Is your well-being practitioner your healer/friend/confidant/clinician/expert/saviour/mirror?

Good question. Perhaps it is one aspect and perhaps it is another. Have you ever thought what your effect is on your practitioner? Most people are very self oriented when it comes to seeking out a service provider. They are not thinking so much about their effect on their practitioner but their gain by seeking out that practitioner.

From my perspective, I know both sides of that question. I am a practitioner and I seek out occasionally for a service I need.

Something I am very strict about when I seek out a practitioner is that I honour them. What does that mean?

First and foremost I will not abuse them by making appointments I do not keep. If I miss an appointment I will pay for it and apologise. Why? Because from the point of a practitioner I understand that their resources for personal well-being are finite and they will only be able to see a certain amount of clients. This means their income is limited to that number. If I miss an appointment I have removed that amount of income from them, I have taken a spot someone in need could have used and not to pay for this is in my opinion abusive.

I am surprised by some people who are self oriented enough not to recognise this. They see the person only from their own perspective. Is your practitioner your acquisition? If you forget you have an appointment for a consultation it doesn’t mean you didn’t make it. You have given away your interaction with the practitioner in that timeslot but it doesn’t mean you didn’t use it in actuality. Think of this as an ethical statement. Are you in integrity if you build up a relationship with a practitioner and then negate them to suit your own purposes? Wow, incredulous!

This is the other side of practice. Most practices have a policy that you will be charged if you do not attend your appointment without notice of cancellation prior. That is fine but if the person concerned does not agree to pay it involves a negative energy commencing.

If a client misses their appointment with me as a healer, I will always send them a healing during the time. Energy sent as a blessing without violation of their personal space. This is because my clients become in so many ways closer to me because of the sharing of personal stories which I am confidential and sacred about for them. I usually know they don’t mean to miss the appointment but have gotten confused and I will receive in the majority of circumstances a huge thank you for taking that time to remember them and to not charge them the missed appointment fee without providing them their booked energy in return. It is a grace.

I rarely have missed appointments because I am usually booked ahead and clients know it might be a while before they can get an appointment. So courtesy for me is to send them the healing and I find that 99% of people will forward me the payment because they honour the relationship. Then there is the 1% that make you feel abused because their attitude is self-serving and negating. They may not reply to your email re the missed appointment. They may resent paying a missed appointment fee. They have received a free healing at your expense, but interestingly I find Creator will retract the energy automatically when the person doesn’t honour the energy of their booking. I may spend the time sending but it has been wasted. Not my stuff but an interesting observation that the universe takes care of it automatically. I suppose it is the law of attraction at work in practicality. I know I have provided something then as a free service and am satisfied that my heart is in the right place.
You lose a relationship with them as a client at that point because they are not honouring themselves in their true potential in fact, so you detach as you must in integrity, to spend your time on providing light to your client list with room for someone who is really working on their own life in a positive way.

I never attach to a client, but I am there for them in integrity. Clients go where they feel best served and when one leaves it is time for them to do that. That is normal. You offer grace to their departure and hope they find light with their next practitioner.

Your job is done with them at that point because they will then seek the next step on their journey with their mirror in tact.

I love my job. I love helping others. I respect my clients and to receive respect is therefore assured in most cases. And you know what? When a client doesn’t respect their practitioner’s heart space and good spiritual practice, it is time to let them go.

Practitioners, respect yourselves, set healthy boundaries and know that in the light of all that is, you deserve the mirror of your own intentions. Be free to pray in grace and know that you are enough. Peace after all is the human goal in our universe of love.  

Please bless in your new year of 2017 to be your best self, honouring your forward movement is a joyful and positive abundance of new possibilities.  

love and light
Katherine Bright

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Namaste dear ones!   Merry Christmas to you all and may you be blessed with a wondrous life full of fulfilling experiences over this spiritual time.  And to benefit even more it is suggested you avoid the shops and find nature as your playground!

Kim, my son Isaac and I are performing at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie today for a Christmas Concert.  Isaac is 15  years old and will be playing the piano for me singing Imagine by John Lennon.  It is his first performance of this type so it is exciting and nerve wracking also for him.  Kim and I are singing and performing some songs along with other performers to entertain at a Community Concert Lunchtime Recital before Christmas.  These are hosted for us at The Glasshouse weekly as an incentive where we donate our time to provide donation funds from the audience to supply and repair musical instruments for children who cannot afford them.  It is a Merry Christmas philanthropy from us all.

And now for some thoughts on Christmas and God……

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

You can lead Mohammed to the mountain but you cant take the mountain to Mohammed.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The above are some of the sayings the human group consciousness lives by.  Are they helpful or are they not in the scheme of changing our paradigms and moving forward with new and wondrous thoughts?  In some way they all speak of not forcing but of flowing.  They can speak of our possibilities or our avoidances.  

In my life I have benefited in so many ways from obtaining my answers directly from source and avoiding human opinions.   I think this is one of the most pressing reasons I have taught my workshops and been a messenger.  It is because I think people deserve to receive their advice from Source/Creator/God first before a human gets a chance to interpret it from their own limited mind or knowledge.  

I teach people to converse with God.  It is my passion to empower.  As Creator/God/Source told me when I was first asked to develop Theta Resonance At All Levels workshops and teach them…….”Where There Is Empowerment There Is No Fear”  and so my modality was born from this statement and mission.  

If you would like to know more about ways to also speak directly to Source/Creator/God, please contact me.  I teach selected students personally, one on one to develop them to their full potential.  This isn’t suitable for everyone but particularly helpful for some.  Those whose passion it is to follow their spiritual enlightenment find a way to my door.  If they feel right, I will agree to teach them.  I rely on advice directly from Source if I am to be the one who will be their teacher.  It doesn’t have to be me, but if it is to be me your integrity and soul purpose will be in tune and we will both know.  It only comes from a common purpose in the universe if it is right and integrous.

You can also look at my website and even take an online course in your own time to learn the skills in the comfort of your own home and I am there with audios to walk you through your personal and spiritual growth to connection.

 Here is a link if you want to explore more about that avenue of communication with our wondrous Source.”



Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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I think one of the things which affects me most deeply is seeing, feeling or witnessing on the media a child in distress in any form.

It breaks your heart and you want to rescue each one of them. You want to cry out to the politicians and the war mongers to stop and love.

It makes you pray and set your intention to do what you can. We all have a responsibility to care for the innocent ones who will some day run this planet.

We have a duty of care to look after those who cannot defend themselves. We have a duty of humanity to report abuses and not to be fearful of repurcussions to ourselves.

Source provides for all those who will benefact the innocent. I do hope that each one of us can take responsibility to care for someone who has been violated or neglected in some purposeful way.

Listening to those in need, being present to someone in pain and not negating it. These are helpful ways to restore faith for someone who has been abused or ignored. Please remember that for every act of kindness you display, someone’s life and self-esteem could be saved!

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Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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Here is a link to an amazing set of stories of people who remember absolutely everything that has ever happened to them.  Scientists say this cannot exist.


I have a personal anecdote of this sort of memory.   My own Opa (grandfather) in Belgium, whom I first met when he was 92 years of age, had a photographic memory, as our family called it.

I remember meeting him when we travelled to Europe from Australia when I was 19 years of age.

My brother, mother and I visited my OPA at the aged care home in which he lived.  He showed us his room and we had a version of conversation of broken Dutch and broken English which was wonderful.  My OPA did something amazing.  He kept a diary all his life of facts.  His weather diary showed what temperature (maximum and minimum) it was in the morning and evening for the whole of his life.  When asked he could quote you the exact temperature on any given date we chose.  He was always correct.

I remember having a selection of different currencies from our travels.  Deutch marks, dutch guilders, australian dollars and french francs.  My brother and I were trying to convert the different currencies we had in change on his table into Australian Dollars so we knew how much money we had left to spend on our holiday.   We were fussing about with the exchange rates of the day.  My OPA asked us what we were doing and we explained.  Then he did something amazing!

He flicked through the pile of difference currency coins on the table, mentally calculating with his finger as he went.  It took only half a minute and his calculator brain then quoted us a figure in Australian Dollars.  Apparently every day he also looked at the stock market and as this was 1979, and there was no Euro in those days, he memorised each days conversion rates.

My brother and I wrote down the amount, and in a way thought we were humouring this old man because we were not used to his amazing mind capacity.  We assumed he might be wrong as he was so rapid in his reply to us.  When we got home the figure was exact to the cent on the days conversion rate!!!!!!!!!   I will never forget how proud I was to be part of this man’s family.  Myself and my children have inherited versions of this memory capacity but I think this was phenomenal.  My OPA lived to 100 years of age and he continued to run the biggest flour mill in Europe until he was in his 80’s.

Remember we all have our DNA inheritances and talents to look into and discover.  I hope you enjoyed this story and have found something valuable in the amazing human brain stories I share today.


See my website below for further information on what could be on offer through my workshops and products.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Christmas.  The silly season.  Deck the hall with bows of holly and drink mead, kiss under the mistletoe and give and receive presents.

That is the expected norm of our western Christmas season.  Some people go to church to celebrate Jesus and some people don’t.  Some people have family and some people don’t.  Some people love Christmas and spend the few months before this day decorating their house and garden with ornaments, a tree, christmas lights, planning meals, events and festivities.  Some people live on the street and hope to have a meal, find shelter and safety in a troubled existence which finds Christmas an enormous challenge in loneliness and lack of community and abundance.

Whatever your Christmas season is going to be it is the best interests of all of us if we learn to share our optimism, abundance and grace with others.  Any others!

Who are you and what can you do this Christmas to make the world a better place?  We can feel powerless to make change.  What will Syria be experiencing this Christmas?  Who will be left to make change in the current political atmosphere?  Will there be any buildings left after the bombardmet?  Is Christmas relevant religiously or politically anyway in Syria?  This scenario isn’t isolated on this blue planet is it?

Compassion is the gift we can give to all of humanity from our little space to anywhere we wish.   We can give it in the form of gifts and money, smiles, food,  activities and games shared, music and any form of light frequency of prayer that is our personal choice.  After all Christmas is about giving isn’t it?  Even the stores will extol that message to all that will hear it for two months before the big day.

I will give you thought for Christmas.  Check out this link and think of the isolated, elderly and lonely who just want to know someone cares and that they are not irrelevant in their old age.


I will give you peace in my prayers for you.  This newsletter comes in time for you to think and choose your philanthropic gift to give and post to someone who might feel left out perhaps.

Love and light till next week and please check out my website also in case something I offer may be a present for someone you cherish.  I hope to make a difference in this world too.  I pass on my profits to fund many things including my free weekly radio program on www.newsforthesoul.com  

Your purchases help to fund projects along the way which help others too.  That is my gift to you.

See my website below for further information on what could be on offer.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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