What do I mean by that?  I mean that you deserve to be your full potential. You deserve to be you.  Not a version of you that is acceptable to someone else, but a you that you deserve to be because you know you are whole.

All our lives we are taught and confronted through the worlds and belief systems of others.  We are born into a world of construction which another group of people have created and we are expected to adapt to it and belong. Sometimes we belong and fit easily and sometimes we do not.  Sometimes we feel like an alien dropped into someone else’s planet.  What on earth did I choose this for??!!

You create yourself however.  This is something many would rather project onto inherited circumstance.  You are the culmination of your thoughts and actions combined with the circumstances to which you are exposed and the belief system conditionings of your experience and exposure.  You in the centre of all of this however are a box of potentials awaiting opening and whether we cajole our full potential out of the box or not depends sometimes on tenacity, sometimes on confidence and perhaps also on the measurement of support we have received in being our true self.  Acceptance or lack of it will dictate self-esteem and self conceptualisation.  Abuse is a sure shut down mechanism for anyone’s psychology.  It can be a teacher but it can be a punisher.  We still have the choice however of how we adapt and grow from what this harsh teacher may have provided in our educative process.

I personally like to look on the positive side of occurrences.  I crumble sometimes, but I always get back up.  it is something I love about myself.  I will find the challenge of adversarial circumstances as an opportunity for self-revelation and potential growth. No I do not need these tough times to grow from, but if they occur I will not exclude them, I will however modify their occurrence in my life to be something I can manage.  Whether that means I detach from them, work with them or just sit in meditation is up to me.  I am in control of my responses and that can be very empowering in a world where you are exposed constantly to the belief systems and actions of others.

If you want to be what you deserve, then be a being of compassion, eyes open and with a heart ready for love.  That will teach you how to exist more than any pre-conceived process you may read or take on by rote.  You deserve love, light, wisdom, compassion, companionship if you choose it, integrity, truth, joy, fun, great food and shelter and awesome peace.  Do yourself a favour and cultivate these thoughts so you can create your future as you have created your present with your perception of your reality.

Namaste and peace, love and light to you in all your thoughts.

Here is the link to click and explore for more information and tools to help you be what you deserve.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


What does it mean to have confidence?  The definition of confidence in the Oxford Dictionary is:-

The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something:we had every confidence in the staffhe had gained the young man’s confidence

The state of feeling certain about the truth of something:I can say with confidence that I have never before driven up this street


A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities:she’s brimming with confidence[IN SINGULAR]: he would walk up those steps with a confidence he didn’t feel


The telling of private matters or secrets with mutual trust:someone with whom you may raise your suspicions in confidence

Mmm  there are a lot of nuances and differences attributed to this word.  No wonder we can have trouble identifying whether we are confident we are confident or not!

Confidence is a gift if it is innate, but it doesn’t come so easily to all of us.  Life and its myriad experiences can knock your confidence out of the water pretty quickly.

What makes for confidence?  I think confidence is if you have a good sense of self-worth as then you will be standing in your own empowerment, which automatically leads to confidence.  Confidence isn’t arrogance, bravado or spouting opinions.  Confidence is silently existing in a sphere of balanced comprehension.  Confidence has a zen about it because you are able to deliver yourself in your environment without fear.

To be confident you have to believe in what it is you want to say and in your behaviour.  You only need passion about a topic to be confident of the delivery of it to others.

Are you confident in yourself?  One of the hardest things you will encounter is if you have never been given a voice nor been taught that your existence is valid.  Then you are not going to understand confidence let alone how to acquire it.  To acquire confidence you have to allow yourself to be loved and to allow yourself to learn to receive acceptance.  Then confidence ensues from the contact with the lovers in your life.

I am not sure how “sharing confidences” came about, but I would like to think it is the sacred sharing of something personal with another without fear of reprisal, rather than to gossip and spread innuendo from opinionatedness.

Whatever your judgement is about yourself, remember it is you who holds the key to walking forward in confidence.  It is you that holds the key to accepting opportunity to learn confidence in whatever forum feels safe and comfortable. You after all can be confident that you exist, are loved by Creator, have something valuable to contribute to the greater good and that you were created equal.  Just is!


love and light
Katherine Bright ND

In case you want some tools to help you please check out these links

If you are having trouble balancing your weight combine the above thoughts with this great hypnosis tape.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


Getting bored by eating the same things or cooking the same meals is commonplace in a busy lifestyle.
Here are some interesting cycling facts.  Many people cook the same things over and over again, night after week after month.
We get used to the same meals due to the ease of preparation or the easy knowing how to do it on a busy schedule.

Adding a little something extra and still staying healthy is obviously a good thing.  A little spice, condiment or change of menu to a different style of cooking, asian; mexican; italian; english etc.

Add up 365 days a year times 3 meals a day on the average, or perhaps you are on a 5-6 times a day snack style menu plan and that is a LOT of meal preparation and thinking time.  No wonder we cut corners and try the routines often.  Meat and three veg is a society norm in western cultures.

Frozen foods and pre-packs, prepared menu items from purchaseable company menu plans and weight watchers meals.  Phew the list is endless.

What we really need to watch out for is good nutrition, balance, interesting taste and convenience.

Enjoy making your meal formulas but add some variety to make life an interesting eating event.  Cultures like Peru base their whole day around the joy of growing and preparing food.  I know, I have been there.  In 2009 I took a tour group to Machu Picchu and we spent time in Peru.  Some of my friends and I enjoyed various restaurants.
I spent extra time with a local family and got to eat in their kitchen.  YUM!!!!  What is good food if it isn’t LOVE!

People who eat my food say they can taste the love in it.  Especially my soups!

Some easy meal mathematics for healthy eating are:-

Fresh ingredients if you can.
1+1+3        One Protein, One Carbohydrate and a selection of three different coloured vegetables.

Cook them in different combinations for example a protein may include meat, chicken, fish, tofu, legumes,   about 100-200 mg per serve for a main meal (raw weight),  and for tofu 170mg, legumes 150mg.

Carbohydrates are pasta, rice, legumes wholegrains, pizza bases, buckwheat, barley, quinoa. potatoes.  1/2 cup

Veges about three serves like 2-4 mushrooms, half a carrot or more, a small handful as a guide.

Easy-peasy.  Cook and season to taste and you can’t go wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a regime or diet style menu, you can always fit in a healthy mathematics formula of the above.  Food maths should be yummy, balanced and healthy.

Happy calculating, cooking and eating!

Here are some recipe suggestions of 1+1+3 mathematis:

Salmon steak with tandoori paste on quinoa with salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumer

Lime and olive oil bbq chicken breast with sweet potato, and vegetables of perhaps zucchini and capsicum

Pesto on fish or chicken with oven baked wedges and a mediterranean salad.

Spaghetti with meatballs, carrot, beans and asparagus.
love and light
Katherine Bright ND

In case you want some tools to help you please check out these links

If you are having trouble balancing your weight combine the above thoughts with this great hypnosis tape.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.


We are truly blessed on this planet to commune with some of the most amazing and grand creatures. The Trees being just one of them. I have been blessed to be personally introduced to a land of the giants in Tasmania’s Russell Falls National Park. The Tall Trees as they are known are the most amazing things I have ever seen. The smell, appearance, grandeur and enormity of them cannot be described. You really have to be there. Here is a photo of me at the foot of one of these giants.

Photo copyright Kim Bright 2011

Just to feel the millions of years of undergrowth in a tall forest combined with the hundreds of years of old growth tree is like walking into the land of the dinosaurs in pre-historic earth. You get a feel of absolute respect for nature and its amazing capacity to regenerate and to breathe, speak and commune with itself in a way which we as humans are rapidly forgetting. I remember looking up to the top of this awesome tree and I could barely see the top in the distance. Unbelievable!

As humans we are consumed with the workings of abundant profit and logging is removing many of the old growth forests. We forget that these beings are not commodities but a living, breathing aspect of our world with their own communities and communication systems; from the roots to the air frequencies of their own language carried on the winds.

Below I have a lovely video depicting a Californian sequoia tree which is enormous. The scale is mind-boggling. Enjoy and know we are part of a web of life so grand in its scale that if we learn to respect and travel with the trees, we will all benefit.

Till next week, enjoy your nature walks and thing big!

love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light


Below is a wonderful youtube clip done by The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church which asks us all to embrace our sameness not our differences. It asks us to acknowledge that there is only one God, just different faiths and practices. I think it is absolutely awesome and uniting for humanity if you can embrace our common philosophies of spirituality and embrace also our differences in tolerance, not intolerance.
So I ask you as part of humanity to consider giving compassion, tolerance and commonality a fair go!

Whether it is religion or spirituality, or perhaps just being human in general, we deserve a fair go. It is possible to be compassionate when we are comfortable but we find it much harder to be fair and impartial when we are challenged in our belief systems. Conditioning can make us very regimented in our beliefs and practices, our habits and cultural paradigms. However when it comes down to it, we all have legs, arms, heads, torsos and faces. We all have skin, no matter what colour it comes in. We all have hearts with which to feel and discern. Often they are used for prejudice and judgement when they are meant for love, light and peace.

So today I would ask all of humanity to be fair. Come on. Try being non-judgemental, moderate, tolerant, discerning, loving, peaceful and above all united. Namaste.

love and light
Katherine Bright ND

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We give ourselves many names/titles/duty statements in our personal projections.

Many people are very set on a particular focus in their life.  We can focus on making money, religion, family, work, weight issues, dissatisfactions like “the grass is greener on the other side”.

Focus is a tool of enormous manifestation.  Did you realise you literally create your life by your belief systems, thought frequencies in the laws of attraction, concentration of thoughts and themes?

Yes you do. We can build fences in many forms.  We can decorate our fences in a variety of colours and designs.

You are a designer even if you didn’t know that before.   What you think will manifest itself in your life in one way or another.  This could be via association to people, themes, groups or clubs.  It could be by the nature of your actions and what and where you choose to enact your intentions.  Intention is a tool to manifest anything in this “real world” as we may perceive this third dimensional reality, but there are a lot of other inter-dimensional aspects inter-relating to this one.

Personally I am very aware to catch myself out if I notice I am thinking negatively or projecting on another.  We never really project onto another.  What we do is create an elaborate thought pattern which intersects with their field and life in many ways and then we coerce the molecules of our mutual existences into action/reaction mode.  We literally inter-connect ourselves with the significant other thought.  We do this whether it is to the person, profile, assumption, perception, body, association, feeling, sound, smell or decision making dominance.

We resent, love, laugh, fear and all the rainbow spectrum of emotional creations with our focus and we assess with our belief systems which often come from a subconscious platform which is dictating our judgement on any given thing.

Here is an example of a scenario built around being what you focus on :–

Feeling and appearing to be Overweight which lead the focus to the following pattern:   ……….mirror……….food…….fear……judgement……….attempts to validate a myriad of assumptions and food behaviours with the intention of balancing out the platform…………avoidance of people who might judge……loneliness……….over-compensation……….eating……….fear………...self-esteem issues in personal perception…….denigration of the self potential based upon societized perceptions of health or attractiveness,  or self-acceptance and embracing the goddess/god within……worries about health………failure……..success…….yoyo…….success…….acceptance of the self and the emotional paradigms on weight/nurturing issues……..success……people praise……consolidation…...fear of failure………yoyo……success……..figured out a subconscious focus distraction belief system…………hooray I see myself fot the first time and know I am ok………success in self-acceptance whatever my weight…………get healthy……..weight drops naturally………….satisfied.

Any focus has the potential to change the world for the better and yourself along the way.  It can feel like pandoras box living this life but it is how you healthily and successfully focus your thoughts which has the greates power to make you empowered and to clear your fear.

The list of possibilities of focus go on as long and as far as our mind and its interconnections to our reality go on.

So the moral of this story is focus on the things you feel are important in the most positive way possible and assist your mind to Let Go and Let God in your life.  Be, flow, allow and zen are a great focus because from that stand point you allow the universal wisdom and abundance to become your focus.    Namaste.

In case you want some tools to help you please check out these links

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


16403915_mlWhen you are so uncertain of your soul purpose, your life’s true purpose and you intention for inhabiting this planet, you start to lower your frequency into confused reticence.  What do I mean by that?  It is like all identity, if you don’t know who you are you lose confidence.  Losing confidence diminishes you and your sense of self.  This can lead to loss of energy and a downward sense of self- worth including the capacity to sustain yourself.

Who are you at the soul level?  It is a question I am often asked in consultation by people who feel broken at a deep level.  Who am I? Why did I come here and what of Earth possessed me to pick this life?

Other people are able to assume a position of trust and hope, grateful for even the small things.  Neither one has a wrong attitude, just an attitude born from the life experiences, the personality profile of their genetic and the soul’s true purpose.

As a soul we choose our parents, generic lifestyle of their zone and conditioning in order to achieve a certain learning in this lifetime.  When you think of this you might wonder why one soul will choose adversity in their set up for life and another will choose to cruise in another format.  It is simplified to say that souls will choose lifetimes based upon their need of experience, learning potentials, desire to resolve past trauma or experience lack and become enlightened in a new understanding from a desired experiential.  We can become completely unaware of why we chose this lifetime once we pass through the veil into this body.  This is done on purpose.

It is only an old and wise masterful soul who will know and retain their understood purpose from birth onwards and operate with a directed consciousness to fulfill this lifetimes goal of enlightenment.

Most people will have an inkling of their soul purpose via their passions and interests, often negating the association.  You could be a soul whose theme of existence is based upon facilitating Earth Healing, care of children, enlightening as a messenger, a healer, a politician engaging in greater good concepts etc.  Souls do not incarnate to perpetuate harm in this enlightenend age.  They do have to contend with genetic bodies who have a baseline which is more humanly savage so sometimes have to conquer over the strong personality of a human body intention.  This is when a soul can become broken.

When the experiences of abuse or abusing become important to a human they will attract those experiences to the body by the laws of attraction.  The soul has to contend with these experiences and can become overwhelmed, breaking under the strain of depressions and trauma and go “home”, or wish to do so.

What happens to the body when a soul is broken?  You will see a distressed person, unable to function in an optimistic way, sad or driven down by life or their own incapacity to experience and enthuse.  A soul needs healing in these cases.  A broken soul can sometimes leave a body alone and go back to Source to be healed.  It may return to the body again when this is completed.  The body continues in this interim in normal life feeling diminished but unsure why, two dimensional for a basic explanation.

This is a long and complicated process for some people and it isn’t something I can teach fully in this newsletter.  However if you wish to work more fully on your own personal soul understanding and explanations of your soul purpose and journey, please feel free to contact me for consultation and individual help.

A soul is a bouncy creature who will embrace the light and bounce back with the appropriate healing. The soul is your conduit to Creation and all communication with spirit.

I am an expert in this type of healing and mediumship and will offer you the skills that my soul purpose and life experience has taught me.

Some helpful hints to repair a broken soul are:  Trust Creation no matter what and take the high road of optimism whenever you can.

Pray and ask God/Source/Creator for healing and assistance.

Know that you are not alone and there are lightworkers here like myself who will be prepared to help you.

To help yourself you have to want to.  Your soul will be grateful for your care.  Be the gentle, enlightened and empowered super-glue your soul needs to regain full strength.

If you would like to learn to communicate directly with Source and heal in an empowered way to fulfil your soul purpose, please look at these online downloadable courses I offer also.  You can do these full workshops with my audios and discussions directly from your own home in your own time or –

You can learn directly with me one on one in a personal mentoring day where I can teach you not only connection but also soul timeline healing and clearing.  The links are below if you are interested.

Last week a group of my Theta Resonance At All Levels students and Kim and I got together to do greater good work for the planet, using our healing and prayer skills.  We went to the Gold Coast in Australia and spent a day sending light from our own individual soul masterships to specific topics as Creator asked.  What a wonderful day!  Some of these students have been empowered by working with me on their journeys via workshops, some via personal mentoring and some via the online downloadable Connect To Creator course whom I have finally met in person.  What a joy!  To see people embracing their true soul purpose and excelling in their journey to light in their own individual and special way is so fulfilling for me.  To teach spirituality is part of my soul purpose you see.

love and peace, blessings and rainbows.

Katherine Bright ND

Article Copyright Katherine Bright ND


Laughing Your Head Off, KatherineBrightAustralia.comSome days you wake up and it seems that the apple-cart has already tumbled down the hill. Nothing seems to be working easily and you seem to get flustered and bothered by the simplest things. These are the days that a great sense of humour can really come in handy and really saves you from a downer of humungous proportions.

The days when you feel the worst are usually the days where for some reason you have become seriously out of balance. Why do these days happen out of the blue? Good question.

There are many reasons why you can have a down day or a flustered day. Not all of these are in your direct control. Perhaps it is a work project delayed, someone else’s free will has intervened and put a wedge in your plans, or perhaps it is a child who has become sick and everything is overwhelming.

For you to keep things in perspective you will really need your funnybone to be working and oiled!

zzzzzzzzzzz you overslept! AAAAGH that blasted neighbour has the stereo up too loud again until late and I want to scream! What do you mean? I forgot to pay the phone bill? The power bill is due again! My car just blew a tyre………and the list goes on.

Your astrological chart may be a contributing factor. Perhaps the planets certainly have not aligned for you.

Did you forget to wake up and bless your day?
Whatever the reason your chakras are out of alignment, the best thing you can do is to refind your balance and set the wheels of your life back into accord. Get back in the right lane and laugh off your troubles.

If you can find a joke, any joke, anything ridiculous at all will often make you laugh and then consequently see the lighter side of your darkened cloud. You could even make someone close to you laugh and feel better, bouncing off each other with a cacaphony of unstoppable silliness. Silliness is a fantastic consequence of overwhelm. The knee-jerk reaction of the overwhelmed is either depression, anger, frustration or letting go and letting it all hang out!

So to help you let it go and hang it out, breathe, breathe and breathe again. Find something to be grateful for, even if it is your own sense of humour, and try to strive for the more amusing stance for any given situation. If there is one thing for certain it is that we are all heading to the end of our lives, one day and thought or situation at a time, so we may as well see the funny side of those situations and make the journey enjoyable. Namaste!”

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND



So here we are in a new year of possibilities. We are always looking and supposing that we know exactly what is our future and our possibilities. Often we can restrict our truth and possibilities because our mind often only conceives of a certain limited set of perameters. What we know we are prepared to explore lol.

Now to extend yourself into new horizons you really need to be prepared to explore beyond your set of comfort zones and try something new and wondrous, exciting and perhaps a little scary to our safety-perceiving sub-conscious mind.
The sub-conscious has a way of keeping you within its mindframe by subtlely securing safe, and supposedly sage thoughts for you. To move beyond the scope of the known into the frame of new possibility we have to convince our sub-conscious that we will not only survive it, but thrive in it.
Then we will be prepared to secure a new set of rules to the known rule-book and we will feel safe to proceed beyond the red lights of our commonly known turf-boundary.

Allowing change is a wondrous thing. Flow is a part of zen and the chaos of the universe is what keeps us all together. Isn’t that a paradox of existence! The more we boundary the more we become rigid, inflexible and oh so safe. The more we understand that the atoms of our existence are always dancing the more we can be prepared to dance along with them in an exciting and new way.

In order to be free to explore your inner challenges, we need to be able to set ourselves free of fear and empower our sub-conscious to follow the impulses of the conscious mind. Onward and upward in a frequency of flying into the new possibilities of existence. It may take a while to learn new rules, to speak new languages and whisper new nuances to the regulated mind, but the freedom of impulsiveness can be safe and well-being can be a reward of free thoughts.

I wish you fun and laughter, love and freedom in the exploration of the new possibilities forming in your mind and the thoughts of your heart.

Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND


And so another year over and a new one is begun.

What do you hope to get out of this 2016 opportunity?  I hope for peace, grace, enough money not to feel overwhelmed with life’s demands but to feel open to abundance and new possibilities.

I hope for grace in an unusual sense.  It is not the humble, pious, all encompassing grace which reeks of poverty and suffering religious-style grace.  My grace is a state of zen, peace, acknowledgement, quiet and enjoyment of the silence.  My grace says it doesn’t matter what people think of me, I am ok.  My grace says because I am therefore I be.

LOL  I also have a penchant for caviar in my mind, but don’t like the taste of it.  We can all be like that.  What concept do we place on our happiness, forward movement and opportunities as they present?  Do we fear our own success and feel fatigued at the thought of the perception of work that will involve?  Do we feel any outcome is a good outcome as long as we are noticed?  Do we feel that to break the moulds of pre-confined society perception will challenge our acceptance, therefore we just better head in the backwards direction and be humble?  Ah the subconscious mind and the way we drive it!

This 2016 year I hope to provide a safe haven for others who are challenged without sacrificing my health and wisdom for self.  I hope to speak with God as I already do everyday in a way which does not challenge me and my physical health.    I can be zealot-like and burn myself out doing healing and self reflections!  This year I hope I stop putting off hoping I will stop putting off self-care.  This year I have already started doing it properly and with grace, so my circle is circling in the right ways to sustain momentum in my personal vortex world.

For this planet I will pray, send light and do greater-good healings as I always do.  I will love and respect my beautiful husband and children in ways which do not place expectations upon them to be more than is their journey.

I will cultivate the art of detachment in positive ways which supports my energy.

This 2016 I will continue to play music, love my friends and enjoy the beach, my friends the dolphins, and embrace my global audience on the radio program – with my overseas mates who support me via email and call-ins.  I really love you you know.  Truly, and with a great reverence that you spend the time listening to my form of wisdom and that you feedback to Kim and I that it helps you.

Like all of us I have an opportunity to learn, to play, to work, to love, to eat and be merry and I intend to do it all with a peaceful gusto.  Now there is a juggle in terms hahaha!

For you, let me say I would wish all manner of wonderful and fulfilling things which give you joyful experiences, as I wish this for myself.  Please feed back your joys and comments as you have done for 2015 and thank you for making that a fulfilling year for both Kim and I.

Namaste dear friend, for I address each one reading this individually.  You are not forgotten, you are blessed and loved.  Happy 2016…….onward and upward and remember Creator’s quote to me which started my whole modality of Theta Resonance At All Levels…..

“Where There is Empowerment There Is No Fear”,
so be fearless and enjoy your life and your year.


I have found a fantastic photograph for you.  It is the first photograph which has ever been able to be captured of light, both as a particle and a wave.  It is known that if you view light it changes from one to the other.  As a quantum physicist light it is my passion for both life, construction, soul mastership, healing work, everyday living and concepts of both spirit and physical dimensional concepts.  Light….what beauty!

Here is the photograph and a fantastic article explaining all about it.  Instead of the usual newsletter concept today, I thought it would be just fantastic to show you this wonderful discovery so you can witness and understand directly from the source of the article but also to witness this visual for yourself in the wonder and awe of its natural perception and conception.

View Photograph and article

I hope you really enjoyed this tit-bit of fascination.

Please enjoy your pre-Christmas week.  Be the light in your own life and enjoy the light you spread to others in your environment and vicinity.  You are the light of the universe in a tidy little packet, capable of manifesting the most wondrous and light-filled thoughts.

Today I am entertaining a few hundred elderly people at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club Christmas Dinner.   It is a wonderful thing to volunteer your gifts and be of service to brighten another’s life.  Christmas carols, raucous laughter and an interruption to routine create healthy moments in what can feel like a fading existence, so this is my Christmas present where I know it will reach out and be appreciated via my music.  Remember in life to BE and Enjoy!


Not everyone copes very well with shifting energies, events and moments in life.  Sometimes it can feel like a lack of control, a challenge, an upheaval.

What essentially is change?

Change is identified in the oxford dictionary as
“To make to become different:  to alter”
So this leads us to our perceptions and comfort zones when things alter for us. Why do we think things are uncomfortable when they alter?  It can be for a number of reasons.

1.  We cannot predict from our stereotype of mind;  the part of the mind which knows and understands intricately how things stand in the status quo of one’s life.

2.  Something must be done differently.  That could mean learning new skills.

3.  What if?!!!  What does it mean to change?

4.  Our subconscious mind is rarely able to acknowledge that change is safe.  Our subconscious mind knows the boundaries and parameters of standard life events and will baulk if we throw in a wobbly shift, especially without planning, identifying safety measures; knowing the lay of the land so to speak.  The subconscious mind will tell you change is bad unless it feels safe or known already.

What do we mean by safe change?  Well if we are used to something like catching the bus on a known route daily, then change can be a simple thing like a new bus driver to get used to, a different logo on the bus,  a variance in the known route that was planned or unplanned.  Our subconscious will accustom to that pretty quickly, even if we find something annoying, because it is a minimal change of the known.

However, unsafe change is part of the perception of what our subconscious may perceive as dangerous or uncomfortable.  For example, our employer changes buildings and we have to take a completely different route to work on an alternative form of transport we haven’t used before, to a new office with new workmates doing a different duty statement.  That can be enough to trigger a bout of irritable bowel syndrome in those who love their routines!

Then there is unavoidable major change.  This can be the break up of a marriage, the death of a spouse, bankruptcy, sudden and unexpected illness causing lifestyle upheavals and separations from loved ones, major dischord with another person which causes huge distress or depression.

Major change is another kettle of fish altogether!  In this case the conscious mind, subconscious baggage section of our mind interchange, mind/body/spirit have to become involved in a total shift of the norm, coping with emotional and physical upheavals which totally throw out the comfort zone and create havoc, hormonally and in every other way. This is the time we have no choice but to change and/or to adapt.  This is the time we learn to grow with or without our safety net and we can sink.  We can refuse or feel unable to adapt and alter to the new circumstances.
Perhaps we just don’t know how?  It is at this time we need to notice and acknowledge we may need support from others.  We need to know it is ok to challenge our insecurities, accept our difficulties and move on to allow ourselves to receive.

Can you receive when things change?  Perhaps that seems like a strange question, but slowing down and receiving is a coping mechanism worth cultivating.  Receive love, trust, support, constructive advice.  Receive guidance from your spiritual advisers and worldly counsellors.  Receive good, nourishing food and food for thought. Throw out the nay-sayers and those with negativity from your advisory circle and only keep those close to your heart who express with an unconditional attitude and whom you sense really do get it.

Remember to receive self-acceptance and work with your boundaries to open the borders into self-revelation.  Only you can allow yourself to change in a way which will support you and it can become a choice to give and receive.

I wish to give you much love and blessings on any space in which you are currently changing, whether that is your mind, your living arrangements, your friends and peers, your workplace or your religion!

Change can be embraced, supported, enjoyed, and can become exciting!  Some people thrive on change.  You can perceive excitement in the receiving of change and then give in the support of it to others in your family, friendship group or world frame of reference.  Namaste on meditating and giving yourself a world view of love and light.

Enjoy your forward movement.  Remember if you need help in changing and shifting, then I am available to assist you one on one in a consultation geared to assist your to clear the old to make way for the new.  See my website contact details for booking and feel free to email me.  I specialise in life coaching change!

Embrace yourself and your message and contemplate your contributions to the greater good when you express yourself to others.

It is a joy to allow yourself to become your full potential and spread your truth in special words.  You probably could write a book and change the world!