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What.  Well if you put your fingers in the wrong spot on the keyboard and try to type integrity, it comes out as omtegroty.  Which actually isn’t far from the truth because if you lose your integrity you are pretty grotty and you aren’t resonating with the Om of universal peace and wisdom any more!

If there is anything I cannot abide it is unkind, soulless manipulations and weaving of stories to get your way.

Integrity is about truth, wisdom, balance, peace and letting the flow of life be one in integrity with the soul’s true purpose and journey.

So what can you do about your integrity?  Make sure you don’t sell your soul for your wants and desires rather than the greater good and zen of our spiritual journey.

Be kind and be wholesome but do not lose your sense of fun and of who you truly are.

Stop making excuses that the world deserves what it gets because you feel hard done by and check what you can do for the world instead.

As a clinician I hear so many “poor me” stories where people perceive their lot as down and out, hard done by, resentful, bitter or in lack.

The only thing that leads to is the potential to lack integrity.  So instead of woh is me cursiing and lamenting of your journey and lot in life, take stock of the things to be grateful for in it instead.  You have the power for good and love and light.  Isn’t that awesome enough?  If it isn’t it should be because you hold the world in your thoughts!

You have every potential, just like anyone else despite your circumstances.

In the New Year let yourself see what wonders you can manifest in the peace and light of conscious thinking.  That would make the world such a better place.

If you are already doing this then huge congratulations on an integrity lesson already learnt.

Namaste and Happy New Year.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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