After last weeks newsletter about enjoying yourself I sent a link of it to Brothers 3 whom I mentioned in the newsletter.  They are such a talented brothers music group and guess what?  I received a personal message on facebook thanking me for doing a blog and mentioning them.  They were really very, very happy about it and that made my heart feel very good.  It is a nice thing to make your life occur full of wonderful experiences.

This week I thought about my health and how it is important to count your body in on the experience of your life with a real respect. So I thought I would give you a link on the detox protocol I have found which is just amazing.  I may have mentioned it before but I love it so much I put a link for it on my website and decided to promote it.  It is made by the exclusive Amrita Spa in Thailand from wonderful and very interesting ingredients.  Quite the exotic way to detox in my opinion.

I’ve got to recommend it to you as the easiest detox protocol I have ever encountered. I did this detox myself and fell in love with it. Weight loss was easy and I had way more energy. Check it out on this link.

Their ingredients are first class and very healthy, plus you eat normal meals.

Blessings and please do yourself a favour by trying it. It is the real deal!

Making your life count means enjoying, respecting, inspiring and servicing your best self and potential.  Looking after yourself therefore is a part of that.

Enjoy pursuits like art and music, bushwalking, drinking plenty of water  Hey you could quit sugar all together like I have and invent new recipes that rock!  I did.  I don’t miss it and I don’t go without.  It’s amazing how less inflamed and stressed you feel when you don’t eat sugar!

Well till next week.  Be your best friend.

Remember to check out the detox website link.  There’s plenty of information about it there. It’s a great gift to service your body, not just your car.

 love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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Kim and I have recently had the best time enjoying ourselves.  We took a week off at the beginning of the year and did things we enjoyed.

We read books, ate good food and did walks and laughter was a premium.

We saw a fantastic concert by Brothers 3 which was free at Panthers Club in Port Macquarie.  It was such a fun night.  Those three brothers have amazing harmonies and play guitars brilliantly.

Such a fun night was had by the audience and it was obvious in the banter that the boys were really enjoying themselves.

When we look at what living is all about, it is primarily for us to enjoy life.  Why else would we be here but to love and to live well.  All our processes are built for us to learn how to be the fullness of our being in love and laughter.

If you want to enjoy yourself you need to be in integrity to yourself.  Do something you love and you will enjoy yourself.

Being in the moment and not always pre-planning life can bring you  the joys of great wonder and spontaneity.  I love life.

Even when I am down I know it is only a matter of time till I can find something to enjoy.  It could be giving,  it could be playing music or creating art.  It could be chatting to my family or friends or watching a comedy on TV.  

Above all, remember that to enjoy yourself is something of value in this world because if you are optimistic it rubs off on everyone around you, including yourself!

love and light

Katherine Bright ND

Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


Well now that is a question!  Here we are already into 2018 and it is the time of making plans, changes, re-evaluations of our process and thoughts.

Where to next?  I don’t really know.  2017 was such a huge year for many of us.  It was a year of facing up to much of our genetic conditionings and working out what we personally want from our lives.  It has been a time of realisations for many including myself.  What do I want to do next?

Often I am asked the question of where to now? It is a question which often occurs when one is in transition. Transition is a time of change.  It is a time of perhaps altering our previously held dear patterns and taking chances onchange.

Family and work/life balance is important.  Money and survival are important in some ways and not others.  Nerves are important in some ways and not others.  What do I mean by this?

Well you can have more than enough money and live on your nerves because you have no balance in your home/work life.

You can be struggling financially and find your home life has never been better because suddenly you concentrated on the miniscule in your life and relationships and re-evaluated in a different way.  You see we all process very differently.  What is important to some is completely irrelevant to the wants and needs of others.

So therefore this year 2018 is about making your forward pathways in the way in which you wish to go forward.
That is the important message of 2018.  You have an enormous astrology positive forward pathway right now as you are reading this.  It enables you to go forward in abundant ways.

My advice is to take the lessons learned in 2017 and plan your 2018 accordinly.  Be your own best friend and only do what is good for you.  Namaste dear friend.

Hugs and may your 2018 forward vision boards be amazing.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND

Copyright © 2018 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


I came across this youtube clip of a man who was born without arms and legs. He is totally dependent upon his foster mum and carers and yet he has a wonderful attitude. His life is hard in so many ways and he needs persistence and a positive attitude to get by.

When we look at our lives we are often stuck by a sense of lack and wonder for our future. I wonder what this man can teach us?

His carer is amazing. A woman now in her mid 70’s in Germany and able to lift him up and down. He is 27 years old now and she took him in with her family when he was little.

What dedication some people have to others! Be thankful for your life and know that when it comes down to our true potential, our true potential is LOVE.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND

Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.