whose parents cannot afford to buy them.

I named one of my cds The Joy Of Music because that is how I consider music to be.  Even sad music is joyful to me.  WHY?

Music is made up of frequencies as is colour.  Tone is a frequency as is thought.  Have you ever wondered why you become emotional in different ways when music is played.  It is because it stimulates you with tone, colour and frequency which holds the key to your emotional make up in every way.

You are a being of frequencies.  Everything that exists has a frequency.  If you look at the wave patterns of frequency you note there are deep and full waves and high and tiny waves.  Each frequency has a depth to it, an entrainment potential to take you toward it.  Therefore if you are listening to harsh, clanging frequencies of an erratic nature you will become irritated or angry. If you are listening to the tinkling of tiny bells you will become enchanted.  If you are listening to the minor chords you may become sad and if you are listening to the full harmonic tones of a gregorian chant you are likely to become meditative.

All music is capable of joy in some form.  Even the erratic tones may make you want to move and jump and let go of all the stress you are harbouring.  It is definately recommended however that you listen to music which enchants you and makes you happy, desiring movement or sleep.  These are the tones and colours of your make up.  These types of music will heal you.  Anything which gives you joy creates endorphins and this makes you tend toward balance and healing joy.

I make different styles of music to engender different emotions in people.  Some of my music is more classical and some of it is folk.  Some of it is rhythmic and all of it will give you an emotional impact.  When I perform songs of melody and feeling I will often find audience crying in a state of emotional bliss or an impact of memory.

That is the beauty of being a musician.  You are able to stimulate the healing of people’s emotions just by being yourself and expressing the innate nature of your own frequency out into an audience.  It is a gift and talent to be able to emote people.  I pride myself on doing this and love it so much.  I love to listen to music which stimulates me.  I love to dance.  Don’t you appreciate music which moves you, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Here is a link to my music page and I hope you are able to enjoy my music cds.  If you would like to sponsor my music you can purchase cds and mp3 downloads from amazon from this page.  You are also able to listen for free to much of my music on Spotify which is a platform you can use to listen to mp3s on the internet.

Something which people often take for granted is the expertise that musicians have.  They spend so much time practicing and learning their craft but are often not paid enough for their gigs, sponsored enough and can feel used when playing in restaurants to the sound of conversation and clanging cutlery.  Next time you are in a bar or restaurant, complement the performers if you like  their music. It gives them the understanding of appreciation.

Here are a couple of youtube clips of my performances for you to enjoy.     Enjoy the ballad    Enjoy the rocking music       Enjoy the childlike innocence, my original

You can check out my music website page and link to purchase if you wish on:-

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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“This week we are going to have a look at some fascinating science.  Quantum Teleportation.  This is something I find very interesting.  So as not to try to transfer the language I have found a fantastic article direct from the author who I credit here.   I think you will find this topic fascinating too.  Please enjoy your week, love each other and remember your thoughts can teleport you spiritually in all ways quantum.  As a healer I know how to be in other places at the same time as in my body intending.  By the intention of healing via Source we can see change in another’s fields, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically during a Theta Healing At All Levels healing consultation.  This is done by thought intention to another which shifts in their own fields and bodies.  It just gets more fascinating watching miracles happen in the physical every day.”


Two separate teams of scientists have successfully conducted the world’s first quantum teleportation outside of a laboratory. While the setup of both tests have variations, the conclusion is essentially the same: quantum teleportation is possible.


As fascinating as the image it conjures up, quantum teleportation is not the same as teleportation you see in psychic Pokémon, or what you see Scotty doing in Star Trek. Still, quantum teleportation has its own kind of coolness.

Simply put, quantum teleportation is a process of transferring quantum information from one particle to another without the actual particles meeting. It involves a principle called entanglement, where the quantum state of one particle can be instantly shared by another regardless of distance.

As the International Business Times succinctly explains:

Here’s how quantum teleportation works. Imagine, if you will, three people — Alice, Bob and Charlie. Alice wants to send information to Bob. In order to do so, she prepares a photon she wants to teleport and sends it to Charlie, while Bob entangles two photons and sends one of them to Charlie. When Charlie receives the two photons — one each from Alice and Bob — he carries out what’s known as a Bell-state measurement, which actually forces the two to become entangled. This, in turn, causes the photon Bob has to collapse into the state of Alice’s original photon, thereby teleporting quantum states between Alice and Bob, who can, in theory, be separated by a distance of miles.

Scientists have been playing around with the concept and testing it out in labs. In 1997, teleportation was tried at an 800-meter distance between two particles in the same lab. Then in 2012, the record was set at over 143 kilometers (88.8 miles), when the teleportation happened between two particles in two separate locations in the Canary Islands.

Since then, the possibility of conducting secure quantum teleportation in relatively uncontrolled areas has been explored, until quite recently when it was deemed possible.

Credits: Shutterstock
Image credit: Shutterstock/pixelparticle


Fast-forward to today. Two separate teams of researchers from Calgary, Canada and Hefei, China conducted the first “real world” quantum teleportation. The two teams managed to teleport using their city’s existing fiberoptic cables.

The Calgary team managed to send photons over a distance of about 6.4 km (4 miles), at a fast rate of 17 photons per minute. The Hefei team, on the other hand, teleported photons at a slower rate, but over a 14-km (9-mile) stretch. The Hefei team also batted a 50% average in correctly determining the photon state of the particles after teleportation, due to an added, time-consuming step in the process. The Canadians scored about 25%.

Researcher Wolfgang Tittel at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada believes that their setup could be more useful in enabling quantum communication between cities using aquantum repeater. Jian-Wei Pan at the University of Science and Technology of China, researcher from the Hefei team, believe that what is needed is just a central quantum computer to make urban quantum teleportation work.

Both tests, undoubtedly, are achievements. Johannes Kofler at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Munich notes that these “experiments can be seen as milestones on the path to a long-term goal, namely to build a fibre-based quantum internet connecting large cities.”

Quantum teleportation may also prove useful for a more secure data encryption. With entanglement, there would be no way for an outsider to read data moving along these quantum teleportation lanes. The findings of both teams were published in the journal Nature Photonics”.

References: New ScientistDiscover Magazine,International Business Times


20 Sept, 2016

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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The wonder of the human spirit and the poignancy of thought.  We are capable of so much if we will only break out of the mould of the constricted human thought. Freedom is a right and the universe is by itself a space of chaos and enormous potential.

I found a beautiful film I would like to share with you.  It doesn’t go too long but it challenges you to break out of the confines of structure and the constriction of human thought paradigms and into the wonder of the world of possibility, freedom and childhood innocence.

You are therefore you have a right to all experiences in this life.  You can be anything you set your mind to be.  Your mind after all will tell you exactly what it thinks you want to hear.

Please watch this link and enjoy something special and moving, liberating and full of the potential of changing your ways and supporting your childlike heart.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2016 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.




  1. 1.
    a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.
    “children with severe physical disabilities”

    synonyms: conditiondisorderafflictionailmentcomplaintillnessmaladydisease; More
  2. 2.
    a disadvantage or handicap, especially one imposed or recognized by the law.
    “the plaintiff was under a disability

Well that is the dictionary’s definition of the word Disability.

Disability comes in so many forms.  The standard thought is something that stops you from being able to do something or perform something which is considered commonplace or part of normal function.

Disability is something which can be seen in so many other forums in life.  I consider people who are unkind have a disability.  Where did they detach and remove that part of themselves they were born with, which included the innate kindness we expect to see in babies?

Babies are not usually born emotionally disabled.  Some may be born with disabilities of a mental/emotional/physical sort, but not a spiritual sort of disability.  We can have mental/emotional disorders making life difficult but we do not have spiritual limb amputations, only consequences thereof.

We may have a past life where we carry over an imprint into the now of something we have not resolved, which may be considered a behavioural imprint.  Perhaps we carry therefore, a spiritual imperfection, (if anything spiritual is considered imperfect?)  God thinks we are all perfect in our imperfections anyway.

Disability can be physical, involve painful physical symptoms and also emotional scars.  We can treat people who are physically disabled (for example people with cerebral palsy or other disorders which don’t mean mental retardation, but where the people look disabled to communicate) as if they are not part of our social conversation.  How disturbing must it feel to be ignored when your mind is active because you cannot speak, or you are considered lesser than because you are blind or deaf?

Dissability appears to me in the guise of prejudice, judgement and malice from overly arrogant people who will harm another without consideration.  That to me is a very serious disability which has become more common in a world of spiritual discord.

For me, to be kind is very able, whether your body is co-operative or not.  I have a couple of physical “disabilities” which people never notice.  I walk a bit “clunky” especially when I am tired as I had both my hips operated on when I was 17 years of age and had to learn how to walk again.  Unfortunately rehabilitation wasn’t offered in those days so I didn’t get help to stabilise my walking posture.  I am “normal” but just have an imbalance in my stride which you may or may not notice.  I have Pyrrole Disorder, which is a metabolic problem involving the overproduction of an enzyme called HPL on the red blood cells of the body.  This is a genetic disorder where I am unable to convert easily certain minerals from my food……mostly zinc, b6, magnesium, biotin and omega 6.  It doesn’t look like anything to anyone, but if I don’t take supplements I suffer the symptoms of deficiencies in these nutrients, for example if I ignore this, have lots of stress or forget to take supplements sometimes,  I get very tired, feel anxious and find myself in pain, especially muscularly.  Sometimes I don’t sleep so well because of this. but often when managed I feel on top of the world without any pain or problem and forget I have this.  No-one sees it so no-one understands it.  Therefore I don’t need to become attached to it.  If I had some part of my body missing then I would be under the eyes of scrutiny of the viewpoints of others.

When I was 21 I had a birth defect in the bone of my left shoulder operated on and corrected from which I have scar tissue.  This can affect my shoulder.  It can get tight and sore.  It isn’t a disability.  It is a memory for me but because my joints are hypermobile, I can strain easily and twist my back into scoliosis easily, requiring some corrective muscle therapies.  These are conditions I live with but not conditions I consider disabilities.  For some people they would be, depending on whether the mental state holds them dear or not.

So do I have a disability?  No.  I have experiences in my body/mind/spirit which teach me about the great personality I have including wonderful qualities I have to succeed.  I am so grateful that these experiences and conditions have taught me to be self-sufficient, compassionate to others, aware of life and aware to be kind in all situations where others find life tough.  

Let us face it, for some anger is a massive disability, as is grief and depression. We may look at alcohol and substance abuse as a disability of the heart as well as the brain chemicals.

As a society we need to be aware of the needs of others who tackle their lives whilst living with any form of disability.  Asking someone if they are ok is sometimes all that is needed to make them thrive, understanding that they are loved, accepted as themselves and someone cares enough to check they are ok.  Ignoring and suffering in silence isn’t the way to go for anyone, including our children who live in a world of virtual reality so often these days.  Communication and love are the keys to the disabilities of the heart.

So if you are living with a disability of any sort, whether diagnosed or felt, this is your time to shine, choose life and positivity and allow yourself to go out in pride for your personal achievements.  Notice yourself, your heart, your potential and give of that, no matter what you look like.  We all have gifts which do not appear on the outside as well.  Gift us with your smile and your knowledge, heart and wisdom.  You are enough and you are not rejected.

Here is a beautiful animated video on this subject and I hope it makes you think in a good way.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2016 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


Today I choose to laugh.  Today I am flying between one place and another communing with family and off to teach something I love.

And today I laugh!

Today I am choosing to be optimistic in all circumstances because the universe presents all things in a way which allows us to experience wonder and abundance.   It does this in ways we can interpret as peace or learning and stress.  Many facets.  Many ways.  Many opportunities exist in the nothing and the something of total existence.

Today I choose laughter as my medium of choice.  Today I will and am.   Today and in all ways I will be.

Ah that is such a relief.  I am allowed to laugh at all the idiocyncracies of human endeavour.  I can laugh at the freeways I drive on in the traffic.  I can laugh at my own insecurities and embrace them as gifts of a sensitive soul.  Today I embrace the forward movement in a very physical sense.  So today I am, I Be, I do and I Feel in such a lovely and accepting way.

Does this sound too esoteric for you?  Do you think you are different than me?  Do you think your opportunities to abundance are different to mine.  No.  We all have a different mind.  That is our difference.  If your mind agrees with mine we are both laughing now.  If your mind doesn’t we are not communicating from the same place but that is ok too.

You see today I choose not only laughter but the amazing rumble of the universe in its way of acknowledging all our differences as positive.  To be and heal is to not be challenged by the differences as much but to accept that all differences are opportunities to detach from judgement and co-exist with the other perception with an intense peace.

Today I Laugh!

If you need some help identifying what makes you happy, how to be abundant in this world, and if you want to visualise more, check out these links

Review my online courses too and help yourself to be your full potential.  See my website.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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