Animal Communication


In this Animal Communication Course you will learn how to communicate with the higher self of any animal. You will be able to Connect to Creator and from that space request to be connected to the higher self of an animal with whom you wish to converse.

You will learn to heal and work with the needs of that animal and be able to ascertain what the animal wishes to say or indicate to you. You may have the capacity to become a master animal communicator at the conclusion of this online downloadable course.

Please note there are multiple free bonus audio recordings of my voice to help you learn.

***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

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***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

This course is a follow on to the Connect to Creator course in Theta Resonance At All Levels modality.  This copyrighted workshop is a follow on to the Connect to Creator downloadable e-courses by Katherine F Bright ND. Commencement via Connect To Creator workshop/ personal mentoring with Katherine Bright or being one of her beginner students is mandatory to engage in this e-course.  The Empowerment Modality!  This course can be taken as an additional once off course following on or part of the five part spiritual advancement and growth series package. 

You must complete the Connect To Creator course first in order to be able to follow through with this more advanced level of learning.  Here you will learn to connect to the higher self of any animal you choose and be able to communicate and interact, heal and bless the animal.  You will learn to hear or feel them communicating back with you.  This is a spiritual enlightenment course designed to really further you innate Dr Doolittle.



“Loved this!! The way you explain the connection process, how to connect to an animal and the blue light filter makes it so easy to understand. Love the audio and visual together. I really had a lot of fun doing the exercises. It was really wonderful for me to go back to basics again, a great refresher for me and has actually rebuilt my confidence. A refresher for me on many levels.” ~Jane Gorton