I decided to provide you with a FREE   video class link today that I presented on the Learn It Live platform in 2016.  It is a really helpful video about how you can cope with isolation and stress and gives you lots of tips.

As well as this there is a free hypnosis recording called “Destressing and Pain Relief”

  If you wish to purchase this meditation again for yourself at full sound quality for friends or for yourself, you can do so at the original mp3 recording download page below

I hope you enjoy the recordings and you find them helpful.

I hope you enjoy the free video class.


It is also important for mental health and wellbeing that you keep your body healthy as possible and clear out stagnation.  Support the body.
Here’s a link for detoxing yourself so you can start healthier in body and mind

Until next week

 love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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                                             Photograph Copyright Katherine Bright.    Katherine at the Tall Trees Tasmania

Watching the way society has become so full of consumerism is sometimes very disturbing.  Nothing is deemed not expendable almost…….oh yes including our Earth and our commonsense perhaps!

We’ve gotten to the point where it is now the responsibility of every individual to recycle, reuse and notice when we are wasteful or pollutiing.  The earth deserves our respect and we cannot be ostriches anymore, burying our heads in the sand about our consumer tendencies.

It is easy to want the latest gadget, furniture, item, fashion.  Do we know how and where our items are manufactured?

Changing our ways doesn’t have to be traumatic or throwing the baby and the bathwater out, but we can start small and grow better at it.

Plant your own vegetables.  You don’t need much space.

Turn your lawn or land into an oasis of diversity and plant edible plants instead of ornamentals.

Learn to use some practical herbal remedies instead of pharmaceuticals.

Walk a bit more and use petrol a lot less if possible….ie carpool to school or work.  Plan your trips to go on a sensible multi-tasking route on a certain day and complete your job lists and shopping in a shorter, more time-efficient way.

Wear warmer or cooler clothing instead of using electricity wherever you can.

Re-cycle a tank full of water for the garden.

Encourage the kids to go outside and play instead of using the playstation all day.  Can netflix and use tv for special occasions or purpose watching only.

Share time in nature, walking, bbqing, socialisinig at the beach.

Use organic natural based sunscreens and lotions, garden fertilisers etc.

Clean the house without usiing bought products.  Cheap, easy and amazing.

Get rid of round up!!!!!!!!!  Bloody toxic to everything including you!  Use a mix of white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid with some water and spray this onto your weeds instead.  It works really fast!  Don’t spray the good plants as they go too.

Here is a link of a movie trailer on this subject coming soon.   Enjoy!

If you want someone to do a distant cleanse and heal on your property and home please call us for consultation as we specialising in picking out the gliches in your environment and helping you get healthier

Here’s a link for detoxing yourself so you can start healthier in body and mind

love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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Firstly Happy Birthday to my daughter Sara who turns 33 today.

“Music is intrinsic to the vibration and webbing of all molecular structure” Creator gave me this quote back in 2006. So true!

Music makes the world go around. There is a fulfilling of emotion, vibration and love and happiness, or ssadness, or emotive triggering which happens when our cells are influenced by the tone/vibration of notes in music. This is why it makes us remember things from years ago. Music is a biological trigger response mechanism too. We are frequency and light and so is tone and colour.

So siblings have an interesting tonic. They are genetically similar and often the harmonies which siblings produce are amazing. Often the specific resonance of harmonies cannot be replicated exactly by non-siblings. Look at the Bee Gees for example. No-one can exactly match their amazing harmonies as they were three brothers.

Above is a photo of me with Brothers 3 in January 2018 in Port Macquarie.

Of course you already know from my newsletters my fascination and love for the harmonies of an Australian group Brothers 3. Here’s their grand final performance of xfactor. I’ve met them last month. Love their stuff.

So my own two youngest boys harmonise and play music together beautifully also. It’s built in. I sing and play with my kids. My daughter used to harmonise in my bush band many years ago and also dance to the music as a feature to our melodies. One of my sons beat-boxes and his brother will drum with him occasionally. Music is a joy for families.

My mother was part of a musical family of ten playing a variety of instruments and harmonising in Holland in the 1020s to the 1040s. She played the mandolin and continued to teach it.

I am very musical and so it is something close to my heart. I cry at the sound of harmonies, especially musical siblings. Unfortunately I don’t have a musical sibling which is a regret of mine as I would have loved to be part of that energetic of creating beautiful musical harmonies and song-writing with the genetic heart and soul combined. Not to be however. So I find common harmony opportunities with friends I love. I am part of a singing group of with two other ladies called Rockin’ A Frock. In fact we do a great version of “Safe and Sound” as featured by brothers three above. Guitar and vocals.

Below is a wonderful and so emotional clip of a young girl playing guitar to her 2 year old brother who has Down’s Syndrome. They sing together and then the middle brother comes and joins in. It is so lovely and really makes you see the love that can be a part of musical siblings.

Till next week, sing and be the joy of your own individual frequency. Make the world dance as we are all brothers and sisters together.


Katherine Bright ND


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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to feel healthy and vibrant.  Sleep is the answer just as much as exercise and a good life-style.

Peace of mind gives you healthier and happier sleep and not all of us are blessed with that all the time.  It takes meditation and honesty, freedom of thought and time to have truthful integrity in our lifestyles.  It takes communication and wisdom to know what it good for you.

Sleep is one of the first things which go when we are not happy.  Pain is a consequence of dis-ease of body and of thinking.  Sleep is sorely needed to support the body to rest and be at peace with the mind and the life we choose.

I found an interesting article on melatonin and it’s role in sleep to share with you this week.  I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Well till next week.  Be your best friend.

Remember to check out the detox website link.  There’s plenty of information about it there. It’s a great gift to service your body, not just your car.

 love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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