Bowen Therapy

I do a lot of driving for family and work reasons, spend lots of hours at a computer and have a young child who likes to be carried around. All these things led to severe back pain, which got so bad I was having trouble walking and picking up basic things. I tried a few things, and then found Katherine and tried Bowen. In only a few sessions my back pain has gone altogether, not a single twinge and no stiffness at all! It has been months now and no sign of it returning 🙂 I was amazed at how gentle, simple but incredibly effective the treatment is. The Bowen treatment has helped me in other ways too… I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone.

Heather McGregor

Port Macquarie , April 2013

My 11 year old son was developing quite bad scoliosis. After only a few treatments with Katherine, his back is straight and he has had no pain. She was able to inform me of reasons for his problem (for example he has been ten pin bowling since early childhood and never had any correction to his postural problem which had developed due to muscular strain and the weight of the ball). It was simple but effective treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone with any kind of back problems.

Kylie Sherwood

Port Macquarie , April 2012

I have seen Katherine Bright three times now for Bowen Therapy treatment and once for naturopathic consultation. She has really helped me. I have a lot of relief from the long-term lower back, neck and shoulder pain caused by a stressful job. I have previously had chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment that hasn’t helped.

Sue Marsh

Port Macquarie, May 2012


“I attended my Reiki 1 Certificate course with mixed emotions, I must admit. I was nervous and slightly apprehensive as I had been seeking a spiritual and healing modality to add to my Clinical Hypnotherapy training. It was very important to me that I was able to ‘feel’ some type of energy in order for me to add Reiki to my work in good faith. Within moments of listening to Katherine speak,I knew I was in the right place. Before me sat a woman of wisdom,grace,and beautiful energy all blended perfectly with a down to earth and fun loving approach to Life, Love and Creator. I felt as if I had come home. Katherine vocalises the Soul’s inherent wisdom,and that truth harmonises with every chord in the Heart and Spirit. Katherine is a wonderful teacher,intuitive,insightful and warm,a true link to Creator,and a powerful instrument of his Healing work on earth. I can now add Reiki to my work without hesitation,knowing that I have been taught by a true master. If you are thinking of learning Reiki,or attending any of Katherine’s courses or seminars, I urge you with all my heart, to do your Soul the favour.” Jasmine Wylder, Dip.cln.Hyp, IED Practitioner, Hobart

Book Reviews

Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright

I keep two books next to my bed at all times as a guide for my life and inspiration for my writing. One is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the other is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay but I believe a third very special book needs to be added to that collection.

That book is Katherine’s, Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright. I have read Katherine Bright’s insightful, entertaining and practical book and know it is one that would become a well-loved reference book to be used over and over by thousands of people on this planet.

Rachael Treasure

Australia’s Top Selling Fiction Author 2013

Katherine’s book Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright was a revelation to me when I first read it in connection with a foundational workshop I was doing with her at the time. Since then I have gone on to do other workshops and personal mentoring with Katherine in order to build my skills and knowledge for working with Creator in my personal and professional life.

I regularly return to read this foundational book to refresh my knowledge and understanding, especially when I am learning new things. This is the same approach that I have used in my professional work as an educator for close to twenty years. I consistently return to the foundations in order to reconstruct my knowledge and provide a reinforcing base for the new. I hope that you find this book as important in your personal and professional life as I do!

Kathryn Meldrum, PhD

Co-author of ‘Learning to Teach Health and Physical Education’

This book is an inspiration to anyone interested in moving on in their life. I have been taught by Katherine Bright personally and have seen the effects of her teachings in the greater good of the world and also of other people I personally know who have also been taught by her and read this book. These techniques help you to heal family issues and developing your nurturing skills.

Kathryn Reardon

Daily Inspirations

Your inspirations are inspirational, meaningful, funny, simply grounding and filled with compassion and joy. It is like talking to a beautiful friend at 9am everyday. Your inspirations encourage us to think outside the square or simply have a good chuckle. Thank you for taking the time to share with us that magic thought every day.


I enjoy and look forward to your emails each day. God bless.

Shawtae Smith

The Dailies prompt me to smile, to ponder, to love, to live fully. I look forward to them each and everyday as they give me a window into another person’s life who is fully aware of the minute by minute miracles we are given. It’s a reminder for me to fully feel and be present. Thank you Katherine.

Rachael Treasure


Your daily inspiration is certainly valued and appreciated as I look forward to your thoughts popping into my inbox each morning…….always a chance to stop and reflect on my thoughts and all the amazing and wonderful aspects to my life! Thank you and your daily efforts are appreciated.



Just got your daily inspiration today and it is amazing how much they feel like they are written for just you and only you. I am sure god has has a great giggle to himself when he hears us all saying is that meant for me, as well as saying to himself ‘of course it is’. Hehehe. I have also been listening to your radio programme the last six weeks or so. I don’t know why I wasn’t listening sooner cos I have really, really enjoyed them. I have learnt so much and just love the interaction between you and Kim when he joins you. The other day you said ‘isn’t he gorgeous, you just want to give him a big kiss’. It made me giggle and feel so much love and made my day. I think it was last week when you were talking about abundance and people were having trouble being positive and getting bogged down in the bad stuff going on around them and your advice and the way you dealt with them and their negativity was such a role model for me. It was a real revelation for me. Thank you so much. Oh, love and learn heaps from the newsletters too. Look forward to Friday to get them. Thank you so much. All my love and blessings.


Queensland, Australia, 2014

Dear Katherine, The image on the front of this card is the one of the spirit guides I met in the guided mediation I did with you. He told me to play music and show people how to love. With this in mind, I would like to remind you of the difference you have made in my life.

Your teachings have become cornerstone and have helped me in many different situations. I think about you a lot and I’m always grateful for how much impact you have on our planet. Keep going Katherine, your’re like a little warm fire burning brightly for people to gather around. I’m a better person because of you. All the best for 2014. With love always.

Tabi Sari

Qld, Australia 2014

The Healer Who Cured My Acne!!

Posted on January 18, 2012 My Acne Finally Clearing Up After 10 Years!!Angeline Meloche Katherine Bright is a highly sought-after healer, and for good reason. Reputed to be able to cure just about anything in a couple of telephone sessions (or less) the majority of conditions she works on never return. That’s because she has the ability to pinpoint the genetic causes of any disease or symptom, go into your body and systematically pluck out the roots, so to speak, as well offering the most precise and personalised naturopathic advice I’ve ever experienced in my life (she went through every common food allergen with me, including every single nut, and advised me which ones to avoid. Turns out only pecans, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and pistachios are my friends. Who knew?!) Katherine mostly conducts her healings over the telephone, which I find incredible. I’m not sure exactly how healers manage it, but somehow they are able to open up a direct channel between you and them, and tap into exactly what’s going on in your body. I’ve heard many healers claim it’s actually more powerful to do a telephone healing. I have a theory it’s because we are so used to relying on our vision for everything, and we make so many assumptions about a person based on what we see, and talking over the telephone removes this sight bias. Just a theory, though… In many ways I was actually glad Katherine wouldn’t be able to see me. At other times, when I’d asked for acne treatment advice from health professionals, I often felt like the other person was thinking, Get over it, it’s just a couple of spots! Once, an exasperated naturopath even said to me, “Just relax, and go do a yoga class!” (Little did she know I was doing yoga three times a week, with zero effect on my skin!) I was tired of being rebuffed. I was also tired of hearing unhelpful diagnoses like, It’s hormonal, and, It’s genetic, which to me always translated as, Give up trying to find the answer – your acne is never going away! My acne wasn’t just a couple of spots. It was a self-esteem zapper, an energy drain, a painful reminder that my body was out of whack. I felt like I was doing something wrong, living badly, eating the wrong things. Some days it would completely thwart my confidence and stop me from wanting to go outside. I was sick of it! I felt like I’d tried everything and nothing was working. Luckily, in the midst of complete frustration, somebody told me about Katherine Bright… After spending 40 minutes on the phone with Katherine, I realised that it wouldn’t have actually mattered much had she been able to ‘see’ me face to face. She wasn’t the judgemental type. Far from it, Katherine listened and really heard the full content of my concerns, always speaking to me with kindness and respect, as well as with a healthy dose of light-heartedness and good humour. I felt that I had her full attention, and that she would do everything in her power to help me out, and clear my acne once and for all. After asking permission to enter my body and investigate the problem, Katherine was able to tell me conclusively, “There are seven genes which play a role in your acne. The main one is an inherited acne gene.” She then asked my permission to remove this gene. I said, “Yes please!” Katherine explained to me there was more than one cause contributing to my acne and, when combined together, these causes were like a tangled web with many roots. Already hugely impressed, I was beginning to realise that I had finally found a healer who could not only be specific, but also had complete faith that my acne could be healed. “There are three genes about stubborness, resentment, and disfigurment in order to get out of doing something you don’t want to do,” Katherine told me, explaining that these were all attitudes inherited from my ancestors, rather than attitudes I had formulated in my current lifetime. Again she asked my permission to remove them. “One contains a sense of melancholy and is related to your father’s grandfather,” she told me. “Permission to break any contracts or vows with him?” “Yes!” I breathed. “Another is an abhorrence of vanity. There is also a religious-based one…” she went on, systematically removing the root causes of my acne. “Then there’s also one that’s, like, if you don’t look as pretty as someone else, you’re safer.” Katherine confessed that she felt like she was going down a maze with all sorts of interconnections. Once she had gone through and removed all these “bottom lines” (as she called the genetic causes,) she would then move on to a physical skin healing. When she began looking at the actual physical state of my skin, Katherine said something very interesting: “There’s the word pity, it’s stuck right down there inside the acne.” I wasn’t sure exactly how that emotion might have gotten there, but I was more than happy for Katherine to remove it! “Permission to do a hormone balance and a blood cleanse?” Katherine asked me. I almost yelped for joy! I had been told many times that my acne was hormonal, but no matter how many ways I’d tried to re-balance my hormones, by getting enough sleep, lots of sunshine, taking supplements, and eating the right foods, they still seemed to be out of whack. “Your system’s getting happy,” Katherine reported, and I practically beamed my gratitude all the way down the telephone line. I have to admit, in my enthusiasm I am sometimes a little too quick to put my faith in healers, only to be disappointed later when my problems are still around. But in this case I knew that Katherine fully deserved my trust. Everything she told me rang completely true, and she was being guided in her work by a higher presence, or force, which she referred to as Creator. She told me that I should expect to see some immediate changes in the condition of my skin, and that the remainder would clear up in stages, as the cells and organs in my body replenished themselves. Katherine also checked the vitamin and mineral levels in my body – over the phone! – and advised me to top up on extra Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin B. She also made dietary suggestions, and specified which foods I should cut out of my diet altogether. Among them were gluten-containing grains, cow’s milk, yeast, most nuts, fermented foods, and anything too hot or spicy. Katherine then said that I absolutely must include more coconuts in my diet (yay!) as well as pineapple and papaya, aloe vera juice and dark red berries. The coconuts, she said, were especially important because they were, genetically speaking, what my body craved, as a result of my Mauritian islander heritage. I guess my ancestors must have practically lived off coconuts because, as Katherine described the situation, “Your system is actually feeling the lack of it, it’s like coconut wants coconut.” Well, it’s now been a few weeks since the healing, and my skin feels wonderful. The scars are still around and will take a while to heal, but for the first time in a decade there is no new stuff coming up from beneath the surface. The redness is clearing. And I feel like it’s going to stay that way… forever! All thanks to a wonderful healer named Katherine Bright, who I am so very grateful to have found…x Angeline Meloche ePosted in Changes, Miracles, Natural Born Healers

Healing and Light Frequency Essences

I am not making these essences currently but thought to leave the testimonials on the site because they show my expertise in energetic and intuitive medicine. “These Essences are each lovingly hand made by Katherine. They hold the words in the water molecules” They may be used by people in a similar way to homeopathics. These are homeopathic-like, vibrational essences designed to strengthen and hold the energy in the water molecules of the body in order to create balance and harmony. They are healings in themselves and capable of clearing the genetic body of any blockages which are hampering understanding of the true meanings of the words they embody. They can be used by anyone and are suitable for children & animals. Please choose to use them when drawn to them. They are subtle in fragrance but very powerful and unlock blockage held in the physical/genetic body, progressing to a spiritual clearance of blocked energy patterns, accessing even the soul levels of self. When sprayed onto the wrist & held for 5 seconds each essence is transported ‘into the water’ molecules of the body promoting a “cellular understanding” of the true meaning of the “word” title of each essence e.g. Empowerment or love. Creators truth and sense of each becomes one with your cells understanding and dis-ease related to the issue literally dissipates resonating the cells with the new meanings. This hastens clearance of emotional/spiritual and physical dis-ease.

Hi Katherine I have finally found some spare minutes to write this! Thank you for helping me and my family, I am grateful to have discovered you! I have recently been introduced to Katherine’s light essences and I love them! A little blue bottle of possibilities, hope and most of all instant support for whatever you are going through. They are AMAZING! I have used Joy and Peace with my three boys to calm them and help them sleep better and Love for when they are upset or having difficulty getting along! It is fascinating to watch the change come over them after a spritz of the light essence and verbalizing the word to them. They usually nod in agreement and smile! They even ask me now if they can have some of that “spray stuff”, so although they are young they feel the effect and know their choice of essence helps them. So cute watching them, carefully selecting the essence and then hopeful, face lifted, eyes closed for that lovely refreshing spritz of support. I have found Communication and Empowerment wonderful for clarifying my thoughts and giving me confidence to speak up. Security has helped me feel grounded and deal with my feelings of overwhelm and the homesickness I was experiencing after relocating our family to Australia. As a Mum I think these essences are a real gift, both for myself and my children. They have definitely helped me after my healing work with Katherine. I look forward to having all the essences in my kit! Nicola Jones, Victoria

I have a 9 month old baby and after 2 very difficult months of her not sleeping well at all, I decided to use the Security Essence in her bath. That night she slept through from 7pm to 6am for the first time ever! She did the following night as well and since then, while she does wake up on the odd occasion, we have noticed a significant difference in her ability to re-settle herself and all of our sleep has benefited as a result. Yolande Abeling, Melbourne

“I run a tropical fish hatchery in Tasmania! “Love” essence is sprayed into our storage tanks. We have found a definite increase in our fertility rates since we started using this essence, which we continue to do.” Louise Willis

“They’re just yummy. Sometimes they have a subtle fragrance and other times they don’t. They seem to adjust themselves to your needs.” Brody Cummings

“As a holistic veterinarian I have been using these essences with both animals and their owners to help heal and support where required. I have found them very helpful and very supportive. They create a loving energy in an otherwise frantic and stressed work environment. I particularly value their use in situations where the owners are also aware of and using the essences.” Susan Peden, Veterinarian BVSc (Hons) MACVS (small animal surgery)

Joy Essence: My favourite essence – if I could even pick one – is the Joy essence. It’s like a little bottle of sunshine. I first started using it when I had a bad case of acne and Katherine advised me to spray some of it on my face. Well, the acne didn’t last long, and neither did the accompanying feelings of sadness and self pity. Since finding Katherine and using these wonderful essences I have never felt so good or laughed so much in my entire life! Angeline Meloche

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Kim Bright

My husband who is a talented healer and Bowen Therapist. In addition, Kim is a truly inspirational designer of photographic and spiritual imagery. Compiler of nature photographic books and greeting cards. His photographs taken in Africa of elephants are truly beautiful and available on greeting cards. Kim Bright is competent and absolutely skilled as a Life Path Reader and Healer. I truly recommend him to anyone needing spiritual assistance and readings. See his website at

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