EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Chakras


This chakra course is designed to provide everyone from beginners to advanced with information which is unique.

The charts included in this course are comprehensive with information provided educating you not only on their meaning, but on the spiritual challenges, essential oils and crystals which can be used for healing, tones or chanting to balance and heal the chakras, and also for understanding of where and how we may store our emotions within the body at the chakra zones.

Learn solutions and guidance to assist you to understand your body’s disease patterns and emotional challenges. This is a wellbeing course with great insight to assist you on your personal journey to health and balance.

BONUS mp3 download and live readings by Katherine from her radio program are included.

All content of this course is © Copyright 2016 Katherine F. Bright.

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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Chakras Course

This online downloadable course has seven modules of lessons which are easy to learn and support you with audio/visual assistance.  You can download meditation resources of the chakra images and you will be able to keep this course permanently with no time frame in which to complete it.

This is your journey to review and resource whenever you need in your own learning style.  This is a course you can fit into YOUR schedule.

Testimonial and Recommendation

From mentor to mentee.  I began working with Katherine to help develop her new online course, Connect to Creator.  Through the process I began to realize that her work was having a great positive effect on ME.  Katherine is full of energy, wisdom and love which shines through her work and reflects on the people she touches.

I highly recommend Katherine and her amazing programs.


Tom Buford

Director Tom Buford Marketing USA and Creator of  Charge What You Deserve Home Study Systems USA


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