Well now that is a question!  Here we are already into 2018 and it is the time of making plans, changes, re-evaluations of our process and thoughts.

Where to next?  I don’t really know.  2017 was such a huge year for many of us.  It was a year of facing up to much of our genetic conditionings and working out what we personally want from our lives.  It has been a time of realisations for many including myself.  What do I want to do next?

Often I am asked the question of where to now? It is a question which often occurs when one is in transition. Transition is a time of change.  It is a time of perhaps altering our previously held dear patterns and taking chances onchange.

Family and work/life balance is important.  Money and survival are important in some ways and not others.  Nerves are important in some ways and not others.  What do I mean by this?

Well you can have more than enough money and live on your nerves because you have no balance in your home/work life.

You can be struggling financially and find your home life has never been better because suddenly you concentrated on the miniscule in your life and relationships and re-evaluated in a different way.  You see we all process very differently.  What is important to some is completely irrelevant to the wants and needs of others.

So therefore this year 2018 is about making your forward pathways in the way in which you wish to go forward.
That is the important message of 2018.  You have an enormous astrology positive forward pathway right now as you are reading this.  It enables you to go forward in abundant ways.

My advice is to take the lessons learned in 2017 and plan your 2018 accordinly.  Be your own best friend and only do what is good for you.  Namaste dear friend.

Hugs and may your 2018 forward vision boards be amazing.

love and light

Katherine Bright ND


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