Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. … The disease may be mild, moderate, or severe. Most patients have the relapsing-remitting form of MS in which flare-ups (also called relapses or exacerbations) of symptoms are followed by periods of remission.

(Excerpt taken from the support website
“A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can be extremely difficult to come to grips with. All of a sudden there is a lot of new information to absorb, questions to ask and key decisions to make.

There are many misunderstandings about multiple sclerosis in the general community and online. With the current treatments available, multiple sclerosis does not necessarily lead to significant disability. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to help inform you and direct you to sources of support.Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. It interferes with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.”

To find reliable information about Multiple Sclerosis please check this link.

“I have dealt with Multiple Sclerosis clients in my healing practice and find that one of the greatest improvements is made when the sufferer is given a lifestyle plan that includes them recognising the areas where they can make shift and change gracefully.  Sometimes an MS sufferer will find they cannot meditate or reach that theta brainwave to receive healing easily, so you have to encourage them via guided meditations and persist with repetition in some clients where they find it hard to allow themselves to relax enough to accept healing.  It is an enormous situation to find yourself in.  There are carers and family members who become deeply involved as your degenerative process progresses.

I found a beautiful link to the story of Annette Funicello from the Mickey Mouse Club and beyond into the sixties movies and a career in television.  Annette passed away a few years ago but her husband continued to care for her for all the many years and the beauty of their relationship.  There is love and it is beautiful to witness.”

love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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“Last month it was my birthday and I received over 90 personalised birthday greetings on my facebook page.  That was amazing!  I realised how many people’s lives I must have touched in some way, some small and some huge.

I have seen the most amazing example of frienship beyond the normal in a link I am going to show you.  It is about a man with Muscular Dystrophy who is wheeled in his wheelchair 500 miles along the Camino in Spain.  This trek is arduous on your own two feet, let alone pushing your friend in a wheelchair.  I have included the link as today’s newsletter because it is so inspiring a thing to witness and experience.  There is a trailer of a film they made about it and text for you.  It is called “I’ll Push You”

Remember real friendship isn’t acquaintanceship.  Real friends are there for you whenever they can be and .iinter-communication and of course love and mutual respect are the artforms of friendship. 

Blessings till next week.

love and light

Katherine Bright

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Hi there.  Today I am so excited.  My number three child Kim is turning 25 today and even better is my husband, son Isaac and I  have travelled to Tasmania to be with him and his partner Kelly.  It is such a wonderful thing!  Why?  Because I live interstate and I really feel I have missed so much one on one time with this darling soul.  

Guess what else is exciting!  My eldest grandson Lachlan has just turned 10 a few days ago in Tasmania, and we are here also celebrating with him.  Same situation.  We live interstate from three of my four children, my seven grandchildren and Kim (husband’s) three grandchildren and two children who also live interstate and overseas!. 

I revel in the cards, presents, visits, party photos. I especially am excited to be present for this grandchild’s and son’s birthday this year. 

My mum passed away in July in Tasmania, and we were supposed to be visiting a few weeks after she died.  We missed out and it was and is so sad to be so close and yet so far.  She had the same situation also as she migrated from Holland in 1950, leaving behind a huge extended family.  Both my mum and dad were Dutch migrants coming to Australia after World War 2, and they loved Australia and Australian life.

Families get separated by distance, but not in their hearts in this case.  It is my number one joy to visit and share communication and connection with my children and grandchildren. 

I was lucky to see my eldest son for his birthday this year and arranged a surprise week away to regroup and hug each other, the month after my mum died as he lives in Queensland.  Wow, yes we travel a fair bit!!!!!

Family and being a mother is my nurturing gift.  I love them all so much and it is something I am so grateful to have as my gift from God. 

Blessings and I hope you all have much love and light in your life.


love and light

Katherine Bright

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Why should be even need to ask that question?  Isn’t it normal to love?  Well for some people it is very normal and for others it isn’t.  What is unconditional love versus conditional love?

Unconditional love means you love unconditionally.  You give without the thought of needing to receive.

Conditional love means you love with rules and conditions which if not meant means you are likely to withdraw the love.

I have encountered both sorts of people many times.  The givers and the takers, the carers and the sacrificers.

Who are you in your own world?  Do you take care of yourself or do you sacrifice yourself?  What about others?

We can all have agendas in life.  Refugees, war, homeless people, unemployed people, rich people, religions, propoganda, politics and money.

Unconditionally we should be sending out high frequency vibes everywhere to help this world to assume the understanding and compassionate knowledge of loving unconditionally.  Make a little love,  make a little move towards peace and harmony.

If you are used and abused, say no more and give yourself the love you are lacking.  Do not make neglect your mantra, instead embrace the possibilities of the abundance of love.

This world has to learn to love before it thinks!

Use the tools you have and meditate when you are able.

Namaste all

love and light
Katherine Bright ND




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March has been a very busy month for me.  It is usually a busy life for me but I have been particularly busy this month.

We held a three day healing festival in Port Macquarie for my students,  I conducted three reiki classes and did the usual clinic, weekly radio hosting of my program on called Connect To Creator, and wrote a lot of material for my new partnership business Scale It Up Now.

I thought about the juggle of the active mind.  I have a very active mind!  Sometimes it won’t be quiet at all and sometimes it is serene.  Yes I think if you could picture my mind you could picture a juggler with a series of balls, deciding which ones to allocate a topic or task you and then rotating them with skill.

I have a skillful mind.  I have an amazing soul that tirelessly works and invents for the greater good.  I have a human body which sometimes wonders what the heck I am doing?

Do you have that problem?  A mind full of tricks and inventions and a body with a finite energy source.  I look after myself and rest too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no machine of work.  I am however actively engaged in life.  I sing in a barbershop quartet,  I am rehearsing in a musical for a broadway production, I am writing courses, material , hypnosis scripts,, books and music.  I even wrote a song this month and recorded it.

No I am not superhuman, stupidly driven or mad.  I am living the way I live.  I am guaging my surroundings, my life and my intentions, my soul purpose and finding ways to fulfil them.   Yes I do meditate and sit quietly.  Sometimes I vegetate in front of the TV.  I do all sorts of things to assist my peace.  I walk in nature and I swim in my pool.  I laugh a lot and I experiment with silly things that take my fancy.

A snapshot of the month of March has its own inclusions.   I bought new makeup called Yunique which I decided is marvellous.  It didn’t cause me excema on my eyelid.  Something eyeshadows can do.  Therefore I give it a plus.

My youngest son wrote new music on the piano. My other son showed me photos of his holiday with partner and son on facebook and I saw him loving fatherhood.  My middle son is building my new website and is often emailing me so we are getting lots of chats in.  My daughter is busy with six children so we don’t talk as often as could be perhaps, but I love seeing photos of the kids and the odd skype session.    Sometimes I pine for them and days when they were growing up that I saw more of them.  I did a bit of that in March.  Where did I get the time to combine all these things?  Sometimes in my dreams!

Life is full of dreams, abundances, joys and fortunate events. Life is especially full of these when you receive messages from friends, clients and family that say nice things about your efforts.

Abundance is life and where there is empowerment there is no fear.

I wish you abundance.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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The Aussies are Coming!!!!!!!!  And much more.

Here is something very special.  A once in a lifetime exclusive Vancouver Healing Event, presented by Katherine Bright ND and Kim Bright accompanied by a selection of the Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers from around the world.   You can enrol and pre-purchase on your early bird registration on this link now.

More information:       Experience an afternoon of healing, light-work, music, FUN, awesome connection and time spent with the specialist Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers and light workers who have travelled from Australia, UK and USA to be here.
Experience the Connect To Creator process and learn to connect to your higher self and Source to do healing. Experience guided meditation and one on one interaction in an intimate setting with these two internationally renowned spiritual healers, alternative therapists and life coaches.
Katherine is a renowned musician and author who can weave a wonderful event with joy, fun and laughter. Be part of a once-off special treat. Live coverage by Nicole Whitney on for this event.
Public welcome. Come and say hello personally; Be part of the group and find your inner well-being in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
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And for those in the network of healers and for those wishing to be, and wanting to have more in-depth connection with us here is further information on how you can join in with the exclusive group.  As we have people coming in from UK, USA and Australia already, you are most welcome.  PLEASE NOTE:  ENTRY TO THIS IS NETWORK TOUR IS LIMITED AND HEAVILY DISCOUNTED SO PLEASE APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO BE ABLE TO BE INCLUDED  IN THIS PART OF THE TOUR.  ONLY EIGHT PLACES LEFT.
Details of how you can join in are on this link below with the text written below for those of you who want quick access to the information specifically.


OPEN Public Festival Event, This event will be attended and covered for radio by Nicole Whitney, in Vancouver

DATE: 30 June 2017, 1-5pm Unity Centre, Vancouver, Ticket Price $50 AUD including refreshments.

Our group of Theta Resonance At All Levels participants will attend. Join us for a festival of Connection to Creator, Meditation, Music and fun! MEET THE AUSSIES ET ALL!

We have students from our network travelling from around the world to attend.This next section comprises an exlusive component for our Theta Resonance At All Levels workshop students, or those who have completed the Connect To Creator online course or personal mentoring directly with Katherine Bright ONLY. If you wish to participate in this section, please enroll and complete the Connect To Creator online course as shown here –

EXCLUSIVE EVENTS over the next few days will be:

Exclusive Working Party of Theta Resonance At All Levels students travelling over from Australia, USA and UK so far!. We are having a party!!!!!!

30 June 2017, Evening Star Show at the Planetarium, Space Centre, Vancouver. Experience the dome theatre experience and visit the stars!

We will be visiting Stanley Park. Vancouver. Katherine and Kim Bright will be personally guiding a small groupd to a special part of Standley Park and guiding you through a connection and meditation experience with the trees and land devas,

There will be a Guided Indigenous Canadian Indian cultural experience in Stanley Park. and much more on your own spiritual development to be had in this amazing forest and part of the world. Enjoy your own free time to explore and holiday in Vancouver after our events complete. This is your chance for an amazing spiritual experience with like-minded souls.

Oh the fun! Network of students invited by enrolment directly with Katherine Bright only. Numbers are limited. Please email me directly if you are interested.

Cost: This has been kept to a minimum and will be $1100AUD including GST and includes your festival ticket, refreshments at the venue and ticket entry to Space Centre and Stanley Park events. NB Deposits to secure your place should be forwarded asap to Katherine please as numbers will need to be accounted for exactly including pre-purchase of tickets etc.

NB Your are responsible for all yourself, your own personal costs, including airfares and accommodation etc. This is not a guided tour. It is a series of events held by Katherine and Kim Bright in Vancouver. No responsibility is taken or accepted in any way by Katherine and Kim Bright for your personal journey apart from providing you with a beautiful set of experiences during scheduled events.

Email me on if you wish to be included in the exclusive tour component.

Namaste xxxx

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Stress is something we all have to live with.  It is part of our everyday life in one form or another.  Stress  can be something very overwhelming, like an event or a traumatic incident.  Stress can be chronic, like living in a bad marriage or with people with whom you have nothing in common.

Stress is insidious.  We grow with our stress if we are not conscious of it mentally and spiritually.  Meditation is a fantastic stress buster.  So is consciousness.  Being aware of your everyday reactions and responses, tendencies, likes and dislikes can help you to overcome stressful situations.  

It is possible to be consciously aware enough to release yourself from those things which make your life stressful.  Sometimes it takes guts and determination to break moulds of conditioning.  It can also be a fact that you are in denial of stress and see it as inevitable, thereby condoning it in your life.  This is very dis-empowering in thought and action.  There are ways to manage stress.

Here are some of the ways in which you may return happiness to your day and sleep-time.

Stop and evaluate your routine.

Make constructive changes where you can, one thing at a time.  For example if you don’t get enough sleep, set your alarm to tell you it is bedtime a half hour earlier so you remind yourself to head to bed.  Your body clock will allow you little changes like this gradually enough that you won’t notice it so much.

Be prepared for change

Change can be one of the most stressful things you may have to deal with in life.  Moving house, break up of relationship, new school year begins, a new workplace, a change of friendships, someone you love dies.

Negotiate your changes in bite-size chunks if you can and plan for success and ease and grace to be part of your optimistic viewpoint.  Say yes to change and stop fighting it. This minimises stress hugely.  

Hang out in supportive situations

Make sure you have friends who are constructive and be grateful around them.  Allow yourself to be who you are and you will attract those people and situations toward yourself by default. It is very stressful if you feel you are not enough and are rejectable or abandoned.  You are enough so demonstrate yourself to the world by knowing you deserve support.

Thrive to be alive

Gratitude and optimism are gifts from God.  Use them and cultivate them.  Get excited and if you aren’t excited about your life and you believe it is always stressful, start doing some self-help awareness meditations or hypnosis, seek out a group or club that makes you laugh, read good material that inspires you and listen to happy music to relieve the doldrums that you are wedged into in this routine of the everyday stressors.    You cannot blame anyone else for your choices, and you don’t punish yourself if you find you made the wrong ones.  Who does that serve?  No-one.  so thrive to be alive and understand you are worth change for less stress in your life and abundance to exist.

Remember in all things, you are alive on this planet and that is the way it is.  You can choose healthy ways or you can choose stressful ways.  No matter your circumstances you can choose YOU!

If you feel you would like more insight on your stress blocks, please feel free to consult with me or my husband Kim in clinic consultations and get the support you need to move forward in ease and grace, recognising where and how to make change and support a well-being filled life, managing your stress constructively.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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So here we are in a New Year and we still have the same headlines.  I have a huge hope that our prayers are changing the blueprint of this planet to one of compassion, love, light and peace at last.  I pray daily for this in a very positive way.  I use my skills as a master healer to support the Earth’s blueprint for humanity, not to be pessimistic at the changes, or lack thereof we witness now in our haste to condemn everything we feel hopeless about.  

I see the atrocities we are so used to ignoring.  Who really cares about the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt except for possibly her and her husband.    For me there are much more pressing concerns on this planet.  I pray for a much less superficial and social-media driven gossiping world.  I pray that humanity will be less impressed by the superficial and mediocre and more impressed with headlines outlining good works in the name of peace and integrity.

If someone loses their possessions it can be hugely disproportionate depending on their geographical location and circumstances.  Losing a 12 million dollar ring which is insured, or losing your last piece of clean food to the dirt.   That really does put it in perspective doesn’t it?

I am totally unimpressed with showiness without an integrity for the light to prevail.  I see no point except to teach humanity what it doesn’t need in the scantily-clad, cosmetic surgery evidenced in many popular publications and movies.    What I like is a good bit of real and intergrous emotion shown in a tasteful way with a solution presented that we can all really contemplate.  I love a compassionate display of giving.  I love the sites on our social media which show positivity, integrity, philanthropy and have a disregard for the harm and gossip that the savage or lesser intellect will value.

Poverty isn’t always about money.  It can be about class.  You cannot buy that.

Hope for a better world and the thoughts you have will follow into the group consciousness with every positive thought you can create.  You are not helpless amongst the headlines of sadness and gloom.  Use each upset you see as an opportunity to ask the universe for resolve and change of what we are prepared to tolerate on this planet.  Say no I won’t choose ignorance or avoidance of the headlines.  I will choose to send light to them.  Each one of us can do that. Envisage a blessing of rainbow light and thought project it to any cause you wish to prosper and any situation you wish would resolve for the better in light.   

Remember to breathe in every time you breathe out.  Why?   Because if you don’t you die.  Strange thing to say you might think.  But we do this every day without understanding that to give and not receive is an imbalance of energy.  Air is life-force energy.  

If you over-possess, stress, punish, dominate or criticise you hold your breath.   Anger is holding out the life-force in a stagnancy which leads to liver dysfunction, heart dysfunction etc.  Often anger is a cry for help and a shout that we haven’t received somehow and we are mightily displeased about that, often enough to punish another. The small wars and the big wars are often about the unequal energies of give and receive, ownership and lack, the opposite side of the coin so to speak.  Revenge is an ugly mirror full of consequences.

If you breathe in and out slowly enough, all things which are out of balance take on a clarity.  You learn to take the time to perceive.  To do this is to receive.  This clarifies a disordered energy and so the perception again is allowed some time to consider itself.  This is compassion for the self,  and it will lead to compassion for others, less revenge and violence and a perception of love and peace as a possibility.

Do not  use the sentence “what can I do about it?”  That is such a cop out.  Use the positive in any sentence.  “What can I do about it?”  Take a chance on using your empowerment instead of your fear and prosper your surroundings in every little way you can all the time.  

You breathe in remember, so you won’t get too tired to do it.  You create little holidays of energy-replenishment every time you slowly breathe in, clarity of perception and hope become possibilities in your creative self.  Therefore you will create a different environment around you and teach humanity it is possible.

Namaste, and happy praying, blessing and being.

Please check out my website for tools to help your forward movement to love, light and support.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Image result for free christmas pictures to copy and paste
Namaste dear ones!   Merry Christmas to you all and may you be blessed with a wondrous life full of fulfilling experiences over this spiritual time.  And to benefit even more it is suggested you avoid the shops and find nature as your playground!

Kim, my son Isaac and I are performing at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie today for a Christmas Concert.  Isaac is 15  years old and will be playing the piano for me singing Imagine by John Lennon.  It is his first performance of this type so it is exciting and nerve wracking also for him.  Kim and I are singing and performing some songs along with other performers to entertain at a Community Concert Lunchtime Recital before Christmas.  These are hosted for us at The Glasshouse weekly as an incentive where we donate our time to provide donation funds from the audience to supply and repair musical instruments for children who cannot afford them.  It is a Merry Christmas philanthropy from us all.

And now for some thoughts on Christmas and God……

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

You can lead Mohammed to the mountain but you cant take the mountain to Mohammed.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The above are some of the sayings the human group consciousness lives by.  Are they helpful or are they not in the scheme of changing our paradigms and moving forward with new and wondrous thoughts?  In some way they all speak of not forcing but of flowing.  They can speak of our possibilities or our avoidances.  

In my life I have benefited in so many ways from obtaining my answers directly from source and avoiding human opinions.   I think this is one of the most pressing reasons I have taught my workshops and been a messenger.  It is because I think people deserve to receive their advice from Source/Creator/God first before a human gets a chance to interpret it from their own limited mind or knowledge.  

I teach people to converse with God.  It is my passion to empower.  As Creator/God/Source told me when I was first asked to develop Theta Resonance At All Levels workshops and teach them…….”Where There Is Empowerment There Is No Fear”  and so my modality was born from this statement and mission.  

If you would like to know more about ways to also speak directly to Source/Creator/God, please contact me.  I teach selected students personally, one on one to develop them to their full potential.  This isn’t suitable for everyone but particularly helpful for some.  Those whose passion it is to follow their spiritual enlightenment find a way to my door.  If they feel right, I will agree to teach them.  I rely on advice directly from Source if I am to be the one who will be their teacher.  It doesn’t have to be me, but if it is to be me your integrity and soul purpose will be in tune and we will both know.  It only comes from a common purpose in the universe if it is right and integrous.

You can also look at my website and even take an online course in your own time to learn the skills in the comfort of your own home and I am there with audios to walk you through your personal and spiritual growth to connection.

 Here is a link if you want to explore more about that avenue of communication with our wondrous Source.”

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Christmas.  The silly season.  Deck the hall with bows of holly and drink mead, kiss under the mistletoe and give and receive presents.

That is the expected norm of our western Christmas season.  Some people go to church to celebrate Jesus and some people don’t.  Some people have family and some people don’t.  Some people love Christmas and spend the few months before this day decorating their house and garden with ornaments, a tree, christmas lights, planning meals, events and festivities.  Some people live on the street and hope to have a meal, find shelter and safety in a troubled existence which finds Christmas an enormous challenge in loneliness and lack of community and abundance.

Whatever your Christmas season is going to be it is the best interests of all of us if we learn to share our optimism, abundance and grace with others.  Any others!

Who are you and what can you do this Christmas to make the world a better place?  We can feel powerless to make change.  What will Syria be experiencing this Christmas?  Who will be left to make change in the current political atmosphere?  Will there be any buildings left after the bombardmet?  Is Christmas relevant religiously or politically anyway in Syria?  This scenario isn’t isolated on this blue planet is it?

Compassion is the gift we can give to all of humanity from our little space to anywhere we wish.   We can give it in the form of gifts and money, smiles, food,  activities and games shared, music and any form of light frequency of prayer that is our personal choice.  After all Christmas is about giving isn’t it?  Even the stores will extol that message to all that will hear it for two months before the big day.

I will give you thought for Christmas.  Check out this link and think of the isolated, elderly and lonely who just want to know someone cares and that they are not irrelevant in their old age.

I will give you peace in my prayers for you.  This newsletter comes in time for you to think and choose your philanthropic gift to give and post to someone who might feel left out perhaps.

Love and light till next week and please check out my website also in case something I offer may be a present for someone you cherish.  I hope to make a difference in this world too.  I pass on my profits to fund many things including my free weekly radio program on  

Your purchases help to fund projects along the way which help others too.  That is my gift to you.

See my website below for further information on what could be on offer.

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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Recently I was sent a newsletter from an Australian child who lives in the middle of Australia, “the scrub”, “the outback”, where life can be very isolated.

The isolation has some wonderful benefits but also makes life quite different than that of a city child.

My client and friend Nancy has wonderful grandchildren. One of these is John who has shared his story with us today.

Recently Callum and Grace have gone to boarding school and are studying in a different environment to the previous “school of the air” distance education with a tutor and schooling provided over the airwaves and via post and radio communication.   Of course that is the formal education.

Life is its own education and the life of a farm or country child has different duties.  No bus to catch to school and traffic to tackle, but animals to feed and food to grow and much much more in nature skills to learn.

Nancy Robinson has given us some information about a very special young man named John who has given us permission to display his work here.  John is in year 5.   Nancy is an amazing woman.  She is a farmer, has a well known profile as a biologist and writer  and landkeeper of “Ellerslie”,  near Bourke.

Here is Nancy’s introduction.

“John loves his life out here. All his school work is done at Dunsandle through Dubbo Distance Education School.  They have great teachers who cater for their needs. One thing about having been with a bad school is it makes you appreciate a good one!

Caroline is a marvellous mother come teacher. She had her hands full with Calum, Grace and John with school taking up most of her time, something most mothers can not imagine. School holidays are viewed differently when your having a holiday with the kids. It certainly helps when you have willing students but Distance Education is a marvellous start for kids. Only problem is isolation; lack of other children to play with, never been with a lot of kids and coping with the classroom method with lots of children. Calum and Grace are adjusting quite well and both LOVE boarding school.

The first photograph, John and Caroline entered it in the NSW Farmers photograph comp AND it won! They have a $10,000 holiday to go on. He titled the photograph : Remembering his grandfather Malcolm Robinson who was a long term serving member of the Western District’s  Council of NSW Farmers.

John is quite an individual, bright and charming! …. biased opinion! The scary thing is that he is developing into a 2nd Malcolm! Loves poetry, reading, Rugby Union, music and spelling. He made it to the regionals last week in the Premiers Spelling Bee. Along with the land & all that goes with it he also loves the Moorambilla singing group of which he is going to this week .

Hope this might help you fill in some of the gaps.    Love Nancy”

and Here is Nancy’s grandson John’s story:-

This amazing childhood speaks for itself.

Till next week
love and light, peace and purpose
Katherine Bright

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Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND

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Below is a wonderful youtube clip done by The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church which asks us all to embrace our sameness not our differences. It asks us to acknowledge that there is only one God, just different faiths and practices. I think it is absolutely awesome and uniting for humanity if you can embrace our common philosophies of spirituality and embrace also our differences in tolerance, not intolerance.
So I ask you as part of humanity to consider giving compassion, tolerance and commonality a fair go!

Whether it is religion or spirituality, or perhaps just being human in general, we deserve a fair go. It is possible to be compassionate when we are comfortable but we find it much harder to be fair and impartial when we are challenged in our belief systems. Conditioning can make us very regimented in our beliefs and practices, our habits and cultural paradigms. However when it comes down to it, we all have legs, arms, heads, torsos and faces. We all have skin, no matter what colour it comes in. We all have hearts with which to feel and discern. Often they are used for prejudice and judgement when they are meant for love, light and peace.

So today I would ask all of humanity to be fair. Come on. Try being non-judgemental, moderate, tolerant, discerning, loving, peaceful and above all united. Namaste.

love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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