Personal Mentoring/Life Coaching days

Katherine, working with Creator, has created over the last eleven years some amazing workshops that connect us to both the Earth and the Creator in pure truth and essence. Exploring resonance and quantum physics in a truly simple and exciting, fun way. Let yourself explore and enjoy learning.

The Modality is called “Theta Resonance at All Levels.” A specialised facet of learning is Personal Mentoring individualised days suitable for all levels of learning. For those wishing to fast track their spirituality and growth to empowerment please email directly to find out more. Exclusively tailored to you personally and incorporating specialised learning and life coaching, these days assist you to perhaps start as a beginner in spiritual practice with an expert fast-tracking and nurturing your learning and progress.  One day with Katherine is equivalent to an entire workshop weekend in Connect To Creator learning in Theta Resonance At All Levels.  See more about the online product of Connect To Creator workshop on this link A Personal Mentoring Day is  definately suitable for those already accomplished in any spiritual modality or learning, and for those who just want a helping hand and do not like group learning.  These mentoring days will provide you with a life-coaching expert and spiritual master guiding you through your obstacles to forward movement by examining, educating your in personal self-reflection and nurturing  you through your many facets of experience and potential blockages to achieving your goals. Katherine will guide you and teach you techniques so you can divest yourself of the blockages that have held you back from your full potential.  If it is clarity you are after, Katherine’s accuracy is phenomenal. One day with Katherine will provide you with so much that you need to commence a forward journey. If you choose to participate in the Connect To Creator teachings in a Personal Mentoring Day then you are qualified to participate in an exclusive network of Theta Resonance At All Levels healers workshops and working party groups.  This is  a family of lightworkers gathering together to work for the greater good. Katherine provides expert guidance and life path coaching for empowerment and spirituality so you can progress on your journey and participate in some of these network of group earth healing workshops offered within her network etc. Katherine will only accept you into the Personal Mentoring program if guidance says this is the appropriate pathway, so if you feel strongly that it is please contact her directly by email. Her work progresses to very advanced levels of spirituality and healing arts and as she has specialised in this for many years, she will now only accept and mentor students who are really dedicated to integrity of learning and truly wish to explore their spirituality in new and exciting ways. This can be done in a gentle one day or over a period of time as suits and as you both feel appropriate. The investment for a Personal Mentoring Day with Katherine is $880 AUD. The agenda for this day can be negotiated between yourself and Katherine so you are facilitated to gain the most learning possible. Please email Katherine directly to sign up today.


Empowerment in Connection is the name of Katherine’s new range of empowering events.  These will be listed as currently under development. 

Recent Events

Latest recently held major three day event in Vancouver concluded 3 July 2017.  What a blast!

and then there was the March 2017, Three Day Healing Festival which was held in Port Macquarie, Australia.  

 Some Testimonials available below:  

“I can highly recommend the teachings as presented by Katherine.  She presents in a clear, authoritative way with no pretensions.  She makes everyone feel loved and cared for all during the course.  Meanwhile, Katherine continues to be a prime example of the efficacy of what she teaches, performing little miracles all the way through in such a natural and easy-going way. She gently urges us all on, into the mystery of this truly magnificent healing work, and by the time we’re done, we begin to feel like masters too! Well done, Master Katherine!”

Mas Rogers

Founder, Heart Radiance Melbourne

“The Three Day Healing Festival with Katherine and Kim Bright has been the most amazing, insightful, fulfilling time. Katherine you are a wondeerful facilitator and I have learnt so much about myself and the universe”.   Sue L. Port Macquarie NSW Australia

“Thank you Creator, Katherine and Kim for facilitating such a wonderful healing, creative and fun festival.  It was a pleasure to have been a part of this lightworkers network form the bottom of my sincere heart.  Lots of love and light always,” Desi Panagiotidis, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you Katherine and Kim for 3 life transforming days of healing and growth intermingled with loads of fun and laughter. I came away from the retreat feeling restored and transformed and so grateful to be a part of this incredible network. Your skill, integrity and dedication to this work is so inspiring to me and has reminded me how easy life can be if you just let go and hold a space for better things, trusting that Creator knows what to do. This is the tune up that I needed – thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Yolande A, Melbourne, Australia

“This healing festival has been three days of fun, laughter, colour, music, dancing, self-revelation and most of all love.  I have had such a wonderful time, woohoo!  Thank you for this opportunity”   Jane G. Bundaberg Qld, Australia

“Thank you for a very healing three days both for me ad the planet  I am especially pleased that I have painted something I am happy with!”  Karina Noontil  Melbourne, Australia

“The Healing Festival was fun, empowering and uplifting.  We made a mandala, did Earth healings, made spiritual art and composed a song! Truly inspirational and life-enhancing.” Angeline Meloche, Mullumbimby  NSW, Australia

“I enjoyed my experience at the workshop with ease and grace. I feel so happy and glad I was able to attend and renew the company of like-minded friends. ” Coral Gray,  Hobart, Tasmania

“Words can’t really explain my experience at the healing festival.  I just know I walk away from it lighter, happier and on my way forward to a more fulfilling, peaceful and abundant existence.”  Chris Eyles, Bundaberg Qld Australia

“Thank you for sharing your radiance, wonderful connection, skills and who you are over the last three days.  It was both a privalege and delight to be here.  With lots of love and gratitude.” Jan Heckscher,  Melbourne, Australia

“This weekend has by far exceeded all of my expectations.  The connection with soul amily and to work together for a greater purpose has been a joyful experience like no other.  Together with all the laughter and learning I cannot wait for the next experience.”  Dana Brovedani, Melbourne, Australia

“A pleasure to meet and be with wonderful, enlightened people.  Laughing, learning and growing in the Light.  Creating change, “Being” change.” Carla D, Port Macquarie Australia

“Fabulously liberating, full of fun, laughter and love.  thank you for facilitating Katherine and Kim “Lucienne Noontil, Melbourne, Australia

“This three day healing festival has been an amazing journey. It promotes love, light, peace world wide and allows you to enjoy the abundance of our next step in our journey.  Growth and wisdom and Katherine’s incredible teaching.  Thank you Katherine for all the joy you share.”  Kathryn Reardon, Port Macquarie Australia

“Thank you Katherine and kim for such an amazing three days.  I feel so blessed to have been involved in this gatherine.  The three days have been full of so much love, laughter and joy. The transformation healing and sharing with all has been such a precious gift. Looking forward to the next group gatherine.”  Jen Ashley, Byron Bay, Australia

Thank you so much for being part of my life for the past 2 years. Through doing your workshops and having healings with both of you, I now have the tools to enable me to live life instead of just getting through each day. My eyes and heart are now open to the wonders of the universe and I can truly look forward to whatever life holds for me with peace, joy and loads of love in my heart. What a gift you have given me. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place to be.

Jane, Bundaberg, Qld

Katherine makes it so easy.  She does not put herself above her students, and she makes them so comfortable and at ease.  There is so much laughter and no matter how challenging you think it is going to be within five minutes all the anxiety is gone. It doesn’t matter what sort of concept was brought in she explained it so well I had no fear of trying new challenges I had  thought would be difficult.  I continue to be inspired to learn more spiritual techniques.

Louise Willis


I have attended a few of Katherine’s courses and have loved everyone of them. Katherine brings a real element of fun and lightness to her work which makes the experience not only fulfilling but easy-going too. She has helped me develop skills that I never knew I had, or never thought I could have – I can’t tell you what a thrill that is for me! I can clear my own issues in an instant and help others around me to do the same. What a joy! Katherine also keeps herself on the same level as everyone else so while you are amazed by her skills, it doesn’t make you feel inferior or lacking in any way. As I work within the corporate world, I am so grateful to have these tools to manage the stress and negativity I face on a daily basis and instead create a peaceful loving life for myself and those around me. It has really made the most extraordinary difference to my life and I am forever grateful.

Yolande Abeling

Telecommunications Executive

This course has been a life changing experience with so many positive moves and thoughts to move forward and let go of things that have been holding me back. Understanding ore fully why it is so important to Let Go and Let God. My future looks so much easier with Love, Peace and Joy.

Kathryn Reardon


Katherine provides a calm space and facilitates excellerated personal growth.

Paul Finn


Exponential spiritual growth in just two days! I couldn’t have asked for more. Loved releasing my core beliefs. Liberating. Heart.



This course has been a life changing experience with so many positive moves and thoughts to move forward and let go of things that have been holding me back. Understanding ore fully why it is so important to Let Go and Let God. My future looks so much easier with Love, Peace and Joy.

Kathryn Reardon


I can highly recommend the teachings as presented by Katherine.  She presents in a clear, authoritative way with no pretensions.  She makes everyone feel loved and cared for all during the course.  Meanwhile, Katherine continues to be a prime example of the efficacy of what she teaches, performing little miracles all the way through in such a natural and easy-going way. She gently urges us all on, into the mystery of this truly magnificent healing work, and by the time we’re done, we begin to feel like masters too! Well done, Master Katherine!

Mas Rogers

Founder, Heart Radiance Melbourne

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with having Emphysema.  My breathing had been restricted, until I recently attended a healing workshop facilitated by Katherine.  With the release of  trauma, fear and negative beliefs from my body, I am delighted to discover that I am breathing with ease once again. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I look to the future with excitement and joy.  Many thanks  to Katherine for sharing her knowledge with wisdom, truth and vision. She created a space in which I felt both safe and comfortable.  Her level of energy was contagious and I enjoyed myself immensely.  Katherine’s ability to teach is outstanding, her wealth of knowledge is vast and highly valued and I learnt in a fun environment with an  out-standing group of people.  As a result I believe  I have been greatly enriched by the experience.

Lesley Martin


Muscular Synergy is a great course and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a powerful and unique healing modality.

Katherine is a wonderful, wise and gentle teacher. It always seems to feel like a group of friends gathering than a class. You walk away having learnt more than you ever thought you would or could have. Not just about the course but about yourself also. I know that my life is much better for it. Thanks Katherine and God bless.

Chris Eyles

Bundaberg QLD

Yes another excellent course under Katherine’s guidance. I am feeling very abundant indeed. I have attended many of her courses since 2005 and they have all been fabulous. I will keep coming.

Karina Noontil


This Abundance Course has given me a renewed lease of life and I had so much fun learning. Thank you for your self-confidence.

Jane Gorton


Katherine’s workshop was enjoyable and inspiring, with a balance of information and experiential components.  A safe, loving space was provided for one’s own processes and to learn new techniques. Being an integrative GP and psychotherapist I have a strong commitment to increasing my own and others consciousness/ vibrations.  The  techniques can be incorporated with any tool, for personal growth, and with clients.

Dr Kwen Pun


It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Katherine. Rarely do you have the opportunity or privilege to know and work with a living Master.  Over the time that I have known Katherine, this is truly what she has achieved and become. Katherine is the living embodiment of unconditional love and compassion, which is also respectfully balanced with wisdom. It was with great pleasure that my partner and I were privileged to be amongst her first students in “Managing your Connection God and the Universal Heart” Katherine was finally acknowledging and sharing her own channelled teachings from the Creator rather than facilitating other people’s knowledge. Katherine is a remarkably skilled trainer but more importantly, she is a wonderful humble and generous women. There is never a sense of personal ego to get in the way of her teaching, but there is an instant recognition of her high standards of personal integrity, respectfulness and honouring of self, others and The Creator. We can barely wait for the next steps on our journey to the Creator

Elizabeth Spencer


This Abundance Course has given me a renewed lease of life and I had so much fun learning. Thank you for your self-confidence.

Jane Gorton


The Abundance workshop has been a wonderful experience. I feel like a completely different person ready to walk forward in abundance.

Chris Eyles


“A journey in spirit is a very personal thing and while my experience of workshops led by Katherine have been very positive one’s, the opportunity to work with her individually ‘blew my mind’. My experience of personal mentoring was a caring and compassionate challenge to seek the truth in this life’s journey. It helped me come to know the journey of the soul in this lifetime and was completely tailored to my needs to allow me to progress with and into the light. Thank you with all my heart for facilitating this experience Katherine.”

Kathryn Meldrum, Melbourne

We love you very much too and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be part of something so special. Very grateful. Xox

Jane Gorton

Bundaberg, Participant of Working Party 2016

Katherine is full of love, light and compassion. She helped put me back together again after a very sad time in my life. She is a wonderful teacher and has shown me how to communicate with myself, the Universe and the Creator. Katherine’s greatest gift to me has been to demonstrate the necessary tools with which to investigate and discover my true inner self. This revelation has been extraordinary and a turning point in my life. I have found these steps to self-fulfillment both a joy and a wonder. My life is now full of fun, laughter and great happiness. Thank you Katherine.

Patricia Berry, Hobart, Tasmania June 2013

Dearest Katherine and Kim
You two are the most amazing peole I have ever had the privilege to meet!  Thank you both so very much for the most incredible two day workshop.  I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful help, support and friendhship.  I feel I am now well on the way to getting my life back on track and am looking forward to a along and happy future.


Abundance Workshop: The abundance workshop was amazing. With Katherine’s help I was able to find 89 core belief systems in myself, such as “I am weak” (positive) and “I love myself” (negative) all of which we were able to clear and heal in just one day! In the process hundreds of other belief systems blocking my abundance also got cleared. Through muscle testing I was able to see what I really thought of myself on a subconscious level. There were countless unhelpful belief systems accumulated from past lives and genetic inheritance. Katherine showed us how to hand it all over to Creator and trust the healing process, without which it would be virtually impossible to eradicate so many blockages at once. Many thanks for a life changing workshop!

Angeline Meloche July 2012

Dear Katherine
Wow you have so much vitality, love, wisdom and inspiration.  It’s been an uplifting and unique four day workshop.  I can’t wait to really absorb it and be mindful of my experience.  You Rock!


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