Katherine’s book: “Creator’s View on Compassion, A Guide for Life”

Hi Katherine, I got your book today, thank you so much. I have just finished reading it. Oh my, it is amazing, I am a bit lost for words, it is just so amazing. The bits channelled from creator feels like he is talking to me and me alone, nothing else around me mattered while I was reading them, very special. Thank you so much. I was quite moved in lots of it. I will be picking it up and reading it regularly to be inspired by the beautiful and sometimes funny quotes and learning more from creators wisdom. Jane Gorton

Katherine’s book: “Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright”

I keep two books next to my bed at all times as a guide for my life and inspiration for my writing. One is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the other is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay but I believe a third very special book needs to be added to that collection. That book is Katherine’s, Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright. I have read Katherine Bright’s insightful, entertaining and practical book and know it is one that would become a well-loved reference book to be used over and over by thousands of people on this planet. Rachael Treasure, Australia’s Top Selling Fiction Author 2013

Katherine’s book Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright was a revelation to me when I first read it in connection with a foundational workshop I was doing with her at the time. Since then I have gone on to do other workshops and personal mentoring with Katherine in order to build my skills and knowledge for working with Creator in my personal and professional life. I regularly return to read this foundational book to refresh my knowledge and understanding, especially when I am learning new things. This is the same approach that I have used in my professional work as an educator for close to twenty years. I consistently return to the foundations in order to reconstruct my knowledge and provide a reinforcing base for the new. I hope that you find this book as important in your personal and professional life as I do! Kathryn Meldrum PhD, Coauthor of ‘Learning to Teach Health and Physical Education’

This book is an inspiration to anyone interested in moving on in their life. I have been taught by Katherine Bright personally and have seen the effects of her teachings in the greater good of the world and also of other people I personally know who have also been taught by her and read this book. These techniques help you to heal family issues and developing your nurturing skills. Kathryn Reardon