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During an extremely painful and emotional breakup my ex-partner seemed to have gained a deep energetic clearing and clarity from Katherine after several phone sessions. In desperation I then too sort Katherine’s services in the hope that I may also experience this deep level of relief. Well, to cut a long story short, I got way more than what I expected! After one phone session with Katherine things really began to turn around and change in my life! I started to clearly and deeply see aspects of myself that were not serving me at all and at the same time realising that these same character flaws also contributed to my relationship breakdown. This deep introspection and clearing lasted for about two weeks and the amazing thing was that because I could see it all so clearly it was relatively easy for me to drop the non-serving behaviours. My previous defensiveness and inflated ego softened and a much more mature self emerged. This then allowed me to see the deep love and respect I still had for my partner that had been previously covered up by blame, judgement and criticism. The change in me was that apparent that I have now re-connected with my partner and our love and respect for each other continues to grow. I have no idea how this life-changing series of events happened but I can only attribute the deep fundamental shift to Katherine’s work. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking deep change or relief in their life. I will be forever grateful to Katherine for this experience.

James Dobson, Qld, April 2016

Katherine is full of love, light and compassion. She helped put me back together again after a very sad time in my life. She is a wonderful teacher and has shown me how to communicate with myself, the Universe and the Creator. Katherine’s greatest gift to me has been to demonstrate the necessary tools with which to investigate and discover my true inner self. This revelation has been extraordinary and a turning point in my life. I have found these steps to self-fulfillment both a joy and a wonder. My life is now full of fun, laughter and great happiness. Thank you Katherine. Patricia Berry, Hobart, Tasmania June 2013

I have known Katherine Bright for nearly 4 years. Over this time Katherine has been instrumental in helping me move from aspects of myself and my life that no longer serve me, in a way that that has always been and continues to be gentle and supportive. One of the things I am most grateful for is that Katherine has passed on her gift of ‘Theta Resonance’, to myself and may others. This has enabled me to help myself, others and the universe. Kristianna Michaelides, Melbourne, Australia, June 2013

Katherine Bright has touched my heart and my life with her healing art. She has inspired me to see the truth, and seek it in Life. I experienced such joy during our first session and a real sense that the Angels she was channeling were saying to me everything Katherine spoke. I have come a long way since I met Katherine, and I attest to the Divine power chanelled and the marvelous healing sessions she conducts. Thank you so much for all your Love and support Katherine, you are a beautiful Soul and will always be in my Heart. Love always, Melissa Tranter, Kin Kin, Australia, June 2013

I am so grateful for Katherine Bright. I had never known that healing could be so gentle and nurturing until I started talking to Katherine. Katherine has helped me move forward in areas that I felt stuck in for a long time and I feel so happy to tell the world about what she does as I truly believe in her and her work. Thank you Katherine for spreading the light. Kristianna Michaelides, Melbourne, Sept 2012

Nine years ago I was infected with a tick-borne disease called Rickettsia and I developed chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia as a result of the disease going undetected and untreated for two years. For the last six years I was bed-bound, unable to walk at all and extremely low in energy. Six years of not walking do not exactly leave one with strong muscles and joints but Katherine’s healings have really helped to put my body in healing and strengthening mode rather than weak and painful mode which has allowed me to progress quite quickly. I am now beginning to walk again, my body is getting stronger and my energy and stamina have improved significantly. My family, friends and doctors are amazed and delighted with my progress and the best part is that I continue to improve every week. Katherine’s spiritual and energetic healings, as well as being instrumental in my healing process, are also a lot of fun! Katherine has a wonderful sense of humour and when combined with Creator’s you can’t help but rejoice in the letting go of old wounds and in opening up to everything positive that is available to us on this planet. When my illness was at its worst I could not see a way out nor imagine a future that didn’t include the many limitations I was then experiencing. Thanks to Creator and to the healing sessions I have been able to share with Katherine so far I have been guided out of illness and limitation and into a space of healing, growth and joy. I feel like I have reconnected to the present and now when I look to the future I see only brightness and endless possibility. Thank you, Katherine.

Omar Moustafa, Melbourne, 2011

When I first spoke to Katherine I had been suffering from a chronic illness for the better part of a decade and had spent much of that time bed-bound or in a wheelchair. I found myself faced with a daunting collection of physical, emotional and psychological issues that I knew I would need to somehow work through in order to heal. In our healing sessions Katherine helped me to face these issues and guided me through them with grace, a lot of humour and great insight. Katherine has shared with me such heartfelt spiritual assistance and I have come a long way since our first conversation. I have travelled to amazing places around the world, I have watched myself heal and grow with every day and I have fallen in love with life. I remember a time not so long ago when I was too exhausted from constant pain and fatigue to even be able to concentrate for five minutes and now I am a full-time student and achieving more than I once thought possible. In the darkest days of my illness I could not have seen the possibility of being able to appreciate who I am and the light I am capable of sharing with the world but working with Katherine’s gift of healing has helped me to reconnect to my natural state of love and to see the best in myself. It has also given me a deep compassion for myself and all beings as we each walk our unique paths in search of healing and connection. Omar Moustafa, Melbourne, Australia, June 2013

A simple thank you just doesn’t seem anywhere near enough to say to a person who has saved your life on so many occasions. You have helped me to understand who I am and given me the tools to have a relationship with Creator, which has changed my world and made it a beautiful place to call home. May you always have an abundance of love and light in your life, as I think you are an amazing and valuable human being. Love and blessings. Tina Williams, Hobart Tasmania

I see you as a real life angel that plays air guitar. You glow with love for god, people and the world around us and have a special and humble way of spreading this love. Your voice, music and art can carry people into another dimension.

Dear Katherine, I am writing to thank you for helping me with my year long battle with my son’s eczema. We have not had clear skin almost ever and I have been literally hitting a wall with doctors telling me its an incurrable desease which he needs to grow out of. You have been AMAZING in identifying specific foods he is reacting to and most surprisingly the dogs! Since first consulting with you we had two weeks of absolutely clear skin with no flare ups! Without your help and insight my son would still be suffering with extreme reactions and I wouldn’t know how to help him. I am so greatfull for your special gift and also your friendly and approachable manner. I hope others avail themselves of this incredibly powerful and insightful healing technique. Alina Kleiman, Melbourne, Sept 11

I would like to give you some feedback following my appt with you. I have heaps more energy and I have been out walking early each day. I haven’t felt this good or been out walking for over two years. Best of all I no longer need to take the troches (natural hormone replacement). I am thrilled with the results following my appt with you. Thank you Katherine and thank you to the Creator. Anne Robartson, Hobart Tasmania

Three unique things about my friend Katherine; She has a wonderful sense of humour and sees the lighter side of life and herself. Katherine is one of the most grounded people I know, she practices what she teaches and is a wonderful inspiration for love, light and spirit. Her ability to connect with Creator/Source is second to none – her reputation as a healer is growing steadily as people experience her unique gift. She uses her talent for the greater good in small workshops around Australia and Globally, not just for individuals it is enormously rewarding to be part of that process. It is an honour knowing her. Kia kaha, Aroha Nui

Catherine Pinfold, Sydney (originally New Zealand)

In April this year (2009) Katherine paid a visit to Holland, and we had the opportunity to benefit from her expertise and guidance during her stay. Katherine is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor, who has the ability to make you feel comfortable in any situation and so you feel free to “open up” to any experience she may guide you through. I attended several of Katherine’s classes and every single one of them has been a treat. Whether I look back on the very intense Reiki 2 class or the eye-opening connecting to the creator or the astonishing communicating with crystals, which was such a wonderful experience, that I completely fell in love with them and find myself trying to communicate with every crystal I can lay my hands on. Katherine teaches her classes and shares her knowledge and believes with great expertise and a sound sense of humor, there wasn’t a dull moment. She makes you aware of yourself and your abilities and encourages you to explore them. She brought peace and relief to my heart and soul, a big smile on my face and she surely widened my horizon. Ellen van der Putten, Helmond, The Netherlands, November 2009

I first spoke to Katherine in 2005 the week after my Mum died. A friend had told us about her and booked a phone consultation for Mum the week before and we had booked a second one. However when Mum passed away, my sister and I decided that I should keep the appointment. At the time I was feeling most of the usual symptoms of grief as well as a bunch of other quite negative emotions. I was already a healer myself but nothing I was doing was helping. It was definitely one of the lowest points in my life. So I rang Katherine thinking ‘What have I got to lose?’ That phone call is still one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Forty five minutes later I was a new person. There was still grief but I was myself again and I could deal with it. I can’t remember much about the conversation but I know it worked and that’s what mattered. Since then I have done a heap of Katherine’s courses and forums as well as a trip to Peru. All have been extremely worthwhile and many have been fabulous. I have met wonderful people and we have done great work together. I believe Katherine does very important work and I can’t thank her enough for how she has helped me. I am glad though that with the techniques I have learnt from her I have been able to help her at times in return as well as others and the planet. Karina Noontil, Secondary Teacher and Healer, November 2009

“Since doing healing workshops with Katherine I have been amazed at how useful and effective these tools are in my work as a general practitioner. It has allowed me to treat patients that I would previously label as ‘too difficult’ and then be referred on to specialists.” Dr Madeleine Lovell, Hobart

“I would honestly have to say the amount of shifts that I have had in my life since I started seeing Katherine have been phenomenal. I have got that much more confidence in myself and have cleared a massive amounts of old stuff that I don’t feel I have to deal with anymore. I had a medical condition and have seen two separate doctors, both of which have said that my condition has now completely resolved after medical test results returned. I am blown away by that because it is medically proven.” Brody Cummings, Hobart

“I have suffered sacro-iliac pain for several years, and repeated treatments of massage, osteopathy and Bowen Therapy had all been ineffective. During a clinic session Katherine located a minute sliver of bone embedded in a nerve fibre in the sarco-iliac joint. She was able to dissolve this sliver and I experienced immediate relief. The pain has not returned since that session. Katherine channels a profound and wonderful stream of healing from a very high spiritual plane.” Jean Gilbert, Hobart

“I suffered from anxiety attacks and phobias. I knew there was more to the universe as a whole and how it affects our life. Now I know I’m on the right path. Thanks to Katherine’s knowledge and training during her healing and toning seminars, and her clinic sessions I can now work and speak with God myself when I need the extra hand and understanding of life. I am more confident and open and find my anxieties and phobias aren’t relevant anymore. I have just won the Exceptional Customer Service Awards for Hobart out of 3000 nominations! Thank you God for guiding me to Katherine.” Debbie Jackson, Hobart

“I consider Katherine has a rare talent in getting to the cause of a problem in an unintrusive way I attend Katherine’s clinic on a fairly regular basis. Her advice and treatment has always been just what I needed. I trust her. The results have been excellent, especially with my Macular Degeneration which was hereditary via both my grandmothers. After healings with Katherine my doctor says I don’t have Macular Degeneration now.” Coral Gray, Hobart

“Thank you for all your work, information and techniques that you’ve given me to enlighten life’s purpose and healing” Debbie Penney, Cairns

“Thank you for everything during this year…your work and you are much appreciated!” Jan Hecksher, Melbourne

As per our phone healing today, I would like to tell you what has happened for me since The Creator rewired my brain and cured my dyslexia. While I still have problems with some spelling of words, I have noticed that I have been seeing colours in a different way than I was used to seeing and experiencing them. As you know, I am quite proud of my garden and when I look at the flowers, their colours are exquisite. I have never seen the colours as that vibrant before the rewiring. My whole experience of the world is so new that I find myself continually amazed at the colours of everything around me. Life is so much more colourful.” Sid Bintley, Tasmania

“I have Multiple Sclerosis and have had healing sessions with Katherine on multiple occasions. Katherine has worked on my spine and taken my lumbar pain levels from a 9/10 to a zero out of ten level within one session. This is wonderful and really worthwhile to help me manage. With Creator she has also dissolved bladder and kidney stones.” John Giannopoulos, Melbourne

Conservative Country Folk Stereotypes of farmers show us to be a very narrow minded lot. Not the rural folk in this district though. Yes we have ‘old fashioned’ values – but there’s a new movement here, thanks to one woman… Katherine. Katherine is a normal suburban mum, but she has the gift of healing. And that’s no bull. She’s helped everyone from shearers with chronically bad backs to busy farm mums who can’t quite get back in the saddle after having children, and wee babies with drastic illnesses. Not only that, she’s taught many of us about spirituality and healing, and she’s opened up a whole new world for the Bundy Girls like me in this Tasmanian district. Before I met Katherine, spirituality was merely about man-made churches and boring services that I had to sit through for school. Now there’s a load of us up this way with a new spin on God, medical problems and healing. Thanks to Katherine the girls round here have used Reiki on sheep, horses and the odd chook! She’s been so inspirational to our district, I plan to base a character on her for my next novel, The Cattlemen. The concepts she teaches make a whole lot of sense to us who work with animals and the land… In her words, “Because we are less able to differentiate between that of a natural and man-made frequency due our desensitisation in modern society and cities we may not understand many of God’s natural and automatic laws and prescriptions. We do not really understand the changes of the seasons any more nor the electrical fields of the trees unless we spend time with nature; unless we live away from these electro magnetic fields and radiation devices. Most of us have lost the ability to converse, understand and sense the actions of natural beings like the animals and birds.” Take a look at her website… www.katherinebrightaustralia.com (for people with dial-up it may be slow to load.)

Rachael Treasure

Acclaimed Novelist, Australia’s Rural Woman of the Year

Wow! Sometimes the level of personal and planetary healing that takes place in one session is incredible. I have been working with Katherine for many years now, and in the past it was tempting to think the healings were “all about me.” These days I just can’t ignore the fact that, whenever I receive a healing for myself, everyone in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances is also positively affected. The difference in the way my friends and family relate to me as a result of my personal healing is impressive. And I know that the world is also a better place because of the healing I am able to receive through Katherine’s gift. I am now in the process of becoming a healer myself, and I have to say that all of this brings new meaning to the old saying, “Healer, Heal Thyself.” I hope we can all learn to see how valuable it is to receive for ourselves and work through our stuff for a better world.

Angeline Meloche