Stop Overanalysing Hypnosis

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Do you find your mind keeps overanalysing things around you?  Do you critique everyone and everything?  Maybe you just have a persistent mind that has trouble relaxing and letting go of control.  Whatever your overactive mind tells you, this tape will assist you in the process of retraining your mind to feel safe, stop over-analysing and to finally find some peace of mind and relaxation.  A new life awaits.

When you download this hypnosis session, you can keep it for life and play it as often as you need to support your subconscious in change.  Enjoy some relaxation and conquer the mind’s need to chat persistently and analyse.

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1 review for Stop Overanalysing Hypnosis

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Eyles

    We’ve all experienced an overactive and busy mind at some time or another. Sometimes most of our lives, getting caught up in constant analysis of our current life situation and scenarios that have occurred or even those that may or may not occur that we are just worried about. I have found Katharine Brights “Stop Overanalysing” hypnosis to be a great tool to help slow down the mind and reduce the amount of time that is wasted constantly analysing everything that happens around me or in my own mind. I recommend this hypnosis meditation to anyone who just cant seem to keep their mind off things.

    Chris Eyles
    Bundaberg QLD
    Owner operator of “Integrity in Light”

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