The ability to connect to creator has already proven to be an amazing skill in my every day life, and also with the few healings I have conducted on Ange also, I feel confident in moving forward. It has really helped harness my creativity, and my meditations.

Madeline Lebski

Abundance Workshop: The abundance workshop was amazing. With Katherine’s help I was able to find 89 core belief systems in myself, such as “I am weak” (positive) and “I love myself” (negative) all of which we were able to clear and heal in just one day! In the process hundreds of other belief systems blocking my abundance also got cleared. Through muscle testing I was able to see what I really thought of myself on a subconscious level. There were countless unhelpful belief systems accumulated from past lives and genetic inheritance. Katherine showed us how to hand it all over to Creator and trust the healing process, without which it would be virtually impossible to eradicate so many blockages at once. Many thanks for a life changing workshop! Angeline Meloche July 2012

Thank you so much for being part of my life for the past 2 years. Through doing your workshops and having healings with both of you, I now have the tools to enable me to live life instead of just getting through each day. My eyes and heart are now open to the wonders of the universe and I can truly look forward to whatever life holds for me with peace, joy and loads of love in my heart. What a gift you have given me. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place to be. Jane, Bundaberg, Qld

Katherine has helped me put my life back together again. Her courses reinforce everything I need to understand and believe in who I really am. They are a continuing life learning experience. Patricia Berry, Lindisfarne Tasmania 2011

The basis of Katherine’s uniqueness is her Humanity. From the first, there is delight in her being approachable, natural, light-hearted & grounded – she creates an immediate sense of fraternity & affinity, whether in a group or one to one situation. She relates as an equal, sharing the commonalities as a soul living an everyday human life – she touches the soul. This creates the space of comfort, ease and trust in which openness can occur & Lightness flow. Her teaching and healing carries the absolute energy of Authenticity and Integrity. And the delightful thing is, this gift can be wrapped in down-to-earth laughter and fun-loving manner; gentle guiding; profound focus; or compassionate tenderness – it resonates unfailingly with what we know to be our highest truths. Overriding all is the obvious breadth and depth of her own Enlightenment. Katherine’s dedication, commitment, vision and knowlege are evident to all who meet her, creating the recognition of spiritual mastership and the inspiration to follow the heart’s opening. But no mistake, as in all truly Enlightened, the grace of humility is at the centre of the gift… Anne Boxsell, Bruny Island Tasmania

Three unique things about my friend Katherine; She has a wonderful sense of humour and sees the lighter side of life and herself. Katherine is one of the most grounded people I know, she practices what she teaches and is a wonderful inspiration for love, light and spirit. Her ability to connect with Creator/Source is second to none – her reputation as a healer is growing steadily as people experience her unique gift. She uses her talent for the greater good in small workshops around Australia and Globally, not just for individuals it is enormously rewarding to be part of that process. It is an honour knowing her. Kia kaha, Aroha Nui Catherine Pinfold, Sydney (originally New Zealand)

Katherine has been the person who has guided me onto my spiritual path. I was looking for answers in my life on many levels, for health, life’s meaning and faith. Fate has a way of doing these things and I was directed to Katherine who is unlike anyone I have ever known. Knowing her has given me a greater understanding of myself and God/Creator and of the possibilities that are manifest in each and everyone of us. She is life changing. It is amazing to see how far I have journeyed in such a relatively short time. What is unique about Katherine? She is wise from her life’s journey that has a resonance with all who come in contact with her. She is compassionate and wonderfully empathetic which makes it easy to trust and confide in her. She is courageous to be different and follows through on her convictions and this in turn gives confidence and strength to me and others like me. Michele Higgins, Hobart Tasmania

I have been completing spiritual work for many years, with interruptions for marriage, children etc, and during the last couple of years have been looking for something special. I believe I have found it in Katherine’s workshops! The changes I have experienced whilst attending Katherine’s workshops have been profound, resulting in an increase in skills and understandings in days; that would have normally taken many years! The workshops were fun, exciting, easy, non-threatening and transformational! I can highly recommend Katherine’s Workshops to anyone who is looking to attain profound life-changing skills and understandings. Thank you Katherine! Suze McGregor, Queensland, July, 2010

This was a very enlightening course for me. I discovered interesting aspects about myself. Now the basics are known I use this technique almost daily for all kinds of things. Even at work! Katherine teaches on high standards in integrity making the atmosphere feel very safe and comfortable. Thank you for your visit in The Netherlands. Mark van der Putten, Helmond, The Netherlands November 2009

Working with Katherine was a very positive and impressive experience. Due to her natural and open way of speaking, she is able to guide you through your own mind and body. This experience had a healing effect and made me a better person. As well as physical as mental meaning. I hope to meet Katherine in the future and to learn a lot more about myself with her as guide. Frans Mouws, Dutch author film maker, Helmond, The Netherlands, November 2009

I’ve learned different healing techniques from Katherine, Her commitment and positive energy made these learnings extra special for me. At her last visit to the Netherlands she aligned me to use the Reiki II symbols. These techniques helped me to expand the usage of healing. I’m very grateful for this. Bas van der Putten Helmond, The Netherlands, November, 2009

There are no words for an experience like that, it’s a present! Angelique Fierens, Helmond, The Netherlands, November, 2009

I would like to thank Katherine for her level 1 course which my husband and I attended. Katherines knowledge is astonishing and her teachings are relaxed, uplifting, fun and exhiliarating. We both experienced and incredible shift in our spiritual enlightenment and our lives have been exceptionally enhanced. Katherine has given us confidence in our ability to connect with the Creator and believe in ourselves. We trust her. We both gained more from the course than we ever could have imagined. Our souls have been touched and healed and we are very grateful. Karen and Craig Fox, Hobart

A BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful week spent with you and my kind of normal people… was just the BEST! I had a lot of fun into the bargain. I put both bottles of your Light Frequency Essences that I bought from you into the Tully River- a few kilometers above where the farming starts and a km or so below where the Hydro Power Station is in orderto assist the healing of the waterway. It is so beautiful up there. Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do for us all and the planet Katherine June 09. Bev Haack, Cairns, Qld

I have a 9 month old baby and after 2 very difficult months of her not sleeping well at all, I decided to use the Security Essence in her bath. That night she slept through from 7pm to 6am for the first time ever! She did the following night as well and since then, while she does wake up on the odd occasion, we have noticed a significant difference in her ability to re-settle herself and all of our sleep has benefited as a result. Yolande Abeling, Melbourne

Hi Katherine, Just thought I’d let you know I did have fun on the course!! It was such a wonderful experience. I’m still processing the alterations and information but I did want to let you know that the biggest change has been with my horse. After connecting to his higher self and feeling how terrified of the ostriches and emus he actually is i did as you suggested and asked creator to download information to him on how to help him cope and understand the issues and to know he was safe. My partnership with him has altered so much that when my friend and I went for a ride today(sunday)he calmly walked past the ostriches and emus. You wouldn’t believe how impressed my friend was her jaw was on the ground! It was such an amazing experience as last week end i very nearly came off him due to the ostriches and emus doing exactly the same thing as they did today!! What an amazing difference! To know that he trusts me and can overcome such a huge fear with the simple connection I had with him is awesome! Thank you so much for allowing me to learn these life altering skills! I look forward to using them more and to furthering these skills with the next level! Again, Thanks so much. Light and love!!! Tania Bailey, Tasmania

“I would like to encourage all health professionals to explore Katherine’s work. Her compassion and empathy allowed me to discover many new dimensions to helping and healing others. Every patient now has a silver lining with thanks to Katherine. I am now a more patient and understanding person and veterinarian. I more easily find a point of stillness in my work.” Dr Susan Peden, Veterinarian BVSc (Hons) MACVS (small animal surgery)

“Awesome!” Tania Bennett, Perth, WA

“I can highly recommend the teachings as presented by Katherine. She presents in a clear, authoritative way with no pretensions. She makes everyone feel loved and cared for all during the course. Meanwhile, Katherine continues to be a prime example of the efficacy of what she teaches, performing little miracles all the way through in such a natural and easy-going way. She gently urges us all on, into the mystery of this truly magnificent healing work, and by the time we’re done, we begin to feel like masters too! Well done, Master Katherine!”

“Katherine’s workshop was enjoyable and inspiring, with a balance of information and experiential components. A safe, loving space was provided for one’s own processes and to learn new techniques. Being an integrative GP and psychotherapist I have a strong commitment to increasing my own and others consciousness/ vibrations. The techniques can be incorporated with any tool, for personal growth, and with clients. Dr Kwen Pun, Melbourne

“Eight years ago I was diagnosed with having Emphysema. My breathing had been restricted, until I recently attended a healing workshop facilitated by Katherine. With the release of trauma, fear and negative beliefs from my body, I am delighted to discover that I am breathing with ease once again. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I look to the future with excitement and joy. Many thanks to Katherine for sharing her knowledge with wisdom, truth and vision. She created a space in which I felt both safe and comfortable. Her level of energy was contagious and I enjoyed myself immensely. Katherine’s ability to teach is outstanding, her wealth of knowledge is vast and highly valued and I learnt in a fun environment with an out-standing group of people. As a result I believe I have been greatly enriched by the experience.  God Bless.” Lesley Martin, Melbourne

“Thank you for your exquisite workshop ‘Accessing Interdimensional Portals and Paths.'” Hans-Christian Kleist, Eumundi, Qld

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always remember the lessons and the love. You delivered us so much knowledge and insight that we will never be the same again. My life is enriched and I have been given the gift of God, which is the nicest thing I have ever received. Thank you for your unabounded energy, enthusiasm and giving to us your heartfelt love of God.” Gaye Webb, Hobart

“A life changing experience – thank you from the inner essence of my being…I salute you. With love” Jill Ness, Melbourne

“You have completely changed my flat life into a multicoloured flying balloon. With gratitude eternally” Carol Mahannah, Canada

“I just wanted to say thank you to you again. Those 4 days have had a huge impact on my life, that I’ll always be grateful to you. I am looking forward to level 2 and 3. God Bless.” Julie Pearce, Brisbane

“Thank you for showing me the way to have light and love in my life” Melanie Boon, Port Douglas, Qld

“I feel I need to share this with you. Before hearing about you I had been very blessed to often hear the Angels sing anytime and to hear native American Indian music also mainly when meditating, so to hear the Angels music come from YOU has been truly amazing! When explaining what I would hear to my husband I could find nothing on earth to compare it to and well now I do! Thanks heaps…I am still absorbing all that I experienced at your seminar and feel truly blessed to have been a part of it. You are a wonderful woman with an amazing gift and I will always be grateful for you sharing this with me and the rest of the group.” Annette Plumridge, Melbourne

“I so enjoyed your course in Port Douglas and please let me know about the next stage!” Pamela Martin, Daintree Qld

After completing the level 1 course “Connection to the Universe” I found myself wanting to understand more about the inner healing qualities we all possess and was fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake the “Chromosomal Disorders” course. This course enabled me, and everyone else, to connect with the Creator and do some amazing healings. These two courses have helped make everything in my life so much clearer. Katherine is a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration to us all. I would not have been able to channel the energy of the Creator or understand the wealth of energy inside me without her caring nature and gifted guidance. Thanks Katherine, you have made a wonderful and lasting impact on my life. Kathryn Fox, Tasmania

Attending the Accessing Patterned and Hereditary Chromosomal Disorders class in January 2009, I have felt totally relaxed and comfortable to be myself, totally free and with so much joy. The class was amazing! I learned a whole new perspective about how this work affects the whole package of the self, body systems, emotional, spiritual and mental energetics etc. It was like three years of a naturopathy course in 6 days, but delivered in such a way that that wasn’t difficult. Katherine is amazingly grounded and in tune as a teacher. She is multi-dimensional and such a Light Worker!! Heather Coburn, Hobart

rachael_katherine“Last weeks’ book launch in Hobart was a great chance to thank all the people who have helped me on my journey! Here’s a great mate, Katherine Bright who I met several years ago when I needed Bowen Therapy for my very sore back that had endured hours at the computer, farm work and pregnancy! She’s sorted many a shearer’s aches and pains. Since then, Katherine has become a remarkable teacher for me. She helped me develop the character of Evie in The Cattleman’s Daughter and has been a fantastic support to me and my children. She’s also a busy mum who works from home with her business Lightworkers International.” (excerpt taken from on 5 November, 2009)