“Good-work or philanthropic give aways.  They should be part of all our lives.  I know I do good works every day in some form or another.  If I can’t do it financially I will do it with my healing intentions and blessings.

We all have gifts and talents we can use to do good in the world with our passions, dedications, stubborness and stickability.  We are machines of good-intentions waiting to be oiled half the time.

I have found some beautiful youtube clips of good works.  These two stories are so inspiring. They are featured stories from the Ellen show where she gave cheques from the sponsors to assist in good works projects these two individuals started from their own hearts.  She is following on with the funds to help them achieve a greater good result for many.

The first is of a  US uni student who has made programs to help people with gender issues in school.  This man is so gentle and beaautiful and what a result!  He makes you cry with his beautiful personality.  Enjoy him dancing in the beginning. Enjoyment and laughter are GOLD!


The second is a young man who is a teacher in Baltimore USA.  What this guy has done consistently for so many years for underprivileged school children is awe-inspiring!


So let us all get thinking about what we can do in our community.

Blessings till next week.

love and light

Katherine Bright

Copyright 2017, Katherine Bright Lightworkers International