Mastery Bundle Pack 1


Continue your learning from the Connect to Creator Course.  These new advanced level courses will take you deeper into what you learned in Connect to Creator.

Learn Advanced Level Spirituality and Soul Clearances, Advanced Level Healing, and Animal Communication.

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In this 3-course Connect to Creator Advanced bundle, you will learn the following:

Connect to Creator Advanced Spirituality and Soul Clearances

  • Learn advanced soul clearances in Theta Resonance At All Levels modality.
  • You will learn about Soul Family, Groups and Purpose
  • Extended soul link clearances
  • Clear and Heal of Past Life imprints, oaths, vows, contracts etc, including how to send someone onto a beautiful Soul Path Resonance into their future.

Connect to Creator Advanced Level Healing

This is the second course in the series of Connect To Creator Mastery. The initial Connect to Creator downloadable e-course is a mandatory prerequisite to learning this workshop.  Students having taken personal mentoring or beginners classes with Katherine F Bright ND can also purchase this class at this time for permanent download in your own home.

  • In this you will learn more advanced techniques in “Theta Resonance At All Levels” healing.
  • You will learn how to clear and heal oaths, vows, contracts and other commitments you have made which may stop you healing both physically and emotionally.
  • You will learn how you may clear and heal blocks to resolving conditions and where you can simply and easily find these blocks with Creator’s guidance.
  • Clear and Heal Contracts, Oaths and Vows you may have made whether knowingly or not including the clearance of trauma and essence memory of events from the cells.

Connect to Creator Advanced Animal Communication

  • Here you will learn to connect to the higher self of any animal you choose and be able to communicate and interact, heal and bless the animal.  You will learn to hear or feel them communicating back with you.  This is a spiritual enlightenment course designed to really further you innate Dr Doolittle.

***Connect To Creator Course is a REQUIREMENT to taking this Advanced Level course!***

Course price is in USD.


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