Connecting to Your Higher Self


This course contains an original 20 minute guided meditation and music piece designed to promote healing and contemplation.  The heart is your vessel of love and light.  Open and understand your heart, the thoughts that you have held in your body and at the same time use this innovative and simple approach to enlighten your insight and promote inner flow and healing.  You can download the meditation and music for use at any time you like once you have begun this course.  Do you want your own personal healer on tap at your fingertips?  Katherine Bright ND has been working in the alternative health industry for 30 years and is listed as a luminary hosting her own spiritual show on global internet radio channel

Enjoy a fantastic and personalised experience with follow up exercise suggestions to help you make the most of your development process and insights. 

If you love this meditation and connection and you want more in depth learning in Connection to Creator from a recognised luminary in spiritual mastery,  please see my website for a full in-depth opportunity of follow-on courses for the spiritual seeker.  Connection to God at your fingertips!

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