You deserve all the rainbows the universe can create. 

Now that is an abundant thought. Receiving abundant thoughts is really important.  It means you have a direct line to God.  How and why?   Because if anything defines the word abundance it is the Universe and who could have conceived of something so abundantly vast with all its miraculous connections if it wasn’t a Creator, God, Source.

I don’t think the human mind has yet conceived of the vastness of the word Empowerment let alone the word Connection.  Scientists marvel at the vastness of the universe(s) and all the potentials of space and time.

We exist as a tiny, weeny particle of an enormously vast concept which can only be described in a form of rainbows of light.  We just are amazing even in the construction of ourselves.   So let us celebrate the abundance of our thoughts.

Thoughts are concepts in a form which have a frequency which resonates according to the density of the thoughts.  So if you want to have all good thoughts, conceive of higher vibrations and the thoughts manifest.  Joy and love are in fact higher vibrations as are laughter and peace.  Finer and lighter colours correspond with the finer frequencies and deeper hues with the denser ones.

It is all an amazing kaleidoscope of frequencies of emotion which create our abundances and our stalled and horrid places of depression and violence in this world.  Our language describes the blackness of depression and the olive green of jealousy.  Green eyed monsters and joyful sunlit landscapes.  All things exist.  We can feel blue or we can feel grey.  We can feel rainbows of possibility.

Be your abundant self and surround yourself with rainbows.  So many gay people about.  I think that is all part of the choice of rainbows.  Be enlightened, empowered and connected to the possibilities of Abundant Thought and bring on your own and your interconnected spaces with abundance.  You all deserve it.  Creator is just waiting to give to you all the things your heart can desire in good and positive ways.  Gratitude creates abundance as does gifting or tithing.  Be love to get love.


Please click this link for abundance assistance.

love and light
Katherine Bright

Copyright 2017, Katherine Bright Lightworkers International


John Lennon influenced the world with his beautiful thoughts.  Here are some of those.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”


How can you influence the world with your beautiful thoughts?

We are all capable of influencing everything for our environment with the frequency of our thoughts.  Because we exist as a breathing, thinking organism we are capable of interacting atomically with all organisms in our touch osmotically.

So you can just exist and be positive and influence your environment.  

Action can be a way of influencing your environment and community.

Your lifestyle choices can influence your environment.  

Your political choices can influence your environment.

What you say yes or no to can influence many people in consequences.  What I would say is just choose positivity and then you will be the recipient of the mirror of your thoughts.

When you help another to think positive and beautiful thoughts you create a lotus blossom of light which manifests amazing miracles of consciousness.

Please be your full potential and allow the universe to create beautiful thoughts for our future.

love and light
Katherine Bright

Copyright 2017, Katherine Bright Lightworkers International


Below is a link to an article I found showing you the seven healthy habits of buddhist monks which promote wellbeing.

It is a good article so I decided to include it today as it will explain in easy terms what you need to know.  Simplicity is the key to all good things in this life.  Love, air, water, laughter, silence.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter today as it is a bit different, but something which you can see in simple terms.

Many blessings on your peaceful route ahead.


love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


Make Your Dreams Come True
Yes you can make your dreams come true by Creative Visualisation.  Tap into the Laws of Attraction and think and envisage your future in the way you would like it to be.  Just let the universe know as an equal lets a peer know.    This is my dream.  Bring it on!

Don’t sweat the small details, just ask the big question and dream the big dream.  That is how we manifest.  WE don’t manifest by pleading because the universe just knows you aren’t ready to receive it yet.  You ask as an equal, capable of being part of your dream for it to be present in your now.  Then it will take care of itself and turn up as it can in your future.

That just is!

Below is a link where some film stars talk about the laws of attraction and their lives.  Interesting stuff!


If you would like to manifest and create you can be shown how to creatively visualise for yourself.

Click on this link to get your tool for manifesting a brilliant visualisation below and train your mind to accept the receiving.


I look forward to hearing about your great manifestations after you have done this one.  Feel free to communicate your success stories back to me.  I would love you share you abundance with others.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


March has been a very busy month for me.  It is usually a busy life for me but I have been particularly busy this month.

We held a three day healing festival in Port Macquarie for my students,  I conducted three reiki classes and did the usual clinic, weekly radio hosting of my program on www.newsforthesoul.com called Connect To Creator, and wrote a lot of material for my new partnership business Scale It Up Now.

I thought about the juggle of the active mind.  I have a very active mind!  Sometimes it won’t be quiet at all and sometimes it is serene.  Yes I think if you could picture my mind you could picture a juggler with a series of balls, deciding which ones to allocate a topic or task you and then rotating them with skill.

I have a skillful mind.  I have an amazing soul that tirelessly works and invents for the greater good.  I have a human body which sometimes wonders what the heck I am doing?

Do you have that problem?  A mind full of tricks and inventions and a body with a finite energy source.  I look after myself and rest too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no machine of work.  I am however actively engaged in life.  I sing in a barbershop quartet,  I am rehearsing in a musical for a broadway production, I am writing courses, material , hypnosis scripts,, books and music.  I even wrote a song this month and recorded it.

No I am not superhuman, stupidly driven or mad.  I am living the way I live.  I am guaging my surroundings, my life and my intentions, my soul purpose and finding ways to fulfil them.   Yes I do meditate and sit quietly.  Sometimes I vegetate in front of the TV.  I do all sorts of things to assist my peace.  I walk in nature and I swim in my pool.  I laugh a lot and I experiment with silly things that take my fancy.

A snapshot of the month of March has its own inclusions.   I bought new makeup called Yunique which I decided is marvellous.  It didn’t cause me excema on my eyelid.  Something eyeshadows can do.  Therefore I give it a plus.

My youngest son wrote new music on the piano. My other son showed me photos of his holiday with partner and son on facebook and I saw him loving fatherhood.  My middle son is building my new website and is often emailing me so we are getting lots of chats in.  My daughter is busy with six children so we don’t talk as often as could be perhaps, but I love seeing photos of the kids and the odd skype session.    Sometimes I pine for them and days when they were growing up that I saw more of them.  I did a bit of that in March.  Where did I get the time to combine all these things?  Sometimes in my dreams!

Life is full of dreams, abundances, joys and fortunate events. Life is especially full of these when you receive messages from friends, clients and family that say nice things about your efforts.

Abundance is life and where there is empowerment there is no fear.

I wish you abundance.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND



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“I looked at the link below and it made me really think.  It is a fantastic film footage from 1890 to 1920 showing identical scenes between London in those times and London now.

It made me feel nostaligic to see places I had visited in 2009 and knew.  I remembered being at the gates of Buckingham Palace with my husband and two youngest boys.  I remember their hijinx on the statues out the front, climbing the statue in haste so they didn’t get caught and sliding down the lions.  Aged 7 and 16 it was hysterical to watch their joy and mischief.  Things like trying to make the guard at the sentry box smile, when they are not supposed to by pulling faces at him.  You can only do so much to get there in time when boys are on the run in front of you in a crowd.  I give the guy credit for not moving a facial muscle!  

Memories came flooding back for me, shopping at Hamleys toy shop,  five stories of toy shop that had my children thinking they had gone to heaven, even if we couldn’t take all the toys home!  So I can imagine what it would do for the older generation who knew London in earlier times.   It makes me think of all things about aging and what the world has become from what it was.  Some things never change and some things change drastically.

When you view this film footage there will be some recognisiton of landmarks but there are other factors to make you muse over life.

Firstly, I doubt anyone from the old footage is still on the planet living.  The horse and carts where now there is traffic was a real insight into how we lived.  Ladies on bicycles on what would now be traffic strewn roads.

It is like watching an amazing dream in black and white.  Some of the footage is astounding and congratulations to the person who replicated identical scenes from 2015 to 1890s etc.  

Please watch and enjoy a travel back in time and reminisce about how life has changed.”


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND



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The Aussies are Coming!!!!!!!!  And much more.

Here is something very special.  A once in a lifetime exclusive Vancouver Healing Event, presented by Katherine Bright ND and Kim Bright accompanied by a selection of the Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers from around the world.   You can enrol and pre-purchase on your early bird registration on this link now.


More information:       Experience an afternoon of healing, light-work, music, FUN, awesome connection and time spent with the specialist Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers and light workers who have travelled from Australia, UK and USA to be here.
Experience the Connect To Creator process and learn to connect to your higher self and Source to do healing. Experience guided meditation and one on one interaction in an intimate setting with these two internationally renowned spiritual healers, alternative therapists and life coaches.
Katherine is a renowned musician and author who can weave a wonderful event with joy, fun and laughter. Be part of a once-off special treat. Live coverage by Nicole Whitney on www.newsforthesoul.com for this event.
Public welcome. Come and say hello personally; Be part of the group and find your inner well-being in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
Tickets will sell out fast so please be quick to reserve your place in this one in a lifetime event.

And for those in the network of healers and for those wishing to be, and wanting to have more in-depth connection with us here is further information on how you can join in with the exclusive group.  As we have people coming in from UK, USA and Australia already, you are most welcome.  PLEASE NOTE:  ENTRY TO THIS IS NETWORK TOUR IS LIMITED AND HEAVILY DISCOUNTED SO PLEASE APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO BE ABLE TO BE INCLUDED  IN THIS PART OF THE TOUR.  ONLY EIGHT PLACES LEFT.
Details of how you can join in are on this link below with the text written below for those of you who want quick access to the information specifically.


OPEN Public Festival Event, This event will be attended and covered for radio by Nicole Whitney, www.newsforthesoul.com in Vancouver

DATE: 30 June 2017, 1-5pm Unity Centre, Vancouver, Ticket Price $50 AUD including refreshments.

Our group of Theta Resonance At All Levels participants will attend. Join us for a festival of Connection to Creator, Meditation, Music and fun! MEET THE AUSSIES ET ALL!

We have students from our network travelling from around the world to attend.This next section comprises an exlusive component for our Theta Resonance At All Levels workshop students, or those who have completed the Connect To Creator online course or personal mentoring directly with Katherine Bright ONLY. If you wish to participate in this section, please enroll and complete the Connect To Creator online course as shown here – www.connecttocreator.com

EXCLUSIVE EVENTS over the next few days will be:

Exclusive Working Party of Theta Resonance At All Levels students travelling over from Australia, USA and UK so far!. We are having a party!!!!!!

30 June 2017, Evening Star Show at the Planetarium, Space Centre, Vancouver. Experience the dome theatre experience and visit the stars!

We will be visiting Stanley Park. Vancouver. Katherine and Kim Bright will be personally guiding a small groupd to a special part of Standley Park and guiding you through a connection and meditation experience with the trees and land devas,

There will be a Guided Indigenous Canadian Indian cultural experience in Stanley Park. and much more on your own spiritual development to be had in this amazing forest and part of the world. Enjoy your own free time to explore and holiday in Vancouver after our events complete. This is your chance for an amazing spiritual experience with like-minded souls.

Oh the fun! Network of students invited by enrolment directly with Katherine Bright only. Numbers are limited. Please email me directly if you are interested.

Cost: This has been kept to a minimum and will be $1100AUD including GST and includes your festival ticket, refreshments at the venue and ticket entry to Space Centre and Stanley Park events. NB Deposits to secure your place should be forwarded asap to Katherine please as numbers will need to be accounted for exactly including pre-purchase of tickets etc.

NB Your are responsible for all yourself, your own personal costs, including airfares and accommodation etc. This is not a guided tour. It is a series of events held by Katherine and Kim Bright in Vancouver. No responsibility is taken or accepted in any way by Katherine and Kim Bright for your personal journey apart from providing you with a beautiful set of experiences during scheduled events.

Email me on katherine@katherinebrightaustralia.com if you wish to be included in the exclusive tour component.

Namaste xxxx

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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As humanity progresses on this planet, we seem to be having a large segment of the population who have become excessively focused on the profit at any expense mentality.  This is so below the possibility of human consciousness in the greater scheme of our universal plan.

Human beings have degenerated our planet at such a rate that it is almost impossible to have contemplated this only a few hundred years ago.  We are destroying rainforests, landscapes, rivers and oceans with practical disregard at an astounding rate.  Species are becoming extinct at an enormous rate.  What are we doing?!!!!!!

Why do we think we are immune?  Humanity is considered a scourge by Mother Earth in some places instead of a functioning proportion of an intelligent species, placed here to respect and function in integrous unity with all other species.

Many humans have become consciously aware.  Indigenous tradition respects and supports the breath of this planet of ours.  Yet as the enlightened and prosperous races continue to deny the simple energetics by which we are bound, the Earth suffers and our resources diminish.

We are finite, not infinite as a species and as a planet.   The time it takes us to die is really in our hands.  Denying climate change doesn’t change it.  Politicians cannot dictate how the Earth reacts except by condoning the use or lack thereof of force or chemicals.  Respect is being lost as it is replaced by greed and acquisition, prestige or consumerism.

Let us all pray for some commonsense to prevail and sustainable practice to be part of the common mindset in all races and places on our beautiful planet.  

Please take the time to watch this link.  It is one upsetting, but to me incredulous aspect of denial we are currently experiencing.  Eloquently and succintly put,  Robert Kennedy Junior speaks in fact about the Dakota Pipeline in the USA.  This is a prime example of lack of integrity and commonsense in profiting financially at  the expense of human welfare.  The Hopi Indians have a profesy about the Black Snake you may also look up on google which has been linked by the indigenous to this pipeline.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts which make you distressed in the witnessing of these topics, please see this link which may have tools to help you.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND



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Oh the joy of babies.  All sorts of babies!  Baby people and baby animals.  But oh there is something so luscious about a cute baby animal’s fur and potential chubbiness.  I love the way they lick and chew your fingers, hug you with their funny little paws or mitts or whatever shape they take, and give you lovely looks with their innocence and truly accepting eyes.  Well that is not always true of baby reptiles, but it is of the warm blooded ones.  I love turtles, and even baby snakes,  especially the non venomous varieties.

Babies are just joy!  All babies have an accepting innocence which makes one remember what it must have been like before the world caught up with us in all its teaching experiences.

People do not always serve their grown up animals with as much unconditional love as they personally receive from them.  People, being the shallow animals we can sometimes become, may tire of their pets when the cute baby stage is done and the animal is not a source of fascination any more.  That is the saddest side of human nature and one we have control over.  If you have a pet, take some time to speak with it lovingly, cuddle it and make it understand that it is loved by you as much as it loves you in fact.

I teach people to speak with the higher self of their animals.  Both Kim and I medium people with their departed pets and also speak with their live ones as an intermediary.  Here is a link to my online courses which can teach you to speak with source and learn the communication skills, and then the next one which specifically teaches you how to communicate with and heal any sort of animal that is on the Earth.  Once you have mastered the skills in the first module you will be issued a password to take the advanced areas of animal communication.  Here is a review from some of my students on this course.



“Hi Katherine

Have completed this course and I must say that it was even more than I expected.
Even though I found it hard to do this course on line as I am a face to face person, the course structure and especially your audio tapes made it very easy…..
The fact of knowing that the connection is there and actually experiencing it has given me immense joy and a profound peace..Now with the tools from this course and your guidance am looking forward to the daily practice and mastery of this truly wonderful gift.
I am looking forward to the next course (when you think I am ready) and in continuing this journey with you.
Thank you so much”..        Dana Brovedani


“Loved this!! The way you explain the connection process, how to connect to an animal and the blue light filter makes it so easy to understand. Love the audio and visual together. I really had a lot of fun doing the exercises. It was really wonderful for me to go back to basics again, a great refresher for me and has actually rebuilt my confidence. A refresher for me on many levels.” ~Jane Gorton

So now to make your day, here is a wonderful link to some baby animals videos for you to enjoy.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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So here we are in a New Year and we still have the same headlines.  I have a huge hope that our prayers are changing the blueprint of this planet to one of compassion, love, light and peace at last.  I pray daily for this in a very positive way.  I use my skills as a master healer to support the Earth’s blueprint for humanity, not to be pessimistic at the changes, or lack thereof we witness now in our haste to condemn everything we feel hopeless about.  

I see the atrocities we are so used to ignoring.  Who really cares about the size of Kim Kardashian’s butt except for possibly her and her husband.    For me there are much more pressing concerns on this planet.  I pray for a much less superficial and social-media driven gossiping world.  I pray that humanity will be less impressed by the superficial and mediocre and more impressed with headlines outlining good works in the name of peace and integrity.

If someone loses their possessions it can be hugely disproportionate depending on their geographical location and circumstances.  Losing a 12 million dollar ring which is insured, or losing your last piece of clean food to the dirt.   That really does put it in perspective doesn’t it?

I am totally unimpressed with showiness without an integrity for the light to prevail.  I see no point except to teach humanity what it doesn’t need in the scantily-clad, cosmetic surgery evidenced in many popular publications and movies.    What I like is a good bit of real and intergrous emotion shown in a tasteful way with a solution presented that we can all really contemplate.  I love a compassionate display of giving.  I love the sites on our social media which show positivity, integrity, philanthropy and have a disregard for the harm and gossip that the savage or lesser intellect will value.

Poverty isn’t always about money.  It can be about class.  You cannot buy that.

Hope for a better world and the thoughts you have will follow into the group consciousness with every positive thought you can create.  You are not helpless amongst the headlines of sadness and gloom.  Use each upset you see as an opportunity to ask the universe for resolve and change of what we are prepared to tolerate on this planet.  Say no I won’t choose ignorance or avoidance of the headlines.  I will choose to send light to them.  Each one of us can do that. Envisage a blessing of rainbow light and thought project it to any cause you wish to prosper and any situation you wish would resolve for the better in light.   

Remember to breathe in every time you breathe out.  Why?   Because if you don’t you die.  Strange thing to say you might think.  But we do this every day without understanding that to give and not receive is an imbalance of energy.  Air is life-force energy.  

If you over-possess, stress, punish, dominate or criticise you hold your breath.   Anger is holding out the life-force in a stagnancy which leads to liver dysfunction, heart dysfunction etc.  Often anger is a cry for help and a shout that we haven’t received somehow and we are mightily displeased about that, often enough to punish another. The small wars and the big wars are often about the unequal energies of give and receive, ownership and lack, the opposite side of the coin so to speak.  Revenge is an ugly mirror full of consequences.

If you breathe in and out slowly enough, all things which are out of balance take on a clarity.  You learn to take the time to perceive.  To do this is to receive.  This clarifies a disordered energy and so the perception again is allowed some time to consider itself.  This is compassion for the self,  and it will lead to compassion for others, less revenge and violence and a perception of love and peace as a possibility.

Do not  use the sentence “what can I do about it?”  That is such a cop out.  Use the positive in any sentence.  “What can I do about it?”  Take a chance on using your empowerment instead of your fear and prosper your surroundings in every little way you can all the time.  

You breathe in remember, so you won’t get too tired to do it.  You create little holidays of energy-replenishment every time you slowly breathe in, clarity of perception and hope become possibilities in your creative self.  Therefore you will create a different environment around you and teach humanity it is possible.

Namaste, and happy praying, blessing and being.

Please check out my website for tools to help your forward movement to love, light and support. 


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Is your well-being practitioner your healer/friend/confidant/clinician/expert/saviour/mirror?

Good question. Perhaps it is one aspect and perhaps it is another. Have you ever thought what your effect is on your practitioner? Most people are very self oriented when it comes to seeking out a service provider. They are not thinking so much about their effect on their practitioner but their gain by seeking out that practitioner.

From my perspective, I know both sides of that question. I am a practitioner and I seek out occasionally for a service I need.

Something I am very strict about when I seek out a practitioner is that I honour them. What does that mean?

First and foremost I will not abuse them by making appointments I do not keep. If I miss an appointment I will pay for it and apologise. Why? Because from the point of a practitioner I understand that their resources for personal well-being are finite and they will only be able to see a certain amount of clients. This means their income is limited to that number. If I miss an appointment I have removed that amount of income from them, I have taken a spot someone in need could have used and not to pay for this is in my opinion abusive.

I am surprised by some people who are self oriented enough not to recognise this. They see the person only from their own perspective. Is your practitioner your acquisition? If you forget you have an appointment for a consultation it doesn’t mean you didn’t make it. You have given away your interaction with the practitioner in that timeslot but it doesn’t mean you didn’t use it in actuality. Think of this as an ethical statement. Are you in integrity if you build up a relationship with a practitioner and then negate them to suit your own purposes? Wow, incredulous!

This is the other side of practice. Most practices have a policy that you will be charged if you do not attend your appointment without notice of cancellation prior. That is fine but if the person concerned does not agree to pay it involves a negative energy commencing.

If a client misses their appointment with me as a healer, I will always send them a healing during the time. Energy sent as a blessing without violation of their personal space. This is because my clients become in so many ways closer to me because of the sharing of personal stories which I am confidential and sacred about for them. I usually know they don’t mean to miss the appointment but have gotten confused and I will receive in the majority of circumstances a huge thank you for taking that time to remember them and to not charge them the missed appointment fee without providing them their booked energy in return. It is a grace.

I rarely have missed appointments because I am usually booked ahead and clients know it might be a while before they can get an appointment. So courtesy for me is to send them the healing and I find that 99% of people will forward me the payment because they honour the relationship. Then there is the 1% that make you feel abused because their attitude is self-serving and negating. They may not reply to your email re the missed appointment. They may resent paying a missed appointment fee. They have received a free healing at your expense, but interestingly I find Creator will retract the energy automatically when the person doesn’t honour the energy of their booking. I may spend the time sending but it has been wasted. Not my stuff but an interesting observation that the universe takes care of it automatically. I suppose it is the law of attraction at work in practicality. I know I have provided something then as a free service and am satisfied that my heart is in the right place.
You lose a relationship with them as a client at that point because they are not honouring themselves in their true potential in fact, so you detach as you must in integrity, to spend your time on providing light to your client list with room for someone who is really working on their own life in a positive way.

I never attach to a client, but I am there for them in integrity. Clients go where they feel best served and when one leaves it is time for them to do that. That is normal. You offer grace to their departure and hope they find light with their next practitioner.

Your job is done with them at that point because they will then seek the next step on their journey with their mirror in tact.

I love my job. I love helping others. I respect my clients and to receive respect is therefore assured in most cases. And you know what? When a client doesn’t respect their practitioner’s heart space and good spiritual practice, it is time to let them go.

Practitioners, respect yourselves, set healthy boundaries and know that in the light of all that is, you deserve the mirror of your own intentions. Be free to pray in grace and know that you are enough. Peace after all is the human goal in our universe of love.  

Please bless in your new year of 2017 to be your best self, honouring your forward movement is a joyful and positive abundance of new possibilities.  

love and light
Katherine Bright

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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Image result for free christmas pictures to copy and paste
Namaste dear ones!   Merry Christmas to you all and may you be blessed with a wondrous life full of fulfilling experiences over this spiritual time.  And to benefit even more it is suggested you avoid the shops and find nature as your playground!

Kim, my son Isaac and I are performing at The Glasshouse in Port Macquarie today for a Christmas Concert.  Isaac is 15  years old and will be playing the piano for me singing Imagine by John Lennon.  It is his first performance of this type so it is exciting and nerve wracking also for him.  Kim and I are singing and performing some songs along with other performers to entertain at a Community Concert Lunchtime Recital before Christmas.  These are hosted for us at The Glasshouse weekly as an incentive where we donate our time to provide donation funds from the audience to supply and repair musical instruments for children who cannot afford them.  It is a Merry Christmas philanthropy from us all.

And now for some thoughts on Christmas and God……

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

You can lead Mohammed to the mountain but you cant take the mountain to Mohammed.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The above are some of the sayings the human group consciousness lives by.  Are they helpful or are they not in the scheme of changing our paradigms and moving forward with new and wondrous thoughts?  In some way they all speak of not forcing but of flowing.  They can speak of our possibilities or our avoidances.  

In my life I have benefited in so many ways from obtaining my answers directly from source and avoiding human opinions.   I think this is one of the most pressing reasons I have taught my workshops and been a messenger.  It is because I think people deserve to receive their advice from Source/Creator/God first before a human gets a chance to interpret it from their own limited mind or knowledge.  

I teach people to converse with God.  It is my passion to empower.  As Creator/God/Source told me when I was first asked to develop Theta Resonance At All Levels workshops and teach them…….”Where There Is Empowerment There Is No Fear”  and so my modality was born from this statement and mission.  

If you would like to know more about ways to also speak directly to Source/Creator/God, please contact me.  I teach selected students personally, one on one to develop them to their full potential.  This isn’t suitable for everyone but particularly helpful for some.  Those whose passion it is to follow their spiritual enlightenment find a way to my door.  If they feel right, I will agree to teach them.  I rely on advice directly from Source if I am to be the one who will be their teacher.  It doesn’t have to be me, but if it is to be me your integrity and soul purpose will be in tune and we will both know.  It only comes from a common purpose in the universe if it is right and integrous.

You can also look at my website and even take an online course in your own time to learn the skills in the comfort of your own home and I am there with audios to walk you through your personal and spiritual growth to connection.

 Here is a link if you want to explore more about that avenue of communication with our wondrous Source.”



Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


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