As humanity progresses on this planet, we seem to be having a large segment of the population who have become excessively focused on the profit at any expense mentality.  This is so below the possibility of human consciousness in the greater scheme of our universal plan.

Human beings have degenerated our planet at such a rate that it is almost impossible to have contemplated this only a few hundred years ago.  We are destroying rainforests, landscapes, rivers and oceans with practical disregard at an astounding rate.  Species are becoming extinct at an enormous rate.  What are we doing?!!!!!!

Why do we think we are immune?  Humanity is considered a scourge by Mother Earth in some places instead of a functioning proportion of an intelligent species, placed here to respect and function in integrous unity with all other species.

Many humans have become consciously aware.  Indigenous tradition respects and supports the breath of this planet of ours.  Yet as the enlightened and prosperous races continue to deny the simple energetics by which we are bound, the Earth suffers and our resources diminish.

We are finite, not infinite as a species and as a planet.   The time it takes us to die is really in our hands.  Denying climate change doesn’t change it.  Politicians cannot dictate how the Earth reacts except by condoning the use or lack thereof of force or chemicals.  Respect is being lost as it is replaced by greed and acquisition, prestige or consumerism.

Let us all pray for some commonsense to prevail and sustainable practice to be part of the common mindset in all races and places on our beautiful planet.  

Please take the time to watch this link.  It is one upsetting, but to me incredulous aspect of denial we are currently experiencing.  Eloquently and succintly put,  Robert Kennedy Junior speaks in fact about the Dakota Pipeline in the USA.  This is a prime example of lack of integrity and commonsense in profiting financially at  the expense of human welfare.  The Hopi Indians have a profesy about the Black Snake you may also look up on google which has been linked by the indigenous to this pipeline.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts which make you distressed in the witnessing of these topics, please see this link which may have tools to help you.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Dreams are amazing.  They demonstrate not only what our sub-conscious is thinking but they act as a filing and sorting system on the conscious mind also.  

There are different types of dreams.

There are the dreams of prophesy which can be fulfilling and scary at the same time.  These dreams are ones where you know something is about to happen and you are sure you are getting an advanced replay on something which hasn’t yet happened but is about to.

Some dreams are sorting of baggage.

These are the dreams where you replay in your head a million times a scenario.  Sometimes the scenario has different scenes but the players may recur.  Often this happens because the mind is trying to relegate its experiences into an order of priority of consciousness.  If we think we have dealth with a person well, we will find resolve and happiness occurs in our dreams to show our mind we are ok.  If we haven’t been able to resolve a persona or set of circumstances, we can find triggers will resurface a dream scenario as our mind tries to handle it when we are asleep.  This is the subconscious mind attempting to shuffle and show us our baggage.

Electrically we dream differently I have found.  Some people dream in colour and most in black and white.

The widespread belief exists that REM (Rapid Eye Movement) exists mainly to process memories of the preceding day’s events during dreams    Dr Maurice is a scientist who believes it is only so the cornea receives oxygen during sleep as the eyelids flutter.  

 Eyelids flutter the moment your brainwaves hit the Theta Brainwave, such as in performing energetic healing and when you are under hypnosis.  Also this fluttering of REM  happens when you dream and sleep.

Another scientist Dr Hobson descrives dream response thus……. To Hobson, dreams are reactions to random nervous system stimuli, which the brain “interprets” as bizarre images and other sensory hallucinations. “The activation-synthesis hypothesis,” he asserts, “assumes that dreams are as meaningful as they ca n be under the adverse working conditions of the brain in REM sleep. The reason that dream content often seems disoriented or bizarre is because the activated brain-mind does its best to attribute meaning to the internally generated signals of the brain.”

Sciencetech magazine posted this in a UK Daily Mail article …….”Pensioners tend to dream in black and white, while young people dream in colour. Research has shown that once we reach our 60s, just one person in five has bright-coloured, vivid dreams; in contrast, as many as four in five experience them under the age of 30.Jul 20, 2011″

I think if you are needing some time to dream, you are overworked and overwhelmed and i need of some you time.  For all of us dreaming shows us what we crave or what we have in some way present in our lives currently.

Recently I performed with the cast of Meander Down Broadway in Port Macquarie.  The song I sang in duet with Bethany Cook was “I Dreamed A Dream”  It is such a poignant reflection of dashed dreams and hopes from Les Miserables.

I am posting it here for you to reflect and enjoy.  My dream has always been to do God’s work which I do in my sleeping times.  I also dream of music, frequency and tones in healing and musical pieces.  Here is my dream of singing in action.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Stress is something we all have to live with.  It is part of our everyday life in one form or another.  Stress  can be something very overwhelming, like an event or a traumatic incident.  Stress can be chronic, like living in a bad marriage or with people with whom you have nothing in common.

Stress is insidious.  We grow with our stress if we are not conscious of it mentally and spiritually.  Meditation is a fantastic stress buster.  So is consciousness.  Being aware of your everyday reactions and responses, tendencies, likes and dislikes can help you to overcome stressful situations.  

It is possible to be consciously aware enough to release yourself from those things which make your life stressful.  Sometimes it takes guts and determination to break moulds of conditioning.  It can also be a fact that you are in denial of stress and see it as inevitable, thereby condoning it in your life.  This is very dis-empowering in thought and action.  There are ways to manage stress.

Here are some of the ways in which you may return happiness to your day and sleep-time.

Stop and evaluate your routine.

Make constructive changes where you can, one thing at a time.  For example if you don’t get enough sleep, set your alarm to tell you it is bedtime a half hour earlier so you remind yourself to head to bed.  Your body clock will allow you little changes like this gradually enough that you won’t notice it so much.

Be prepared for change

Change can be one of the most stressful things you may have to deal with in life.  Moving house, break up of relationship, new school year begins, a new workplace, a change of friendships, someone you love dies.

Negotiate your changes in bite-size chunks if you can and plan for success and ease and grace to be part of your optimistic viewpoint.  Say yes to change and stop fighting it. This minimises stress hugely.  

Hang out in supportive situations

Make sure you have friends who are constructive and be grateful around them.  Allow yourself to be who you are and you will attract those people and situations toward yourself by default. It is very stressful if you feel you are not enough and are rejectable or abandoned.  You are enough so demonstrate yourself to the world by knowing you deserve support.

Thrive to be alive

Gratitude and optimism are gifts from God.  Use them and cultivate them.  Get excited and if you aren’t excited about your life and you believe it is always stressful, start doing some self-help awareness meditations or hypnosis, seek out a group or club that makes you laugh, read good material that inspires you and listen to happy music to relieve the doldrums that you are wedged into in this routine of the everyday stressors.    You cannot blame anyone else for your choices, and you don’t punish yourself if you find you made the wrong ones.  Who does that serve?  No-one.  so thrive to be alive and understand you are worth change for less stress in your life and abundance to exist.

Remember in all things, you are alive on this planet and that is the way it is.  You can choose healthy ways or you can choose stressful ways.  No matter your circumstances you can choose YOU!

If you feel you would like more insight on your stress blocks, please feel free to consult with me or my husband Kim in clinic consultations and get the support you need to move forward in ease and grace, recognising where and how to make change and support a well-being filled life, managing your stress constructively.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2016 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.