Downloadable Spiritual Connection and Meditation Online Courses

There are various downloadable, interactive online courses here for your enjoyment, wellbeing and spiritual learning.  All courses can be kept and repeated as many times as you wish. You learn at your own pace, no exams and from the comfort of your own home.  Each course has written and audio instructions, with Katherine providing her personal insights along the way. In the Connect to Creator range of courses you will also receive a certificate and become part of the Theta Resonance At All Levels network of students, entitling you to exclusive attendance at live student workshop events.

The mastery program provides unique and advanced spiritual work for your personal development.

Connect To Your Heart & Higher Self

The_world_is_your_oyster__Creation_is_Your_Provider A meditative and musical exercise created to help you to connect to your heart & higher self. This course contains an original 20 minute guided meditation and music, designed to promote quite and promote inner flow of information between your soul & mind.

Mastering the Mind and MindMapping

Mastering The Mind and Mind Mapping, Katherine BrightMap the way you think and find out what your sub-conscious is really thinking. Move ahead and understand your process using the tools in a simple and step by step process. In this course you will gain awareness of the way you think and be given the tools to recognise and interpret your blocked sub-conscious thought patterns using a technique called “mind mapping”. This course will guide you in a step by step and simple way to create a mind map and understand how you think.

Connect to Creator Advanced Level Healing Course

Connect to Creator Advanced Level Healing Course, Katherine Bright AustraliaThis is the second course in the series of Connect To Creator. In this you will learn more advanced techniques in “Theta Resonance At All Levels” healing. You will learn how to clear and heal oaths, vows, contracts and other commitments you have made which may stop you healing both physically and emotionally. Your skills will refine and you will feel confident in your professional skill- base as a spiritual and physical healer.

***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

Mastery Bundle Pack

Mastery Bundle Pak, Katherine Bright AustraliaContinue your learning from the Connect to Creator Course. These new advanced level courses will take you deeper into what you learned in Connect to Creator. Benefit from this massively discounted price for these advanced courses.

  • Advanced Level Spirituality and Soul Clearances
  • Advanced Level Healing
  • Animal Communication

***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

Connect To Creator

Connect to Creator course, Katherine Bright In this course your learn how to interact and connect with Source, Creator, through awesome intuitive abilities! A comprehensive course you can do in your own home, you will be able to connect & heal, thought intend & KNOW YOU ARE BEING GUIDED BY SOURCE!

Connect to Creator Advanced Spirituality and Soul Clearances

Connect to Creator Advanced Spirituality and Soul Clearances Advanced Course, Katherine Bright Australia Learn advanced soul clearances in Theta Resonance At All Levels modality, including: Soul Family, Groups and Purpose, Extended soul link clearances, Clear and Heal of Past Life imprints, oaths, vows, contracts and how to send someone onto a beautiful Soul Path Resonance into their future. *

**Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

Animal Communication

Animal Communication, Katherine Bright AustraliaLearn how to communicate with the higher self of any animal. You will be able to Connect to Creator and from that space request to be connected to the higher self of an animal with whom you wish to converse. You will learn to heal and work with the needs of that animal and be able to ascertain what the animal wishes to say or indicate to you.

***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Chakras

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHAKRASThis chakra course is designed to provide everyone from beginners to advanced with information which is unique.

The charts included in this course are comprehensive with information provided educating you not only on their meaning, but on the spiritual challenges, essential oils and crystals which can be used for healing, tones or chanting to balance and heal the chakras, and also for understanding of where and how we may store our emotions within the body at the chakra zones.

Learn solutions and guidance to assist you to understand your body’s disease patterns and emotional challenges. This is a wellbeing course with great insight to assist you on your personal journey to health and balance.

Bonus mp3 download and live readings by Katherine from her radio program are included.

Course Testimonials

From mentor to mentee.  I began working with Katherine to help develop her new online course, Connect to Creator.  Through the process I began to realize that her work was having a great positive effect on ME.  Katherine is full of energy, wisdom and love which shines through her work and reflects on the people she touches. I highly recommend Katherine and her amazing programs.

Tom Buford

Director of Marketing USA, Creator of Charge What You Deserve Home Study Systems USA

The ability to connect to creator has already proven to be an amazing skill in my every day life, and also with the few healings I have conducted on Ange also, I feel confident in moving forward. It has really helped harness my creativity, and my meditations.

Madeline Lebski

Connect To Creator online course

Clear your blockages heal your body and transform relationships and your life.This course makes miracles happen to ordinary people.Conversations with Creator come easily through intent and trust which are taught. There is audio messaging that makes you feel a close connection with Katherine (a one n one).The images of light guide you gently to creator and back safely surrounded by blue light.All this can be easily done in the comfort of you won space and time.Change  the old energy patterns your full potential. The ability to release old thought patterns that seem to keep you stuck are yours for the asking through this course. Thank you LOVE Bahnee

Bahnee Frisk


Loved this!! The way you explain the connection process, how to connect to an animal and the blue light filter makes it so easy to understand. Love the audio and visual together. I really had a lot of fun doing the exercises. It was really wonderful for me to go back to basics again, a great refresher for me and has actually rebuilt my confidence. A refresher for me on many levels.

Jane Gorton

“Students process information in different ways and all those ways must be provided for learning to take place. There needs to be a process for recap of previous lessons and also a way of assessing if learning has taken place.

The program Katherine asked me to review met all these learning needs and was well sequenced so that users were aware of the direction the course was taking.

I would certainly recommend  “Connect To Creator – Develop Awesome Intuitive Abilities with Katherine Bright” as a program to assist people on their spiritual journey”

Sylvia Scott has been an Educator for Nursing and non Nursing personnel for over 30 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Graduate Diploma in Clinical teaching, A Diploma of Business Management and a Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education and Work. She has taught face to face in Universities, Training Hospitals, TAFE and private training organisations and also provided education for Lifeline trainees. She has written training sessions in a face to face format,  and on line and distant education format.  As such, she is well aware of the requirements of the learner when using an on line or distance education program.

Sylvia Scott


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