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Watching the way society has become so full of consumerism is sometimes very disturbing.  Nothing is deemed not expendable almost…….oh yes including our Earth and our commonsense perhaps!

We’ve gotten to the point where it is now the responsibility of every individual to recycle, reuse and notice when we are wasteful or pollutiing.  The earth deserves our respect and we cannot be ostriches anymore, burying our heads in the sand about our consumer tendencies.

It is easy to want the latest gadget, furniture, item, fashion.  Do we know how and where our items are manufactured?

Changing our ways doesn’t have to be traumatic or throwing the baby and the bathwater out, but we can start small and grow better at it.

Plant your own vegetables.  You don’t need much space.

Turn your lawn or land into an oasis of diversity and plant edible plants instead of ornamentals.

Learn to use some practical herbal remedies instead of pharmaceuticals.

Walk a bit more and use petrol a lot less if possible….ie carpool to school or work.  Plan your trips to go on a sensible multi-tasking route on a certain day and complete your job lists and shopping in a shorter, more time-efficient way.

Wear warmer or cooler clothing instead of using electricity wherever you can.

Re-cycle a tank full of water for the garden.

Encourage the kids to go outside and play instead of using the playstation all day.  Can netflix and use tv for special occasions or purpose watching only.

Share time in nature, walking, bbqing, socialisinig at the beach.

Use organic natural based sunscreens and lotions, garden fertilisers etc.

Clean the house without usiing bought products.  Cheap, easy and amazing.

Get rid of round up!!!!!!!!!  Bloody toxic to everything including you!  Use a mix of white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid with some water and spray this onto your weeds instead.  It works really fast!  Don’t spray the good plants as they go too.

Here is a link of a movie trailer on this subject coming soon.   Enjoy!


If you want someone to do a distant cleanse and heal on your property and home please call us for consultation as we specialising in picking out the gliches in your environment and helping you get healthier


Here’s a link for detoxing yourself so you can start healthier in body and mind

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Firstly Happy Birthday to my daughter Sara who turns 33 today.

“Music is intrinsic to the vibration and webbing of all molecular structure” Creator gave me this quote back in 2006. So true!

Music makes the world go around. There is a fulfilling of emotion, vibration and love and happiness, or ssadness, or emotive triggering which happens when our cells are influenced by the tone/vibration of notes in music. This is why it makes us remember things from years ago. Music is a biological trigger response mechanism too. We are frequency and light and so is tone and colour.

So siblings have an interesting tonic. They are genetically similar and often the harmonies which siblings produce are amazing. Often the specific resonance of harmonies cannot be replicated exactly by non-siblings. Look at the Bee Gees for example. No-one can exactly match their amazing harmonies as they were three brothers.

Above is a photo of me with Brothers 3 in January 2018 in Port Macquarie.

Of course you already know from my newsletters my fascination and love for the harmonies of an Australian group Brothers 3. Here’s their grand final performance of xfactor. I’ve met them last month. Love their stuff.

So my own two youngest boys harmonise and play music together beautifully also. It’s built in. I sing and play with my kids. My daughter used to harmonise in my bush band many years ago and also dance to the music as a feature to our melodies. One of my sons beat-boxes and his brother will drum with him occasionally. Music is a joy for families.

My mother was part of a musical family of ten playing a variety of instruments and harmonising in Holland in the 1020s to the 1040s. She played the mandolin and continued to teach it.

I am very musical and so it is something close to my heart. I cry at the sound of harmonies, especially musical siblings. Unfortunately I don’t have a musical sibling which is a regret of mine as I would have loved to be part of that energetic of creating beautiful musical harmonies and song-writing with the genetic heart and soul combined. Not to be however. So I find common harmony opportunities with friends I love. I am part of a singing group of with two other ladies called Rockin’ A Frock. In fact we do a great version of “Safe and Sound” as featured by brothers three above. Guitar and vocals.

Below is a wonderful and so emotional clip of a young girl playing guitar to her 2 year old brother who has Down’s Syndrome. They sing together and then the middle brother comes and joins in. It is so lovely and really makes you see the love that can be a part of musical siblings.


Till next week, sing and be the joy of your own individual frequency. Make the world dance as we are all brothers and sisters together.


Katherine Bright ND


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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to feel healthy and vibrant.  Sleep is the answer just as much as exercise and a good life-style.

Peace of mind gives you healthier and happier sleep and not all of us are blessed with that all the time.  It takes meditation and honesty, freedom of thought and time to have truthful integrity in our lifestyles.  It takes communication and wisdom to know what it good for you.

Sleep is one of the first things which go when we are not happy.  Pain is a consequence of dis-ease of body and of thinking.  Sleep is sorely needed to support the body to rest and be at peace with the mind and the life we choose.

I found an interesting article on melatonin and it’s role in sleep to share with you this week.  I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Well till next week.  Be your best friend.

Remember to check out the detox website link.  There’s plenty of information about it there. It’s a great gift to service your body, not just your car.


 love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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After last weeks newsletter about enjoying yourself I sent a link of it to Brothers 3 whom I mentioned in the newsletter.  They are such a talented brothers music group and guess what?  I received a personal message on facebook thanking me for doing a blog and mentioning them.  They were really very, very happy about it and that made my heart feel very good.  It is a nice thing to make your life occur full of wonderful experiences.

This week I thought about my health and how it is important to count your body in on the experience of your life with a real respect. So I thought I would give you a link on the detox protocol I have found which is just amazing.  I may have mentioned it before but I love it so much I put a link for it on my website and decided to promote it.  It is made by the exclusive Amrita Spa in Thailand from wonderful and very interesting ingredients.  Quite the exotic way to detox in my opinion.

I’ve got to recommend it to you as the easiest detox protocol I have ever encountered. I did this detox myself and fell in love with it. Weight loss was easy and I had way more energy. Check it out on this link.

Their ingredients are first class and very healthy, plus you eat normal meals.

Blessings and please do yourself a favour by trying it. It is the real deal!


Making your life count means enjoying, respecting, inspiring and servicing your best self and potential.  Looking after yourself therefore is a part of that.

Enjoy pursuits like art and music, bushwalking, drinking plenty of water  Hey you could quit sugar all together like I have and invent new recipes that rock!  I did.  I don’t miss it and I don’t go without.  It’s amazing how less inflamed and stressed you feel when you don’t eat sugar!

Well till next week.  Be your best friend.

Remember to check out the detox website link.  There’s plenty of information about it there. It’s a great gift to service your body, not just your car.


 love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Kim and I have recently had the best time enjoying ourselves.  We took a week off at the beginning of the year and did things we enjoyed.

We read books, ate good food and did walks and laughter was a premium.

We saw a fantastic concert by Brothers 3 which was free at Panthers Club in Port Macquarie.  It was such a fun night.  Those three brothers have amazing harmonies and play guitars brilliantly.

Such a fun night was had by the audience and it was obvious in the banter that the boys were really enjoying themselves.

When we look at what living is all about, it is primarily for us to enjoy life.  Why else would we be here but to love and to live well.  All our processes are built for us to learn how to be the fullness of our being in love and laughter.

If you want to enjoy yourself you need to be in integrity to yourself.  Do something you love and you will enjoy yourself.

Being in the moment and not always pre-planning life can bring you  the joys of great wonder and spontaneity.  I love life.

Even when I am down I know it is only a matter of time till I can find something to enjoy.  It could be giving,  it could be playing music or creating art.  It could be chatting to my family or friends or watching a comedy on TV.  

Above all, remember that to enjoy yourself is something of value in this world because if you are optimistic it rubs off on everyone around you, including yourself!

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Well now that is a question!  Here we are already into 2018 and it is the time of making plans, changes, re-evaluations of our process and thoughts.

Where to next?  I don’t really know.  2017 was such a huge year for many of us.  It was a year of facing up to much of our genetic conditionings and working out what we personally want from our lives.  It has been a time of realisations for many including myself.  What do I want to do next?

Often I am asked the question of where to now? It is a question which often occurs when one is in transition. Transition is a time of change.  It is a time of perhaps altering our previously held dear patterns and taking chances onchange.

Family and work/life balance is important.  Money and survival are important in some ways and not others.  Nerves are important in some ways and not others.  What do I mean by this?

Well you can have more than enough money and live on your nerves because you have no balance in your home/work life.

You can be struggling financially and find your home life has never been better because suddenly you concentrated on the miniscule in your life and relationships and re-evaluated in a different way.  You see we all process very differently.  What is important to some is completely irrelevant to the wants and needs of others.

So therefore this year 2018 is about making your forward pathways in the way in which you wish to go forward.
That is the important message of 2018.  You have an enormous astrology positive forward pathway right now as you are reading this.  It enables you to go forward in abundant ways.

My advice is to take the lessons learned in 2017 and plan your 2018 accordinly.  Be your own best friend and only do what is good for you.  Namaste dear friend.

Hugs and may your 2018 forward vision boards be amazing.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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I came across this youtube clip of a man who was born without arms and legs. He is totally dependent upon his foster mum and carers and yet he has a wonderful attitude. His life is hard in so many ways and he needs persistence and a positive attitude to get by.

When we look at our lives we are often stuck by a sense of lack and wonder for our future. I wonder what this man can teach us?

His carer is amazing. A woman now in her mid 70’s in Germany and able to lift him up and down. He is 27 years old now and she took him in with her family when he was little.

What dedication some people have to others! Be thankful for your life and know that when it comes down to our true potential, our true potential is LOVE.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Happy New Year 2018 Images, Happy New Year 2018 Images With Font, Happy New Year 2018 Images Text, Happy New Year 2018 Images 3D Text

What.  Well if you put your fingers in the wrong spot on the keyboard and try to type integrity, it comes out as omtegroty.  Which actually isn’t far from the truth because if you lose your integrity you are pretty grotty and you aren’t resonating with the Om of universal peace and wisdom any more!

If there is anything I cannot abide it is unkind, soulless manipulations and weaving of stories to get your way.

Integrity is about truth, wisdom, balance, peace and letting the flow of life be one in integrity with the soul’s true purpose and journey.

So what can you do about your integrity?  Make sure you don’t sell your soul for your wants and desires rather than the greater good and zen of our spiritual journey.

Be kind and be wholesome but do not lose your sense of fun and of who you truly are.

Stop making excuses that the world deserves what it gets because you feel hard done by and check what you can do for the world instead.

As a clinician I hear so many “poor me” stories where people perceive their lot as down and out, hard done by, resentful, bitter or in lack.

The only thing that leads to is the potential to lack integrity.  So instead of woh is me cursiing and lamenting of your journey and lot in life, take stock of the things to be grateful for in it instead.  You have the power for good and love and light.  Isn’t that awesome enough?  If it isn’t it should be because you hold the world in your thoughts!

You have every potential, just like anyone else despite your circumstances.

In the New Year let yourself see what wonders you can manifest in the peace and light of conscious thinking.  That would make the world such a better place.

If you are already doing this then huge congratulations on an integrity lesson already learnt.

Namaste and Happy New Year.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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“I hope you have a very happy Christmas Season and a Happy New Years Eve till my next newsletter.

Today I have to write to you about something no so helpful for your health and well-being that is being legislated, but I think you should know more about it.

The Australian Government is taking away the rights of Australians to claim alternative health treatments on their private health insurance. It is a disgrace and degrading to the professions within this category to see what is happening. We are being devalued and it isn’t good enough. I see that this is about a ridiculous attitude which undermines prevention and promotes pharmacology. I have quoted a newsletter I received before on facebook for you to have fully informed updated information about this issue. It is from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society which is a governing body for accreditation of Australian natural therapists. This one is from the Bowen Association of Australia and is comprehensive and also gives you a forum for complaint if you do not agree with this decision which at this stage has no definate date of implementation but will likely be in the next twelve months. PLease read this and pass it on to those who care about their alternative practitioners. It could lead to a lot of people missing out on health treatments, cancelling their private insurance or practitioners not being able to continue to fund their training as their practice declines. As it is we have to complete 20 hours of training per year to keep our accreditations with private health insurers. No exceptions and this means that if people do not get cover, will they need to keep their skills up to date? There are so many factors to consider. It could put the private health industry out of business too. I have already heard a lot of my patients saying they will cancel private insurance if this happens. Please read below….”

“Federal Government Health Fund Reform The Announcement As most of you probably know by now, in October the Department of Health published an upsetting announcement regarding the future of health fund rebates for Bowen Therapy. The Federal Government has made the decision to stop paying rebates on health fund policies that cover natural therapies. Despite the BAA being involved in this process since the Chief Medical Officer called for submissions of evidence five years ago, the various associations supporting complementary therapists were not informed of this recent decision. We had to discover it from the news, much like many of you, and then the coverage was piecemeal at best. The release on their site is still scant on detail. The disturbing part is that many still don’t know that this is happening. The government made the move of slipping in the announcement with a raft of other measures late on a Friday in the hope that it wasn’t overly noticed – it worked. What does it mean? Essentially, it appears that from 1 April 2019 private health funds will no longer rebate their customers for claiming on almost all complementary and natural therapies. This is because the government will no longer rebate the private health insurers the 30% that they have been, and it’s hard to imagine the health funds would continue to rebate if they are no longer being compensated by government to do so. This is not just for Bowen Therapy. The other modalities affected are: aromatherapy, Buteyko, Feldenkrais, herbalism, homeopathy, iridology, kinesiology, naturopathy, Pilates, reflexology, Rolfing, shiatsu, tai chi and yoga. The modalities that seem to have not been cut are massage and nutrition. This in no way affects your ability to practice as you do now.

It simply means that your clients will/may no longer be able to make a claim for your services with their health fund. What can we do? While government decisions, despite consultation processes, tend to be fait accompli, we can still make a lot of noise and make people aware of our position. Write to your local member (Federal) and let them know how you feel. If enough government MPs and senators feel they may lose their seats next election, they may start to agitate internally for change. If we can make this an election issue, we may just get somewhere. And make sure your clients, friends and family know about it too. I’ve struck many who had no idea it was going on. Make them aware. Encourage them to write to their MP, as well. We only achieve change with numbers. We’ve spoken to some parliamentary insiders and the word is that petitions are treated much like spam and largely ignored. This requires actual letters or emails. We’ve prepared a set of templates for you and your clients to use. Alongside these are a list of questionsthat your MP can put to the Health Minister. Choose two or three to include in your letter – it adds some spice and weight to your correspondence. Points to raise: False economy – how does cutting fractional funding for largely preventative health care save the health budget in the long term? I’m sure you’ve all had that client who was scheduled for surgery until they had a few Bowen sessions, then Wow! A miracle! No surgery required. How is it cheaper to spend thousands on surgery than a few dollars on health insurance rebates? Attacking small business – the Liberal party hold themselves as the party of small business. Most who work in our industry are small business people, either sole traders or small clinics. This is a very real attack on small business holders. If our income is threatened, we collect less GST and pay less income tax. We spend less in our communities and contribute less to the economy. This is short-sighted in the extreme. Marginalising women in the workplace – it’s no great secret that complementary therapies are largely a female-led industry. Attacking our industry is an attack on women in business. Government interference in the market – it is surely a contract between insurers and the members of the public what those people want to pay for in their insurance, and not up to the government to decide. Damaging an Australian Therapy – why is the government that trumpets innovation trying to harm an Australian innovation? Questions to include: • Could you please explain by what authority the Government is able to dictate to private health insurance companies in regards to the natural health treatments they are able to offer rebates for? • Is it ethical for the government to limit the rebates that private health funds offer, ultimately restricting consumer choice? • Can you please provide a list of therapies which will be eligible for private health fund rebates under the proposed new guidelines? •

Why has the Government chosen to propose a change to exclude Bowen Therapy from private health funds rebate lists based on a report which is two years old and clearly out of date with consumer preference? • Why do the proposed changes include Bowen Therapy and not other forms of treatment such as massage, acupuncture, etc, that work on similar physiological premise? • Can you please provide me the supporting, scientific evidence which has been used to base the decision on which natural therapy modalities will remain eligible for private health fund rebates? • On what criteria were decisions made as to which natural therapy modalities will remain eligible for private health fund rebates? • On what criteria were decisions made as to which natural therapy modalities would not be eligible for private health fund rebates under the new system, i.e., why would massage be included and not Bowen Therapy? • Bowen Therapy is an increasingly popular and effective form of therapy. Could you please explain why Bowen Therapy has been left off the list of treatments that private health insurers can provide a rebate for? • Can you please explain what modelling you have based your decision on to exclude Bowen Therapy from the list that private health funds provide rebates on and provide me with a copy of relevant data to back this up? • Can you please provide me with a copy of the modelling that has been done regarding the cost effectiveness of the proposed changes? • Have you factored in the cost-saving that can result from the present situation where consumers take a preventative, pro-active role towards their health and well-being compared to the proposed system where many consumers will be forced to wait until costly medical intervention is required?
There is much evidence in favour of preventative treatments such as Bowen Therapy which often result in helping people to maintain their health and well-being before they become unwell. Has the Government considered this when making its decision? • Can you please explain the reason for the dictatorial approach and how that fits with the Government’s stated philosophy of not ‘over governing’? So please – start writing, emailing, phoning your local member. Contact the Health Minister, the Hon Greg Hunt; the Shadow Health Minister, Catherine King, and anyone else who takes your fancy. Let them know we’re not happy. Even though this is a federal issue, let the parties know that people are angry and want this decision reversed.

The other thing to do is to be as professional as humanly possible. Show the world that we aren’t all woo-woo/ Gaia/peace-and-love-and-mungbeans (by the way, not disparaging any of that – totally into that!) but that going to a Bowen Therapist is no different than going to a physiotherapist. Someone comes, we take history, make observation, do tests, provide treatment and advice and for that we deserve equal treatment”. Michael Alcott, Vice President

This is the link to find the templates and feel free to direct your clients there as it’s in the public part of the site, not the Members Only area.”


love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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I find the way people choose to live their lives fascinating.  

We can choose to live in cities, country, desert, mountain, sea environments.   We can choose to live in a straw house, a stick house, or a stone house.  We choose these things dependent upon our budget, environment and how interested we were in the three little pigs story as children lol.

If we want to keep the big bad wolf of poverty and manipulation from our door we choose to inhabit somewhere we feel is safe.  People create homes and a tent can be a home if we feel comfortable there. 

I am fascinated by the creativity of people when they choose the design of theirhome.  Some choose to live in apartments and pre-built structures.  Some choose to create a wild and expansive concept and grand design their lives.

Others choose nomad living and travel the globe without roots to ground or family zones of where they grew up or raised their children.

I have found a fascinating home to show you in this clip.  This man is an extreme mountain snow-boarder by profession.  He took years to build a stone home on his land very high in the mountain regions through the harshest conditions. What he has created is based upon his passion alsowith sacred geometry.  He has created a fascinating home which follows the rhythm of the stars and the earth.  He lives a solitary life in this home dependent upon nature to fuel his life, but he has also linked himself to the possibilities of travel. So feel free to watch his life unfold and his passion of a tiny off-grid house develop.   FASCINATING!


love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. … The disease may be mild, moderate, or severe. Most patients have the relapsing-remitting form of MS in which flare-ups (also called relapses or exacerbations) of symptoms are followed by periods of remission.

(Excerpt taken from the support website ms.org.au)
“A multiple sclerosis diagnosis can be extremely difficult to come to grips with. All of a sudden there is a lot of new information to absorb, questions to ask and key decisions to make.

There are many misunderstandings about multiple sclerosis in the general community and online. With the current treatments available, multiple sclerosis does not necessarily lead to significant disability. Knowledge is power, and we’re here to help inform you and direct you to sources of support.Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. It interferes with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.”

To find reliable information about Multiple Sclerosis please check this link.


“I have dealt with Multiple Sclerosis clients in my healing practice and find that one of the greatest improvements is made when the sufferer is given a lifestyle plan that includes them recognising the areas where they can make shift and change gracefully.  Sometimes an MS sufferer will find they cannot meditate or reach that theta brainwave to receive healing easily, so you have to encourage them via guided meditations and persist with repetition in some clients where they find it hard to allow themselves to relax enough to accept healing.  It is an enormous situation to find yourself in.  There are carers and family members who become deeply involved as your degenerative process progresses.

I found a beautiful link to the story of Annette Funicello from the Mickey Mouse Club and beyond into the sixties movies and a career in television.  Annette passed away a few years ago but her husband continued to care for her for all the many years and the beauty of their relationship.  There is love and it is beautiful to witness.”


love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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Each newsletter contains information about what is happening in the general world of spirit and healing, contemplation, plus information about local events and facts in my world.


Recently my son took an international scouting trip to Norway.  I am so very proud of him.  He worked to assist the payment of the trip and really put in a whole heap of effort.

Something amazing happened while he was there.  He grew enormously of course but he also took some amazing drone footage and photographs.  He decided to make a video of the trip and put it on the facebook page for scouts.  This came to the notice of International Scouting Australia and they were so impressed with it they commissioned it with a couple of modifications as their now official international scouting website video.  It is now being used for promoting scouting worldwide.     Please check out the link below.  The video will open up immediately for you from the front page.  It is awesome.  The tummy does churn though at some of the amazing drone footage of Pulpit Rock in Norway with a heap of scouts sitting on the top!  Including my son taking the drone footage from 680 metres above sea level.

Yes I did have a heart flutter when I saw it all back after the fact and realised where they’d been.  He just laughed and looked glorious!

This has now led to Isaac being selected as part of the organisation committee for Jamboree 2019 in Adelaide.  It is marvellous to see your child blossom at their own initiative and passion when it is followed.
Life has had its ups and downs but no matter what it does go on.

I hope you enjoy the video and also as a result of this he has registered his own business.  He is officially http://www.playboltmedia.com.  He designed his own logo, registered it and got an ABN and is now obtaining casual commissions for videography and logo design.
So if you would like to take advantage of someone you know and can trust to produce quality videos and logos for you, your business or social interests, please do not hesitate to contact Isaac via his website.  He is currently building this and taking work.

Much love and light to all and I hope this inspires us all to follow our dreams because dreams and passion take us just that bit further than we often dare to go.  Never say never to taking that positive chance because what good does it to say no?

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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