March has been a very busy month for me.  It is usually a busy life for me but I have been particularly busy this month.

We held a three day healing festival in Port Macquarie for my students,  I conducted three reiki classes and did the usual clinic, weekly radio hosting of my program on www.newsforthesoul.com called Connect To Creator, and wrote a lot of material for my new partnership business Scale It Up Now.

I thought about the juggle of the active mind.  I have a very active mind!  Sometimes it won’t be quiet at all and sometimes it is serene.  Yes I think if you could picture my mind you could picture a juggler with a series of balls, deciding which ones to allocate a topic or task you and then rotating them with skill.

I have a skillful mind.  I have an amazing soul that tirelessly works and invents for the greater good.  I have a human body which sometimes wonders what the heck I am doing?

Do you have that problem?  A mind full of tricks and inventions and a body with a finite energy source.  I look after myself and rest too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no machine of work.  I am however actively engaged in life.  I sing in a barbershop quartet,  I am rehearsing in a musical for a broadway production, I am writing courses, material , hypnosis scripts,, books and music.  I even wrote a song this month and recorded it.

No I am not superhuman, stupidly driven or mad.  I am living the way I live.  I am guaging my surroundings, my life and my intentions, my soul purpose and finding ways to fulfil them.   Yes I do meditate and sit quietly.  Sometimes I vegetate in front of the TV.  I do all sorts of things to assist my peace.  I walk in nature and I swim in my pool.  I laugh a lot and I experiment with silly things that take my fancy.

A snapshot of the month of March has its own inclusions.   I bought new makeup called Yunique which I decided is marvellous.  It didn’t cause me excema on my eyelid.  Something eyeshadows can do.  Therefore I give it a plus.

My youngest son wrote new music on the piano. My other son showed me photos of his holiday with partner and son on facebook and I saw him loving fatherhood.  My middle son is building my new website and is often emailing me so we are getting lots of chats in.  My daughter is busy with six children so we don’t talk as often as could be perhaps, but I love seeing photos of the kids and the odd skype session.    Sometimes I pine for them and days when they were growing up that I saw more of them.  I did a bit of that in March.  Where did I get the time to combine all these things?  Sometimes in my dreams!

Life is full of dreams, abundances, joys and fortunate events. Life is especially full of these when you receive messages from friends, clients and family that say nice things about your efforts.

Abundance is life and where there is empowerment there is no fear.

I wish you abundance.


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND



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The Aussies are Coming!!!!!!!!  And much more.

Here is something very special.  A once in a lifetime exclusive Vancouver Healing Event, presented by Katherine Bright ND and Kim Bright accompanied by a selection of the Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers from around the world.   You can enrol and pre-purchase on your early bird registration on this link now.


More information:       Experience an afternoon of healing, light-work, music, FUN, awesome connection and time spent with the specialist Theta Resonance At All Levels network of healers and light workers who have travelled from Australia, UK and USA to be here.
Experience the Connect To Creator process and learn to connect to your higher self and Source to do healing. Experience guided meditation and one on one interaction in an intimate setting with these two internationally renowned spiritual healers, alternative therapists and life coaches.
Katherine is a renowned musician and author who can weave a wonderful event with joy, fun and laughter. Be part of a once-off special treat. Live coverage by Nicole Whitney on www.newsforthesoul.com for this event.
Public welcome. Come and say hello personally; Be part of the group and find your inner well-being in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.
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And for those in the network of healers and for those wishing to be, and wanting to have more in-depth connection with us here is further information on how you can join in with the exclusive group.  As we have people coming in from UK, USA and Australia already, you are most welcome.  PLEASE NOTE:  ENTRY TO THIS IS NETWORK TOUR IS LIMITED AND HEAVILY DISCOUNTED SO PLEASE APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO BE ABLE TO BE INCLUDED  IN THIS PART OF THE TOUR.  ONLY EIGHT PLACES LEFT.
Details of how you can join in are on this link below with the text written below for those of you who want quick access to the information specifically.


OPEN Public Festival Event, This event will be attended and covered for radio by Nicole Whitney, www.newsforthesoul.com in Vancouver

DATE: 30 June 2017, 1-5pm Unity Centre, Vancouver, Ticket Price $50 AUD including refreshments.

Our group of Theta Resonance At All Levels participants will attend. Join us for a festival of Connection to Creator, Meditation, Music and fun! MEET THE AUSSIES ET ALL!

We have students from our network travelling from around the world to attend.This next section comprises an exlusive component for our Theta Resonance At All Levels workshop students, or those who have completed the Connect To Creator online course or personal mentoring directly with Katherine Bright ONLY. If you wish to participate in this section, please enroll and complete the Connect To Creator online course as shown here – www.connecttocreator.com

EXCLUSIVE EVENTS over the next few days will be:

Exclusive Working Party of Theta Resonance At All Levels students travelling over from Australia, USA and UK so far!. We are having a party!!!!!!

30 June 2017, Evening Star Show at the Planetarium, Space Centre, Vancouver. Experience the dome theatre experience and visit the stars!

We will be visiting Stanley Park. Vancouver. Katherine and Kim Bright will be personally guiding a small groupd to a special part of Standley Park and guiding you through a connection and meditation experience with the trees and land devas,

There will be a Guided Indigenous Canadian Indian cultural experience in Stanley Park. and much more on your own spiritual development to be had in this amazing forest and part of the world. Enjoy your own free time to explore and holiday in Vancouver after our events complete. This is your chance for an amazing spiritual experience with like-minded souls.

Oh the fun! Network of students invited by enrolment directly with Katherine Bright only. Numbers are limited. Please email me directly if you are interested.

Cost: This has been kept to a minimum and will be $1100AUD including GST and includes your festival ticket, refreshments at the venue and ticket entry to Space Centre and Stanley Park events. NB Deposits to secure your place should be forwarded asap to Katherine please as numbers will need to be accounted for exactly including pre-purchase of tickets etc.

NB Your are responsible for all yourself, your own personal costs, including airfares and accommodation etc. This is not a guided tour. It is a series of events held by Katherine and Kim Bright in Vancouver. No responsibility is taken or accepted in any way by Katherine and Kim Bright for your personal journey apart from providing you with a beautiful set of experiences during scheduled events.

Email me on katherine@katherinebrightaustralia.com if you wish to be included in the exclusive tour component.

Namaste xxxx

Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND


Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


” Today we have a treat.  It is a post of advice made by Marc Allen who is the publisher of New World Library.  Marc is a friend and he is the publisher of Eckhart Tolle.    
I interviewed Marc Allen for my program, Connect To Creator onwww.newsforthesoul.com.    He is a wise and compassionate man who manifests a marvellous and abundant reality.  

Here is the link to the interview I did with Marc Allen for your enjoyment.  It goes for one full hour program so settle in and get comfortable.  This is about manifesting your dreams.


These are his words and so I relay them as part of todays newsletter.  

If you wish to become a published author, you cannot do better than listen to this successful publisher’s advice”.


“A writer just emailed me and asked me what I would do to launch an ebook if I was a first-time author. I wrote back:

Good question. It all depends on you, and what you really enjoy doing — a whole lot of good writers are not very good promoters, and a whole lot of good promoters are not very good writers.

I started out self-publishing a few books of my own. Then I found some distributors. Then I published a friend’s book, then another. Then I realized I had a publishing company. I didn’t really enjoy the promotion and distribution part of it, so I eventually found other far more capable people to handle that side of it, so I could focus on the editorial side.

Here’s what I’d suggest to first time authors: (1) study the art and craft of writing and create the very best piece of work you can, then re-write and edit carefully, so it has no grammatical errors or typos; (2) study the publishing industry, and see if you have something that an established publisher would be interested in; (3) if you self-publish, realize that to be successful, you’ve got to do everything an established publisher does — edit well, get a good cover and book design, launch (I’d definitely do print copies as well as an e-book), find distribution, and promote.

It might all seem overwhelming… but I recommend beginning authors go to the big annual publishing convention — Book Expo America (see BookExpoAmerica.com

) — it’s in New York this year, May 31 to June 2. The entire publishing industry is laid out in front of you, including book distributors like National Book Network that will take on single-book publishers and distribute them. You rub shoulders with all kinds of people in the industry, and see all the choices you have: get an established publisher, get an agent to represent you to publishers, or self-publish and get distribution.There are also these new publishing models now (like Barrett-Koehler, I think), where publishing companies have the author finance the production of the book, then they do promotion and distribution and split income 50-50 (or something like that — I haven’t worked with any of these publishers, but it seems like a good option for certain kinds of writers. Avoid “vanity publishers,” who make all their money off their authors; find the publishers who make money off book sales!)

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Do what you can. The important thing is to get your book out there… and then stay behind it in any way you can. I know a writer who writes and self-publishes novels, and she only sells through Amazon and one distributor, New Leaf in Atlanta. That’s all she does. And she’s sold over 10,000 copies of her first novel. Not bad.

I wish you well.”   Marc Allen
If you wish to read my books, please click this link


Till next week, love and light
Katherine Bright ND



Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright  Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2017 Katherine Bright Lightworkers International, All rights reserved.


So you have written a book, or are thinking about it and you want to get published.  I have been through this process a few different ways and it can be a frustrating mine-field or a pleasure depending on your experience.

My experience has been multi-faceted shall we say.  I am going to include a great link to help you recognise scammers in the industry which I wish I had read before I published my books as it would have shown me some big red flags to avoid as a novice.  

I have successful books which I have marketed myself and which people love and that is great, but the process of publishing is a choice and can be a heart-break.  One of the pitfalls can be if you choose to self-publish, and who to choose. 

I cannot personally recommend the one I first chose which was Balboa Press due the cost, stressful experiences and lack of service and follow-up I experienced in the time I dealt with them.  There were so many instances where they made errors that I would need pages to document them.  These were financial errors, clerical errors, messages not passed on etc etc.   They charged me hefty fees for packages which I found later were really a lot better looking on paper than for what I felt I received in actuality.  There were many add on costs for further services offered, inefficient and error-prolific services and these would add up to  thousands of American Dollars routinely if you chose to take them up.

There were difficulties being in Australia and having a timezone issue to the USA plus staff who appeared to not be as knowledgeable in practice as stated in the spiel.  Not I believe the team of experts you thought you would be linked to shall we say.  Also there were often only two staff available on their overnight shift which made communication a nightmare sometimes.

Balboa Press are in fact linked to Author Solutions and they suggest to you in their marketing material that they are Hay House, but in fact are a subsidiary and not the same. Hay House will not take on new author manuscripts, and use Balboa Press as a sourcing house which is where they make the connection.  However there will never be more than one or two of the thousands of authors self published works with Balboa Press per year that they will look at via this pathway.  Balboa Press also use Lightning Source Printers in Australia to print their books to whom you can go directly if you choose and self-publish, had I realised.  I found that out along the way by default not by communication.  Balboa Press also take a pre-determined percentage of any sales you make before you receive anything, and this is on top of your pre-payment already given to them for their publishing package services.  It is easy to be behind and find your book costs you money and it isn’t the dream income stream you had hoped for.  Again, it is all in your own effort for marketing which determines sales, not their help unless you wish to invest hundreds or thousands more to use that avenue within their organisation.  I was offered one package which would have cost me well over $20,000 which included advertising in the Skymall Magazine on airplanes.  Mmmmm ….  Would you read those when you are on a plane?  That is a personal choice but many don’t really look at them so you have to take a chance on that prospect being successful.  The price was for a tiny ad that was very unappealing with basically your book cover on it which is located amongst a selection of other authors’ books, but it would stay there for a period of months?  To recoup that investment back it would take you a very long time at about $2 or so sales income to you per book sold.  So when you see a book price you have to realise how much the publisher takes in the cut before the author receives any income.  It can be more cost effective to bulk-print your books and sell them yourself, or to do an ebook yourself.  

 It is wise to consider and to not fall into the publicity trap of glossy offers is my personal opinion, although they may be reputable and have the marketing machine to boot, they are not all they promise in practicality in my opinion. This is only my review of my experience however and all people will have their own experience. You can always google them and see other reviews present there also. Some of those are similar to my own experience.

I can only speak of my own opinions and wish you well if you choose to go this way.  I can recommend publishing yourself on Createspace and Kindle on Amazon as this is a free, self-publishing service which you can use publish your own manuscript and to market yourself.  

The key to all processes of book sales etc is the work you put in to a good manuscript, cover and reviews,  book manufacturing quality, marketing.  Lets face it if you are going to publish why pay up front first and then realise you have thousands of potential dollars outlay still tacked on at the end, including the fact you are going to be expected to actively market yourself anyway?  Know your target audience and write something you are proud of, then publish it reputably, be prepared for hard work and market it.  Get it out there!

Today I found a great article blog post by Dave Bricker. so I am going to provide it to you here.  It gives you very constructive advice about recognising pathways to publish so you don’t get scammed.  I hope it helps you if you are writing some great material and you wish to get it out there.

Publishing Scams and How they Work

April 15, 2015  Dave Bricker Copyright

Rarely do I re­pub­lish a blog post, but I just got an­other email from a writer who didn’t do his home­work.

pubscamsMany self-pub­lish­ers start their book pro­jects with un­re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions and mis­un­der­stand­ings about how pub­lish­ing works. A huge in­dus­try has arisen to prey on writ­ers who are un­sure of the path. This ar­ti­cle ex­plains the ba­sics of how pub­lish­ing scams work and how writ­ers can avoid them.

Pub­lish­ers must learn the risks in­her­ent to their busi­ness. If you fan­ta­size you’ll earn your in­vest­ment back as soon as you get on Oprah’s show, it’s not the sup­ply chain’s job to pres­sure-test your as­sump­tions.

“If I’m painter and you want pur­ple zebra stripes on your pink house, some­one’s going to take your money; it might as well be me.”

Though that kind of busi­ness prac­tice isn’t strictly un­eth­i­cal, it over­looks the fact that the most im­por­tant thing pub­lish­ing ser­vice providers can sell is guid­ance. Too many au­thor ser­vice com­pa­nies take ad­van­tage of the fact that it re­ally is your re­spon­si­bil­ity to know what you’re get­ting into.

To un­der­stand where the bait-and-switch usu­ally hap­pens in pub­lish­ing scams, it’s es­sen­tial to un­der­stand how the book­seller’s eco­nomic pie gets sliced.

Pub­lish­ing: Ed­i­to­r­ial and Pro­duc­tion Costs

Pro­duc­tion costs are an es­sen­tial as­pect of bring­ing a well-made book to mar­ket. Every writer pays for qual­ity in the short run or for short­cuts in the long run. Every pub­lisher must pay for ink and paper, and (I hope) for edit­ing and de­sign. Ed­i­tors and de­sign­ers are part of the es­sen­tial sup­ply chain that re­sults in ready-to-re­tail books. The pro­fes­sion­als who make their liv­ing pro­vid­ing print­ing, cover de­sign, edit­ing, type­set­ting, and bind­ing can quite rea­son­ably be ex­pected to earn a profit.

If these costs aren’t clearly stated, don’t pre­tend your “pub­lisher” has some mag­i­cal abil­ity to “make them go away.” Any­one claim­ing to be your pub­lisher—even a le­git­i­mate op­er­a­tor—ex­pects to pay these bills. Know­ing where that money comes from is im­por­tant.

Pub­lish­ing: Dis­tri­b­u­tion and Sales Costs

Ad­di­tional costs in­clude ship­ping, dis­tri­b­u­tion, and seller com­mis­sions (which usu­ally run half of cover price). These costs occur after your book is made avail­able to the pub­lic and an order is placed.

Do you know what it costs to sell one copy of your book? Do the math. Sub­tract your ed­i­to­r­ial and pro­duc­tion costs from what you have left after the seller’s com­mis­sion is paid. If you don’t know what it costs to print, ship, and sell a book, you are not in con­trol of your pub­lish­ing busi­ness.

The Pub­lisher’s Cut

If you re­ceived an ad­vance pay­ment against roy­al­ties on your book, you most likely have a tra­di­tional pub­lisher back­ing you. Pub­lish­ers are in­vestors who buy and sell in­tel­lec­tual prop­erty for profit. Your pub­lisher thinks your book will sell and has paid for edit­ing, de­sign, mar­ket­ing, print­ing, and dis­tri­b­u­tion on top of your ad­vance. Con­sider what an enor­mous risk that is if you’re an un­known au­thor. Your pub­lisher is gam­bling on mak­ing enough profit on book sales to cover your pro­duc­tion costs and your ad­vance—be­fore they see a dime. It’s no won­der pub­lish­ing con­tracts are so dif­fi­cult to come by. Pub­lish­ers cer­tainly care that your book is good, but they mostly care whether your book will sell.

Many a tra­di­tion­ally pub­lished au­thor has won­dered why noth­ing came in after the ini­tial ad­vance. “I thought I was going to make $2 per book. I know you’ve sold books; where’s my money?” Very often, the book has sold but it hasn’t sold enough copies to cover the pub­lisher’s in­vest­ment.Your pub­lisher is in busi­ness, too. After in­vest­ing in you, they ex­pect to re­cover their out­lay be­fore they skip mer­rily down the profit shar­ing road with you.

Other Risks

If you’re sell­ing books in tra­di­tional book­stores, re­turned books can bury you. If you dis­trib­ute 3000 books and sell 1000, you can still lose money when you have to pay for 2000 un­sold books to be  re­turned or de­stroyed (tragic but cheaper than ship­ping them back and fig­ur­ing out what to do with them). Read more about re­turns here.

How Pub­lish­ing Scams Work

Van­ity pub­lish­ing scams usu­ally tar­get first-time pub­lish­ers. Most have a rough draft man­u­script ready and have begun to ask ques­tions about how to pub­lish. They need edit­ing, type­set­ting, de­sign, and dis­tri­b­u­tion. A web search soon brings them to xU­ni­verse­House who of­fers one-stop shop­ping for all the needed ser­vices and a dis­tri­b­u­tion pack­age. They offer a plat­inum plan, a gold plan, a sil­ver plan, and a tin plan with ser­vices that fit any bud­get. You get to keep your copy­right so the deal is “risk free.” When Pen­guin calls of­fer­ing a big con­tract, you won’t be locked in to your deal with xU­ni­verse­House.

Most au­thors have heard all the bad doo doo about self-pub­lish­ing. They want a “real” pub­lisher and xU­ni­verse­House of­fers to as­sume that role. xU­ni­verse­House in­flates the re­tail price and skims the cream back off  every sale as a “pub­lisher’s” roy­alty. Here’s where the red bull­shit in­di­ca­tor light on your dash­board should be flash­ing. XU­ni­verse­House hasn’t in­vested a dime in your book. Why should it earn a roy­alty from it? If any­thing, xU­ni­verse­House has put you at a dis­ad­van­tage by in­creas­ing your re­tail price (and by putting their kiss-of-death logo on your book’s spine). This is why “self-pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies” are oxy­moronic: you’re ei­ther self-pub­lish­ing or some­one is pub­lish­ing you. Pay­ing some­one to be your pub­lisher is like hir­ing some­one to take a va­ca­tion for you so you can stay home and work.

Here we find a use­ful de­f­i­n­i­tion for the term, “pub­lisher.” A pub­lisher is an en­tity that in­vests in and as­sumes the risks for pro­duc­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing a piece of media.

Es­cap­ing the Trap

So maybe you “pub­lished” with xU­ni­verse­House be­fore you read this ar­ti­cle or had some­one point out the typos in your book. Maybe you got an in­formed cri­tique of the cover art and found out it’s for­mu­laic or cliché. Prob­a­bly, the work done by xU­ni­verse­House isn’t hor­ri­ble; it just never got past “pretty good.” Maybe your book’s just too ex­pen­sive?

No big deal. The con­tract says you can get out at any time. But the small print says the cover art and the type­set­ting and other dig­i­tal as­sets be­long to xU­ni­verse­House. As the pub­lisher of record, xU­ni­verse­House also owns the ISBN num­ber on your book. You can end your con­tract but you’ll have to start over with a Word doc­u­ment and find your own sources for de­sign and dis­tri­b­u­tion. After spend­ing a lot of money, you’re back at square one.

You can re­pub­lish but you’ll also have to com­pete with cheap, “used” copies of your orig­i­nal xU­ni­verse­House edi­tion on Ama­zon.

And if you agreed to dis­trib­ute 100 books to xU­ni­verse­House’s list of “qual­i­fied re­view­ers,” you can count on see­ing dozens of fifty-cent “like new” copies of your book on eBay


If a pub­lisher wants to ne­go­ti­ate a deal where it splits the pro­duc­tion costs with the au­thor and then splits the roy­al­ties, co-pub­lish­ing might qual­ify as one of the non-tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing mod­els that isn’t  a scam, but I found a tiny hand­ful of op­er­a­tors who ap­peared to be play­ing that game straight.

When en­ter­ing into such a “part­ner­ship,” make sure that all the costs—pro­duc­tion, dis­tri­b­u­tion, and sell­ing—are fully dis­closed. Your pub­lish­ing part­ner may be able to in­vest sweat eq­uity or ac­cess out­sourced ser­vices at a re­duced cost, but you should un­der­stand the value of those ser­vices.

In­stall some qual­ity con­trol mea­sures. What re­course do you have if you find typos in your book that your pub­lisher’s ed­i­tor missed? Do you re­tain the right to ap­prove the cover de­sign?

Tak­ing Con­trol

Don’t fly your pub­lish­ing plane with the visor down. Writ­ing is an art but pub­lish­ing is a busi­ness. If you in­tend to share your work, run some num­bers and take con­trol.

Start with a hy­po­thet­i­cal cover price. Price is dri­ven by the mar­ket, not by your costs. If other books in your genre sell for $20, you need to find a way to prof­itably bring your book to mar­ket for $20.

Sub­tract 50% for the seller com­mis­sion (Light­ning Source al­lows you to set seller com­mis­sions as low as 20% but don’t ex­pect brick-and-mor­tar book­stores or non-tra­di­tional re­tail­ers to play along).

Do you know the cost to print, ship, and dis­trib­ute a book? Rep­utable pub­lish­ing ser­vices pro­vide a cost cal­cu­la­tor or at least a solid es­ti­mate.

Some­one spent money on edit­ing, cover de­sign, and type­set­ting. If that some­one is you, add up those costs and then amor­tize them over 100 books, 1000 books, 5000 books, etc. How many books do you have to sell be­fore the pro­duc­tion costs are paid and you can start tak­ing a profit? You can’t know how many books you’ll sell but fig­ure out where the break-even point is. If you have a tra­di­tional pub­lisher, find out how many books the pub­lisher needs to sell be­fore the “pro­duc­tion debt” is paid. This debt in­cludes any ad­vances against roy­al­ties paid to you when the deal was signed.

And though you may have thor­oughly en­joyed re­search­ing and writ­ing your book, if you’re se­ri­ously in the pub­lish­ing busi­ness, you’ll want to see your writ­ing hours paid for. You put 1000 hours or more into writ­ing your man­u­script but you’re the last link in the in­come chain. Know how many books you need to sell to start tak­ing roy­al­ties and then know how many books you need to re­ceive roy­al­ties for to com­pen­sate your pub­lish­ing com­pany’s “in-house writ­ing staff.”

It’s easy to see why so many writ­ers don’t pay at­ten­tion to these de­tails. Pub­lish­ing cost analy­sis can be dis­cour­ag­ing. Every­one down­stream of the pub­lisher gen­er­ally risks noth­ing yet makes a big­ger cut. Look­ing at books from a num­bers per­spec­tive, could you find a worse re­tail prod­uct?

All the same, peo­ple like you are out there writ­ing and mar­ket­ing good books for profit. Though the odds are against them, some find re­cep­tive au­di­ences. A few find fame and for­tune, ei­ther through care­ful plan­ning or dumb luck (or a bit of both).

Pub­lish­ing: Doing it Right

I’ve said it many times on this blog and I’ll say it again: Do your home­work! If you have pub­lished a book but don’t know the pub­lish­ing food chain ba­sics de­scribed in this ar­ti­cle, you’re swim­ming in shark-in­fested wa­ters. This ain’t rocket surgery. Read up on the biz for a few hours.

Phony pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies aren’t risk-tak­ers. They pro­vide bud­get ed­i­to­r­ial and de­sign ser­vices and then mark them up for a profit. You get less and pay the same prices you would pay a pro­fes­sional. Van­ity pub­lish­ers don’t get you book­store dis­tri­b­u­tion. Usu­ally, the smoke­screen is that they’ll get listed with Ama­zon.com and all the major book­stores. And after you’ve paid them to bro­ker pro­duc­tion ser­vices, you get to pay them a “pub­lisher’s roy­alty” on every book you sell.

True self-pub­lish­ers un­der­stand the risks and ad­just their ex­pec­ta­tions ac­cord­ingly. They in­vest in pro­fes­sional ed­i­tors, type­set­ters, and de­sign­ers and hold their con­trac­tors to the high­est stan­dards. They work with print­ers and dis­trib­u­tors who offer straight talk about costs and prof­its, and they make their own de­ci­sions about prices, seller com­mis­sions, and re­turn poli­cies. Some make peanuts on book sales but are able to use the fact that they “wrote the book on the sub­ject” to bring in con­sult­ing or con­tract work.

Make ob­jec­tive, fact-based de­ci­sions. Smart pub­lish­ers aren’t con­cerned about what the rumor mill has to say about self-pub­lish­ing or tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing on today’s forum dis­cus­sions. Self-pub­lish­ing is ideal for cer­tain au­thors in cer­tain cir­cum­stances and tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing is ideal for oth­ers. Prej­u­dice, gos­sip, and ig­no­rance con­tribute noth­ing to sound busi­ness choices. Choose your route care­fully.

Above all, re­mem­ber that you, your ideas, your time, and your work are valu­able. As­sume full con­trol over all these as­sets be­fore hand­ing them over to any third party. Any­one shar­ing your pub­lish­ing pie must ab­sorb cost or mit­i­gate risk if they are to be of any value to you.

Thou­sands of writ­ers are snook­ered by pub­lish­ing scams every year, mostly be­cause they’re afraid and they want an “ex­pert” to han­dle every­thing. If you use a tra­di­tional pub­lisher, hire a lawyer to re­view your con­tract; it’s a small price to pay for pro­tec­tion when deal­ing with a big com­pany. Oth­er­wise, heed the old adage: if you want a job done right…

I hope you enjoyed todays newsletter and that you feel more empowered in your author journey.

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Katherine Bright ND


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Workshops…..Muscular Synergy

Workshops…..Muscular Synergy


I am excited to welcome you to my weekly newsletter.

Each newsletter will contain information about what is happening in the general world of spirit and healing, plus information about local events and facts in my world.

Workshops…..Muscular Synergy

Last weekend I held a three day “Muscular Synergy” workshop located at Port Macquarie NSW Australia, in my modality Theta Resonance At All Levels.  To say it is an awesome hands-on treatment you can give and receive is an understatement.  It is life and soul/body/mind changing and very holistic.  Why? Creator and I developed this modality combining my 30 years experience as a practitioner with the most unbelievable universal wisdom and body knowledge you can only get from Creator.  It does so much balancing on the energetic levels plus the whole beingness including your body, magnetic polarity and your body/soul matrix.  How?  Here is an excerpt from my manual.

Copyright Katherine Bright 2009,
“Muscular Synergy” facilitates the principals that the body is a complex organism comprising a fully-functional electromagnetic matrix which interlocks the polarity & muscular systems in conjunction with the nervous system & muscular-skeletal alignments.

All body systems therefore have an inter-relationship through not only the spinal energetics but also the cerebral cortex & the cognisance of the electromagnetic connections through to the consciousness of the fluid auric fields.

We are a complex internode of electromagnetic charged particles comprising a computer interface from brain to biological function points.

In Muscular Synergy™, in connection with Creator, through holding physical points on the client’s body after facilitating our attunement, we are able to adjust the polarity as well as the physiology and mental emotional interface via this complex matrix.

Set positions will be held on the body whilst in connection to Creator, the attunement is engaged within your own body as if you become a channel in the physical in order to prompt the appropriate frequency through your hands which will engage all matrix positions, facilitating balance & alignment to the organism.

9 set positions will encompass all that is required in order to balance the body’s electromagnetic systems & polarity, as well as the peace and comfort of the sense of wholeness within the being & body.

Polarity encompasses the adjustment of the magnetic poles which exist within the body’s fields.
All 9 positions when used in conjunction on the human’s body will facilitate complete muscular release of withheld emotional blockage safely.

Catharsis will not occur as in the process of electrical charge, the fibres of the muscle form an instant re-evaluative process with the instruction to immediately assume integrity. The practitioner will only be able to engage this matrix once learning the original instruction techniques incorporating the Connection to Creator process taught in Theta Resonance At All Levels modality exclusively.”

So if you are in the market for a fantastic treatment please contact us or for a list of  qualified practitioners who may live close to you.  At the moment there are practitioners in Melbourne, Bundaberg, Brisbane and Port Macquarie who are up to date with this modality due to the recent refresher workshop I have just held. I will refer you to Kim, Jo, Jane, Kathryn, Kelie, Chris or Hannele if appropriate in these areas.

Here is a testimonial.

“Hi Katherine,

I have spent several days completing your Muscular Synergy Course and I have found it to be extremely interesting, helpful and healing on so many levels. After completing the training I had the pleasure of being able to experience a full treatment on myself from one of the other practitioners (which was amazing). Muscular Synergy is a treatment like no other as it  heals, balances and grounds the body and clears the mind. It is a very gentle treatment which enables you to release any stress and allows your energy to flow smoothly.
Muscular Synergy is an amazing modality for people of all ages from babies to the elderly.
Thank you Katherine once again for teaching us this modality which will help so many clients.”
Kathryn Reardon
Port Macquarie  NSW


Till next week, love and light

Katherine Bright ND