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Katherine’s clinic has been established for thirty years. Katherine now lives in Port Katherine Bright Australia Macquarie, NSW, and continues to operate her busy clinic practice there. Katherine specialises in body scanning techniques, using advanced medical intuitives skills and other healing modalities practising on all levels of the body, spirit and mind. This insight enables her to truly help and guide you very practically through change as you wish in your life, improving your wellbeing. Katherine works with clients dealing with depression, anxiety and stress as well as physical illness or disease. Katherine’s client base is from all over the world, including USA, Europe, Asia and England as well as all over Australia. As a fully Diploma-qualified and accredited practitioner, Katherine is registered with all Australian Health Funds for rebates as a naturopath, remedial therapist and Bowen Therapist for her consultations with Australian residents.

Treatments and Techniques

I practice a range of techniques for wholistic approach and assisting your general wellbeing

  • Naturopathy
  • Bowen Technique
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Spiritual and Theta Resonance Healing
  • Allergy testing
  • Reiki
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy balancing work


My healing is very powerful as is my accurate insight. Over thirty years of extensive consultative experience and insight enables me to truly help and guide you very practically through change as you wish in your life, improving your wellbeing. This is ideal for working with depression, anxiety and stress as well as physical illness or disease.  Add to this my prior career in occupational health and employment counselling and you find a well rounded breadth of knowledge and life experience.

  • Spiritual healing and life counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • manufacturer and supplier of Light-Frequency Essences
  • providing spiritually based literature in book form

I am also a Reiki Master teaching all levels of this beautiful energy channeling technique. Individual classes can be arranged. My love of our Creator has led me to develop Intuitive Healing and Earth Healing workshops including Toning and Light-Frequency work. Additionally, refining the technique now provides the opportunity to offer Personal Mentoring Days – one on one mentoring days for selected clients who wish to fast track their spiritual learning and holistic practice instead of workshops. These are arranged personally and are not advertised.

Treatment times and prices


Consultations & Readings

An internationally renowned specialist medical intuitive and medium, Katherine is in huge demand for her consultations both within Australia and overseas, with most appointments booked one to two months ahead. A majority of these consultations are for Life Coaching, Healings and Readings, Naturopathic Healing Consultations. Bowen Therapy and Muscular Synergy treatments are done onsite only. Katherine is covered in Australia by private health fund rebates for Naturopathic and Bowen therapy treatments where applicable. Katherine’s husband Kim Bright is also working in clinic with Katherine. As an accredited practitioner of Bowen Therapy and Healing, Kim is available also for healings and readings, alternative healing treatments like Reiki, Muscular Synergy and Bowen Therapy. You are welcome to consult with either of them. See his website

Naturopathic Healing Consultations

A medical intuitive approach to these consultations allows Katherine to investigate the body’s imbalances using a body scan with your permission. Katherine uses her consciousness in connection with Creator to scan your body and fields using her intuitive sense. Using this ability Katherine is able to offer this service over the phone. Based on what she finds she advises naturopathic solutions; eg, vitamin and mineral supplements, liver cleanse, toxicity advice, heavy metals detox advice etc, spiritual and energetic or lifestyle advice and healing.

Life Path Healing Reading

Intense and especially accurate communication with God. Using my Naturopathic knowledge combined with medical intuitive abilities I am able to assist and guide you in respect of your health and spiritual well-being. I am able to advise as a life-coach. As we are multi-layered energies of light, these readings often encompass other dimensional aspects and levels of the self including your subconscious programming, past existences, soul contracts and links along your TimeLine, soul purpose and desire in this life as well as essence memory held within the water molecules/cells of your physical body including your DNA. These consultations are often very in depth into the soul levels and intersect with you in your Now…current life. On occasion they may include mediumship where required.

Consultations and Healing Testimonials

I have been working with Katherine for around 4 years now and since that time my confidence has grown enormously. Katherine has helped me to face and move on from some difficult issues in my life. She has done this by helping me be honest with myself and by encouraging me to be and act the best I am. In this journey she has received and shared profound insights on my behaviour and that of others. These continue to be invaluable in helping me navigate my way through  relationships both at work and at home. Her blessings strengthen and enrich me.


Health Service Executive, UK

I suffered from anxiety attacks and phobias.  I knew there was more to the universe as a whole and how it affects our life. Now I know I’m on the right path.  Thanks to Katherine’s knowledge and training during her healing and toning seminars, and her clinic sessions I can now work and speak with God myself when I need the extra hand and understanding of life. I am more confident and open and find my anxieties and phobias aren’t relevant anymore. I have just won the Exceptional Customer Service Awards for Hobart out of 3000 nominations!  Thank you God for guiding me to Katherine.

Debbie Jackson


Katherine Bright has touched my heart and my life with her healing art. She has inspired me to see the truth, and seek it in Life. I experienced such joy during our first session and a real sense that the Angels she was channeling were saying to me everything Katherine spoke. I have come a long way since I met Katherine, and I attest to the Divine power chanelled and the marvelous healing sessions she conducts. Thank you so much for all your Love and support Katherine, you are a beautiful Soul and will always be in my Heart.

Melissa Tranter

Kin Kin, Australia

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During an extremely painful and emotional breakup my ex-partner seemed to have gained a deep energetic clearing and clarity from Katherine after several phone sessions. In desperation I then too sort Katherine’s services in the hope that I may also experience this deep level of relief. Well, to cut a long story short, I got way more than what I expected! After one phone session with Katherine things really began to turn around and change in my life! I started to clearly and deeply see aspects of myself that were not serving me at all and at the same time realising that these same character flaws also contributed to my relationship breakdown. This deep introspection and clearing lasted for about two weeks and the amazing thing was that because I could see it all so clearly it was relatively easy for me to drop the non-serving behaviours. My previous defensiveness and inflated ego softened and a much more mature self emerged. This then allowed me to see the deep love and respect I still had for my partner that had been previously covered up by blame, judgement and criticism. The change in me was that apparent that I have now re-connected with my partner and our love and respect for each other continues to grow. I have no idea how this life-changing series of events happened but I can only attribute the deep fundamental shift to Katherine’s work. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep change or relief in their life. I will be forever grateful to Katherine for this experience.

James Dobson

Qld, April 2016

I have suffered sacro-iliac pain for several years, and repeated treatments of massage, osteopathy and Bowen Therapy had all been ineffective.  During a clinic session Katherine located a minute sliver of bone embedded in a nerve fibre in the sarco-iliac joint.  She was able to dissolve this sliver and I experienced immediate relief. The pain has not returned since that session.  Katherine channels a profound and wonderful stream of healing from a very high spiritual plane

Jean Gilbert


Thanks for a wonderful course Katherine Bright. Had such a great time with a special group of people.

Jane Gorton

Bundaberg QLD

Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months,
you have given me so much insight.  God Bless you and your family
and all the good work you do for so many.
Eve Angeli

When I first spoke to Katherine I had been suffering from a chronic illness for the better part of a decade and had spent much of that time bed-bound or in a wheelchair. I found myself faced with a daunting collection of physical, emotional and psychological issues that I knew I would need to somehow work through in order to heal. In our healing sessions Katherine helped me to face these issues and guided me through them with grace, a lot of humour and great insight. Katherine has shared with me such heartfelt spiritual assistance and I have come a long way since our first conversation. I have travelled to amazing places around the world, I have watched myself heal and grow with every day and I have fallen in love with life. I remember a time not so long ago when I was too exhausted from constant pain and fatigue to even be able to concentrate for five minutes and now I am a full-time student and achieving more than I once thought possible. In the darkest days of my illness I could not have seen the possibility of being able to appreciate who I am and the light I am capable of sharing with the world but working with Katherine’s gift of healing has helped me to reconnect to my natural state of love and to see the best in myself. It has also given me a deep compassion for myself and all beings as we each walk our unique paths in search of healing and connection.

Omar Moustafa, Melbourne, Australia, June 2013

I consider Katherine has a rare talent in getting  to the cause of a problem in an unintrusive way I attend  Katherine’s clinic on a fairly regular basis. Her advice and treatment has always been just what I needed.  I trust her. The results have been excellent, especially with my Macular Degeneration which  was hereditary via both my grandmothers.  After healings with Katherine my doctor says  I don’t have  Macular Degeneration now

Coral Gray


Thanks again for that great healing today. It feels huge!

Karina Noontil

Melbourne 2016

A huge thanks for being who you are and sharing yourselves with so many of us. I’ve felt for years that I was seeking but not finding, and now—since working with you–I am finding and learning and growing, and life is getting richer and fuller. What a gift you are!

Katherine Martin

Illinois USA

You have been my practitioner for naturopathic, life coaching, and spiritual consultations for 11 years and I always leave a consultation feeling inspired, optimistic, and empowered. Thank you

Heather Beamish

Through the perfection of divine timing, I found Katherine…actually it was by reading the novels of Rachel Treasure and following the common thread of the wise woman/spiritual advisor in the books that uncovered the fact the characters were based upon a real person. I immediately made an appointment to see Katherine and have now had 3 sessions. The biggest shift I have observed was the ease of ending an on-again off-again four year relationship with a man who I loved but knew we had no future together – the love and affection kept me going back, but my resentment and frustration was draining me. Within a week of that first session the relationship wnded with dignity, respect and finality.  The following 3 months has been free from the deep lonliness, despair and sense of loss that I have previously7 felt coming out of a relationship. The ending has felt rather effortless, and with that has also come a return of energy and general happiness and well being. After also working on self confidence in that session, I have noticed that my old fear of coping with being single is no longer present, instead I have a sense of embracing this new life, know and trusting that my world is perfect, partner or not (though looking forward to being open to a wonderful new relationship when time is right) Katherines Theta Resonance At All Levels healing appears to work at such a deep level, and whilst I don’t understand or feel a need to understand the “how’s”, my experience has been quite profound, and as I think of it now, a peace-giving process. We have workded on several other issues as well, where shifts in my attitude and perception have occurred in a seemless and easeful way – its not been hard work or confronting. I can highly recommend a session with Katherine, mine have all been over the phone which does not seemed to have diminished the effectiveness of the sessions at all. I look forward to each session with delight and curiosity as too what will we uncover today !  with love and gratitude, Natarsha, Cooran.

Natarsha F.

Cooran, Australia

Since doing healing workshops with Katherine I have been amazed at how useful and effective these tools are in my work as a general practitioner.  It has allowed me to treat patients that I would previously label as ‘too difficult’ and then be referred on to specialists.

Dr Madeleine Lovell


On a Friday morning I had a fall in the garden and smashed my face on the tiles. I saw Kim on Saturday afternoon ; he saw that my left shoulder neck, and spine were out of alignment from the fall and also pressing on the nerve in my left elbow which made movement very difficult. After one visit during which he gently realigned shoulder spine and neck, I felt like my fall was a distant memory My friends who saw me, didnt believe I had even had a fall. He is the most amazing healer and I am so thankful that he and Katherine live in Port Macquarie and are able to share their wonderful gifts of healing and positivity with the people in this town

Sylvia Scott

Dear Katherine and Kim
I was just thinking over the past year and how far I have come since moving to Port Macquarie.  I want to thank you both and acknowledge the healing and help I have experienced through the gifts and wisdom you both share.  Wishing you both abundance, love and peace in gratitude
Natalie Hopwood

New South Wales

More information on techniques used:

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a natural energy healing technique which everyone can learn. It is simple and involves using the hands to channel universal life-force energy into the body in order to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki helps with physical pain, emotional tension or anxiety.


The Reiki System

In April 1997 I became a Reiki Master. I studied under the direction of Rebecca Jones, Reiki Master of Richmond, Tasmania in the Tibetan/Usui Reiki system. I now uses this system of single attunement in preference to the four-part attunements employed in the Usui system, as I finds this to be much more powerful.

Interested in studying Reiki?

Are you interested in learning how to become a Reiki Healer and learn how to heal others without drugs? Are you searching deeper into your own spirituality? I believe it is the best option to teach people Reiki in small group classes or individually. During my classes I am able to spend personal time teaching Reiki to you. As classes are small I can generally offer times that suits you – including evenings or during school hours. Email me to make an enquiry about our Reiki courses.

Bowen Therapy Treatment
Created in Australia, Geelong, in the 1950s by the late Tom Bowen, the Bowen technique is a form of gentle bodywork performed over the muscles and connective tissues of the body. These subtle moves send messages deep into the body and retrieving cellular memories of a more balanced relaxed way. Frequent pauses throughout the session allow the patients body to respond and begin the healing process. His technique works not only on the muscles and connective tissues, but also on the fascia, nerves and internal organs. Bowen is suitable for everyone – from newborn babies to the elderly, and including pregnant mothers. Having treated on average 13,000 patients per year with this technique Tom Bowen said that any and every condition could be addressed using this technique. Those who receive this treatment often comment on improvements – some major on unrelated problems – often not even mentioned to their practitioner. Consider Bowen Technique for:

  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Digestive and bowel problems including IBS
  • Earache, ear infections and migraines
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Menstrual and hormone irregularities
  • Neck/shoulder problems including frozen shoulder
  • Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length
  • Respiratory problems and hay fever
  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
  • Sports and accident injuries

Note: It is recommended that those who have a Bowen session wait one week before beginning any other physical therapies. This is because it will take a few days for the flow on of beneficial changes and other therapies may lessen the effectiveness of the original session.

Muscular Synergy

A holistic treatment balancing body, mind, soul and magnetic polarity.  This is a  gentle and effective treatment to clear blockage on all levels of the being including balancing the body to the soul’s true purpose.

A hands on healing therapy, this treatment is originated by Katherine Bright and is part of the energetic healing modality she has founded called Theta Resonance At All Levels. This is very relaxing and rejuvenating, and especially good for clearing long-term emotional  blockages.


Katherine is generally booked 1 or more months ahead. When you contact Katherine, you will be sent a list of available dates by email and her phone contact details. Confirm to Katherine the time and date you select. Phone Katherine on the date and at the time specified. Katherine is able to telephone you on your landline or mobile free of charge if you live in Australia. If you live overseas remember to check out the time differences – Check out Skype phone calls are also easy and done where possible overseas. See the Contact page for details. There is a cancellation list but for urgent cases you may email directly to Katherine’s wonderful husband Kim Bright on as he is a very skilled practitioner and is taking over the overflow of clients and addressing this need. Kim may be available sooner. See for Kim’s individual information and rates. Bookings: please email your request **Missed appointments will be charged in full if no notice of cancellation is given prior to the appointment time.** There will be a price increase on 1 July, 2016.

Naturopathic/Medical Intuitive/Life Coaching consultation 1 hour Including: Life Path Healing Reading, life coaching or Spiritual/Energetic Healing consultations (Onsite, skype or telephone) –  includes bank transcation fee

Consultations outside Australia already include international bank transaction fees


Intuitive Business Advisory Consultations (includes gst)  Scanning your business, staff selection,  relationships, and advising on business health.  Assistance to increase your prosperity and life balance.

1 hour

30 mins

1 hour


1 hour



$208 AUD



Naturopathic consultation not involving medical intuitive work 45 mins $135
Onsite Naturopathic Consultations not involving medical intuitive work 45 mins  Child rate $90
Reiki treatment from a Master 1 hour $110
Bowen Technique 45 mins $88

Pension rate $78

Muscular Synergy 1 hour $110

Please note that all products and services on this site are in Australian Dollars. For currency exchange rates please visit the Currency Converter **Missed appointments will be charged in full if no notice of cancellation is given prior to the appointment time.**

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Personal mentoring and life coaching

In the last 20 years I commenced spiritual healing including teaching my own spiritual practice classes. Previously having taught these in a class workshop format, I have found that mentoring one on one, catering for individual needs is more effective, as individual development varies and it is not always as fulfilling learning in a class environment where you have to learn at the pace of the group. I now conduct mentoring in spirituality and life coaching on an individual basis. This exclusive full day of learning, enables you to have a personal specialist assisting you at the level you are currently working at to beyond. If you are a beginner, I can cater to your needs individually in connecting to Creator, developing your knowledge of your spiritual journey and providing you with life empowerment skills. I also offer spiritual development for the more advanced individuals.

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