Oh the joy of babies.  All sorts of babies!  Baby people and baby animals.  But oh there is something so luscious about a cute baby animal’s fur and potential chubbiness.  I love the way they lick and chew your fingers, hug you with their funny little paws or mitts or whatever shape they take, and give you lovely looks with their innocence and truly accepting eyes.  Well that is not always true of baby reptiles, but it is of the warm blooded ones.  I love turtles, and even baby snakes,  especially the non venomous varieties.

Babies are just joy!  All babies have an accepting innocence which makes one remember what it must have been like before the world caught up with us in all its teaching experiences.

People do not always serve their grown up animals with as much unconditional love as they personally receive from them.  People, being the shallow animals we can sometimes become, may tire of their pets when the cute baby stage is done and the animal is not a source of fascination any more.  That is the saddest side of human nature and one we have control over.  If you have a pet, take some time to speak with it lovingly, cuddle it and make it understand that it is loved by you as much as it loves you in fact.

I teach people to speak with the higher self of their animals.  Both Kim and I medium people with their departed pets and also speak with their live ones as an intermediary.  Here is a link to my online courses which can teach you to speak with source and learn the communication skills, and then the next one which specifically teaches you how to communicate with and heal any sort of animal that is on the Earth.  Once you have mastered the skills in the first module you will be issued a password to take the advanced areas of animal communication.  Here is a review from some of my students on this course.


“Hi Katherine

Have completed this course and I must say that it was even more than I expected.
Even though I found it hard to do this course on line as I am a face to face person, the course structure and especially your audio tapes made it very easy…..
The fact of knowing that the connection is there and actually experiencing it has given me immense joy and a profound peace..Now with the tools from this course and your guidance am looking forward to the daily practice and mastery of this truly wonderful gift.
I am looking forward to the next course (when you think I am ready) and in continuing this journey with you.
Thank you so much”..        Dana Brovedani

“Loved this!! The way you explain the connection process, how to connect to an animal and the blue light filter makes it so easy to understand. Love the audio and visual together. I really had a lot of fun doing the exercises. It was really wonderful for me to go back to basics again, a great refresher for me and has actually rebuilt my confidence. A refresher for me on many levels.” ~Jane Gorton

So now to make your day, here is a wonderful link to some baby animals videos for you to enjoy.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Visual Stress is something often undiagnosed which can cause you many symptoms including headaches.  Migraines can be attributable to the brain trying to cope with visual stress in some cases.

DVS as Dyslexia and Visual Stress is categorised, may appear differently from one person to another.  You might find a good optometrist is able to diagnose you correctly if you feel you have this condition.

You might have a terminology of Visual Dyslexia given which is a small part of Visual Stress.  Whatever your symptoms though this can be an annoying and distressing condition.  If you know how to tackle it it can be well managed.  There are different thoughts but coloured lenses is one of those solutions a good optometrist might prescribe to alleviate your symptoms.

With DVS there is a hyperactivity and interference in the visual area of the brain.  This may spread to other areas of the brain and can result in a wide range of possibly seemingly disconnected symptoms.  Some of these symptoms may appear strange to others and may differ in severity to the next person.

And confusingly enough the symptoms can change a bit over time and during stages of one’s life due to brain changes which occur as you age.  Added to this there is the visual changes in light absorption by the cornea and the crystalline lens of the eye.

I am no expert in this field, however most branches of medical and allied health fields have been noted to not accept that this phenomena may be real and does in fact exist and hamper many people.  Many people are living with this condition but are undiagnosed and unaware, except of the inconvenience of the symptoms.

Here are a list of the symptoms you may experience if you have Visual Stress and or Visual Dyslexia:-

1.  Do you lose your place or skip words whilst reading?
2.  Do you have troule recognisisng or spelling words that you have previously learned?
3.  Do you reverse your letters or numbers?
4.  Do you forget often what you have just read?
5.  Bright Lights or glare annoy your eyes and sometimes they even trigger headaches/migraines or seizures?
6.  Does writing go blurry and merge or move around after a while, including changing size or shape?
7.  Untidy or unusual handwriting?
8.  You feel sleepy after you read?
9.  Do you get dizzy or vertigo or nausea while you are reading or after reading?
10. Have you started avoiding reading?
11. Do you read very slowly?
12. Do computer screens or reading give you a headace or migraine?
13. Blurry vision either far or close?
14. You may have a restricted field of vision when reading …that is you only see a few letters at a time?
15.  You may have experienced hallucinations or continue to do so?

Well there are some symptoms which you may have some or all of if you suffer from DVS.  

If you do find that you have a significant number of the above symptoms I suggest you source an optometrist who deals with Visual Stress and see if you can have a prescription to deal with it.

On an energetic level, there will be emotional and spiritual stressors which may also be contributing to visual disturbances.  These can be things like pressure, dischord, argumentative environments, chemical/pollution in your vicinity, not wanting to deal with something you are having trouble perceiving a solution to and therefore your vision may be affected.  We all have trouble sometimes acknowledging the things we find difficult to see or cope with.

Blessings on your vision quest!

Namaste, and happy praying, blessing and being.

I would suggest you check out this link for a hypnosis mp3 which will certainly help you to recover your health and balance yourself:

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Would you assume you understand your real feelings?  Ponder this!  You believe you want to be free to do whatever it is you wish and hope for.  You try and fail and then do not understand why, so you feel really unaccomplished or a failure instead of a person who tried something which didn’t work out so you adopt resiliance to optimistically try something else and persist.

The second would be the reaction from someone who has never been called a failure and taken it to heart.  The first would be the reaction of someone who has taken to heart as their subconscious real feelings, a criticism or a pronouncement of failure and re-inforces that feeling within themselves as proof of their need to be condemned.

This happens in different ways to different people depending on their topic, circumstances, belief systems and conditionings.  Some people thrive in adversity and feel their truth tells them they can cope, whilst others feel completely overwhelmed with the savagery of the experience, crush and crumble.   

If you are told when you are a child that you are enough, repeatedly reinforced as being so and held in a high esteem, you will never fail at anything, only learn from experiences that did not work.

If you are the subject of derision, criticism, lack of support or abuse, you are more likely to feel confronted by your surroundings and the people you come up against.  You will have the tendency to fall back on old belief systems which have proven your difficulties and not know how to accept yourself unconditionally.  That is a skill you have not been taught.  Rejection is a skill or quality you have been taught to acquire, even of yourself.

How do you make changes to be a healthy human being with real honest feelings that you can manage and encompassing the capacity to support yourself no matter what happens to you or around you?

Firstly it is the art of quiet time to gift yourself with contemplation and compassion.  The roundabout of self-recriminations will not support a healthy ego or define you with trust and self-recognition.  Therefore stop, smell the roses for a minute and recognise yourself as ok.  If you take the time to think, not react you will be able to respond more consciously to your actual situation instead of responding on rote to a conditioned feeling or belief system.

Meditate and think.  Where were you taught you were not enough, rejected, abandoned or unworthy?  Those are the initial experiences upon which we build our self belief.   Babies usually arrive happily in expectation of a great reception.  If they don’t get one, then that is the first experience of rejection and lack of being enough to satisfy the parent.  So life then compounds that belief with a series of interactions which define the subconscious core beliefs.  What we believe are our true and real feelings, may in fact be the reception you received and the reactions or feelings of another person, but which imprinted you to believe they were your own.  This can even come from past life imprints and behaviours you have carried over with your everlasting soul journey into this body.  These can be matrixed into your genetic when your soul arrives into the genetic body.  Perhaps you had unfinished learnings so you have carried over a mission to complete here in this lifetime?  

Whatever the reason, your subconscious and your conscious mind are two different sources of action and inaction.  What you feel are your real feelings may be just learnings to complete and differentiate in your journey to empowerment.

Remember what Creator told me “Where there is empowerment there is no fear”.  We are all here to empower and enlighten ourselves and everything around us.  Therefore it is your job here to discover the things which support you so you can prosper and support your surroundings.  

I suggest in this journey of self-discovery you use all the tools you have at your disposal in this world to assist you with a journey that can be made so much easier by using them.

Namaste, and happy praying, blessing and being.

Please check out my website for tools to help your forward movement to love, light and support. Some of these will be music, books, hypnosis and meditation mp3s and cds which guide you lovingly to resolve subconscious blocks while you are safely in control.     There are online courses and workshops, Instant blessings when you need a quick healing lift.  Please explore my site and feel free to book a one on one consultation to help you quickly define areas which need clearance and healing.  I am an expert on resolving these accurately for you.  You do deserve to be healed and not have to carry your burdens life-long.  After all your real feelings are precious, yours alone and should be respected.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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So here we are in a New Year and we still have the same headlines.  I have a huge hope that our prayers are changing the blueprint of this planet to one of compassion, love, light and peace at last.  I pray daily for this in a very positive way.  I use my skills as a master healer to support the Earth’s blueprint for humanity, not to be pessimistic at the changes, or lack thereof we witness now in our haste to condemn everything we feel hopeless about.  

I see the atrocities we are so used to ignoring.  Who really cares about the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt except for possibly her and her husband.    For me there are much more pressing concerns on this planet.  I pray for a much less superficial and social-media driven gossiping world.  I pray that humanity will be less impressed by the superficial and mediocre and more impressed with headlines outlining good works in the name of peace and integrity.

If someone loses their possessions it can be hugely disproportionate depending on their geographical location and circumstances.  Losing a 12 million dollar ring which is insured, or losing your last piece of clean food to the dirt.   That really does put it in perspective doesn’t it?

I am totally unimpressed with showiness without an integrity for the light to prevail.  I see no point except to teach humanity what it doesn’t need in the scantily-clad, cosmetic surgery evidenced in many popular publications and movies.    What I like is a good bit of real and intergrous emotion shown in a tasteful way with a solution presented that we can all really contemplate.  I love a compassionate display of giving.  I love the sites on our social media which show positivity, integrity, philanthropy and have a disregard for the harm and gossip that the savage or lesser intellect will value.

Poverty isn’t always about money.  It can be about class.  You cannot buy that.

Hope for a better world and the thoughts you have will follow into the group consciousness with every positive thought you can create.  You are not helpless amongst the headlines of sadness and gloom.  Use each upset you see as an opportunity to ask the universe for resolve and change of what we are prepared to tolerate on this planet.  Say no I won’t choose ignorance or avoidance of the headlines.  I will choose to send light to them.  Each one of us can do that. Envisage a blessing of rainbow light and thought project it to any cause you wish to prosper and any situation you wish would resolve for the better in light.   

Remember to breathe in every time you breathe out.  Why?   Because if you don’t you die.  Strange thing to say you might think.  But we do this every day without understanding that to give and not receive is an imbalance of energy.  Air is life-force energy.  

If you over-possess, stress, punish, dominate or criticise you hold your breath.   Anger is holding out the life-force in a stagnancy which leads to liver dysfunction, heart dysfunction etc.  Often anger is a cry for help and a shout that we haven’t received somehow and we are mightily displeased about that, often enough to punish another. The small wars and the big wars are often about the unequal energies of give and receive, ownership and lack, the opposite side of the coin so to speak.  Revenge is an ugly mirror full of consequences.

If you breathe in and out slowly enough, all things which are out of balance take on a clarity.  You learn to take the time to perceive.  To do this is to receive.  This clarifies a disordered energy and so the perception again is allowed some time to consider itself.  This is compassion for the self,  and it will lead to compassion for others, less revenge and violence and a perception of love and peace as a possibility.

Do not  use the sentence “what can I do about it?”  That is such a cop out.  Use the positive in any sentence.  “What can I do about it?”  Take a chance on using your empowerment instead of your fear and prosper your surroundings in every little way you can all the time.  

You breathe in remember, so you won’t get too tired to do it.  You create little holidays of energy-replenishment every time you slowly breathe in, clarity of perception and hope become possibilities in your creative self.  Therefore you will create a different environment around you and teach humanity it is possible.

Namaste, and happy praying, blessing and being.

Please check out my website for tools to help your forward movement to love, light and support.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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