Hypnosis & Meditation

Katherine Bright ND is a qualified hypnotist and a member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists

This range of meditations and hypnosis MP3 SESSIONS are downloadable to keep forever.   All titles are also available on CD.  You may choose your format on the purchase pages below.

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Hypnosis tapes should be played daily for three weeks in order to get the best effect.

The gorgeous range of meditations are here to provide you with well-being and peaceful contemplation to assist you on your life journey.

  “Katherine’s voice and music are truly comforting.   I am enjoying the dulcet tones of your ‘hypnosis voice’ every evening at the moment. Very peaceful. Lots of love and light to you and yours.”   Kathryn Meldrum, UK.

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AbundanceThis hypnosis is a wonderful creative visualisation of the abundance potential of you and your manifesting capacity. You are abundance! The underlying bin-aural isochronic Theta tones assist with deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Allergy Relief

Allergy ReliefWe know how annoying and debilitating an experience allergic reactions and intolerances can be.  This hypnosis is designed to assist your body to turn around the allergy by using a process of subconscious change and clearing of allergic responses by the cells. Use frequently to support your body with healthier responses and new possibilities without allergies.

Better Memory

Better MemoryA good memory is needed in many situations in life. This short 14-minute meditation is ideal to use before sleep to empower your subconscious to retain information whilst you sleep without needing to concentrate on improving your memory. This is the no-struggle approach to confidently improving your memory.

Dealing With Anger

Dealing with AngerIf you have anger management issues, feel overwhelmed and short tempered, this hypnosis is designed to assist you to calm your mind and be more in control of your reactions to stressful situations or frustrating events which might trigger you normally.

Dealing With Grief

Dealing With GriefGrief can be so overwhelming but it is a natural part of loss.  This hypnosis tape is a support for dealing with times of sadness and grief, providing helpful and peaceful messages to assist you in the moving forward from grief process.  It will assist you to know when it is time to process and time to let go in a healthy and nurturing way.

Fear Of Air Turbulence

Fear of TurbulenceThis hypnosis is very relaxing, teaching you how to understand you are safe and relaxed in an environment of flying in an aircraft, both small and large.  Wonderful!

Finding Love

Finding LoveThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Life Balance

Life BalanceThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Natural Childbirth

Natural ChildbirthThis peaceful and empowering natural childbirth hypnosis will show you how to work with the sensations of labour, turning on and off the sensations switch and giving you the control you need whilst being completely relaxed in an honouring of your enlightened self and beautiful child.  Use this tape repeatedly during pregnancy to empower your birthing experience.

Perfect Interview

Perfect InterviewThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Perfect and Radiant Health

Radiant And Perfect HealthThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural isochronic Delta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Recovering From Anorexia

Recovering From AnorexiaThis soothing and empowering hypnosis will support those with anorexia to recover their positive body image, confidence and assist in gaining control of their healthy weight balance.  It is suitable for upper primary school aged children, teenagers and adults.

Self Esteem

Self EsteemThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Stop Overanalysing

Stop OveranalysingDo you find your mind keeps overanalysing things around you?  Do you critique everyone and everything?  Maybe you just have a persistent mind that has trouble relaxing and letting go of control.  Whatever your overactive mind tells you, this tape will assist you in the process of retraining your mind to feel safe, stop over-analysing and to finally find some peace of mind and relaxation.  A new life awaits.

Unlimited Wealth

Unlimited WealthThis is an Unlimited Wealth hypnosis download with underlying binaural isochronic Theta tones for manifestation of your wildest dreams!


ADD If you find you have an active mind and active body, this hypnosis will assist to calm and relax your thinking and your intensity.  Designed to be done before sleep, this relaxing hypnosis session will assist you to concentrate in a grounded way, enabling you to feel more at peace and assisting your mental focus in a positive way.

Avoid Being A Drama Magnet

Avoid Being A DramaUsing Theta tones as an underlying soothing subconscious relaxation tool, this hypnosis tape will guide you and advise you on ways to avoid attracting drama into your life.  It is an enabling, empowering, relaxing and life changing support tool for facilitating a new way to approach your life.

Creative Visualisation

Creative Visualisation This beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis. Soothing voice guidance is provided by Katherine Bright ND.

Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety This beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural isochronic Delta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis. Soothing voice guidance is provided by Katherine Bright ND.

Empower And Nurture Yourself

Empower And Nurture

Developed especially for children

As parents, we want our children to feel empowered, nurtured, confident and loved.  This hypnosis is safe and aimed to inspire children to feel peaceful, confident and happily empowered with their school work, family, friends and daily life.

Financial Success

Financial SuccessRelax your way to financial success via this awesome hypnosis tape. Soothing, affirming and positive suggestion to enable your sub-conscious mind to really take up impetus for your future abundance. We all want an easy way to know we are worth financial success.

Letting Go Meditation - Hypnosis To Sleep

Letting GoListen to Katherine Bright’s soothing voice as she guides you into a deep meditative state and sends you to sleep.  This is a 12-minute short meditation which should be done before bed.  It is all about letting go, meditating and peace.

Listen To Your Body

Listen to your BodyThis beautiful guided hypnosis has underlying binaural Delta wave tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming DepressionThis relaxing hypnosis session is designed to alleviate the heavy feelings of depression and tendency to feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts and mental fatigue.

Positive Body Image

Positive Body ImageThis beautiful hypnosis has underlying binaural isochronic Theta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Reach Your Health And Well-being Potential As You Age

Reach Your HealthThis beautiful download includes a lovely body healing hypnosis to support and detox the body, and has underlying binaural isochronic Delta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Relaxation - Relief From Stress

Relaxation-Relief From StressSometimes the world gets on top of you and you feel the pressure.  If you crave real and deep relaxation, this is the hypnosis for you.  Using Binaural Delta Isochronic tones you will find yourself drifting to sleep peacefully.

Sleep Peacefully

Sleep Peacefully This hypnosis has binaural Delta isochronic tones underlying the peaceful script, enticing you to a full and restful night’s sleep. This hypnosis tape should be played before bedtime as it will be leading you to an extremely relaxed sleep state.

Unlimited Confidence

Unlimited ConfidenceThis beautiful hypnosis has underlying binaural isochronic Delta tones for deeper relaxation and more efficient hypnosis.

Weight Loss - Self Hypnosis

Weight LossWeight loss begins in your mind. Let Katherine Bright, certified hypnotist, help you to lose weight and keep it off. With conditioning and repeated listening your mind will begin to accept the suggestions and establish the habits recommended. Listen to the weight loss recording as you are guided, by Katherine, to discover a new you.

De-stress To Release Pain

Destress to Release Pain

This meditation is a fifteen minute sustaining and relaxing breathing meditation to help you destress, wind down and release body pain.
Simple, sustaining guided voice meditation by Katherine Bright ND.

Heart Meditation


A serene guided 15 minute  meditation, set to gentle music with Katherine’s nurturing and soothing voice, taking you into you quiet place of your heart centre for healing and balancing.
You can listen to this meditation on a daily basis to soothe and calm mind, body and soul, healing old wounds in the process in a gentle and natural way.

Soul Meridian Attunement: Master

Master MeditationAn awesome tool, This attunement need is recognised by the monks in Tibet and China and practice is recognised as a daily sustenance. This attunement has been channelled by Katherine Bright in an easy format which will specifically guide you to balance and align your soul meridian, via the Incarnational Star which is an energetic portal space within your body, one inch above the navel, and one inch inside the body.

Deep Healing And Understanding Yourself

Deep Healing And MeditationThis meditation is restful and encourages deep introspection and healing.  Enjoy deeper understanding of your body and soul connection whilst listening to Katherine’s soothing voice. Has gentle background music.

Heart Peace

Heart PeaceTake a journey of contemplation into the Heart and look at your concepts of peace.  This meditation is to promote shift and change around blocked energy of the heart Chakra which allows you to seek the rewards of peace and light in your being.

Tibetan Bells And Crystal Bowls Meditation

This beautiful meditation features tibetan bells and crystal singing bowls, with subtle toning provided by Katherine Bright.